This is a fairly late post-event post, but I spent more of today eating and sleeping, like, actually. I woke up at eleven, we went out for lunch, at three there was a post-lunch nap (I fell asleep on the sofa, then was herded upstairs.), and then at half six there was picking up kit and more food and more picking up kit.

I did go to CP, and it was possibly one of my best events. I was time-in for all the time-in time (except for a monstering slot and having to hunt down a dagger which I dropped), and on Friday night was up until half-three boozing (this was possibly not appeciated by the rest of the Jhereg and some of the Al Gaia, given the kinky and sometimes explicit nature of some of the conversation that was going on - we were very drunk).

Also I caused a minor diplomatic incident with MY FACE on Saturday night, which was then escalated further by the Lord General of the Al Gaia (he tried to murder me), and then further again by the rest of the Al Gaia. It can now be described as a MAJOR diplomatic incident, and We Don't Like Them Any More. And the two Irregulars (played by Alex and Max) who led a Vampire into their camp the next morning ran there for help, totally not for petty revenge. (The truth is a combination of the two...)

So, yeah, I'll be going to talk to the Teutonians next event (that is, have a bitching session), because their Dark Elves have been attacked by Lord Hart as well.

I also bought things - a new sword (I've had a new sword every couple of years since I started larping) which is a really nice light bastard sword, and a REALLY PRETTY chain shirt for cheaper than you can get some leather. I will try to thwart the kit-curse by NOT wearing the chain on Sunday. (I'll need to get more used to wearing it while larping before missioning in it, anyway.)

Also, I went scouting! I haven't got to go on a scouting mission before (I am slow and easily tired) but this event I was feeling good on Saturday morning (and possessed a soft skill in the 'if you manage to hide, you're fine for as long as you can stay still, even if the Enemy moves their eyes' area, so I knew I could rest without getting killed), so I went along and was helpful! I used the skill to basically lie in a bush and eavesdrop on everything, and was the only member of the party to encounter something without it seeing me, and also the only one to encounter something else that no-one else saw. So, a good introductory scouting mission for me.

I also got a lot of roleplay with people I didn't really know - taking polearm (so I could actually get into fights) and moving the personality slider from quiet/distainful to snarky/distainful helped a lot. Also I introduced myself to the COMA on Sunday, and the Diplomatic Incident meant that a lot of people were coming up to me to talk, and my opinion had more weight. It was a really good event, and I'm really glad that I went.
I have had a larpy epiphany. This will result in an essay, because a lot of the stuff it's based on I knew as Morranna and only some of that has been passed on to Nadezda, and also some of it relies on modern chemistry. Or, y'know, at least an understanding of fossil fuels. So I don't know whether I could come to this conclusion IC, because it's REALLY WEIRD.

I may be making Full Metal Alchemist references a bit tomorrow.
I mean, I don't remember if I've larped in bloke-mode before (I think there were a few times as Morranna on Sundays - I remember declaring at froth 'I play a woman at the weekends! Her name is Morranna.'), but given that my first characters wore trousers and my most recent being in bloke-mode was during the Easter holidays, I'm fairly sure this is the first firmly-in-bloke-mode and knows-about-it time. But yesterday I'd been binding all day and didn't really want to be wearing a dress. Also my sash looked a bit weird falling across a flat chest.

...But it probably helps that Nadezda is quite butch anyway.


Entirely unrelated, argh! at my landlords for telling one tenant about an inspection happening tomorrow night, and for that housemate saying to the landlord that someone had decided not to take her room next year because 'the house was too messy'.

I get that the extenuating circumstances of 'someone just moved out and left a load of stuff behind' and 'the person who owns the most stuff stored in comunnal areas has been rediculously ill' are things that the landlord doesn't care about, and isn't obligated to care about.

But 'the dining room still contains the things that the builders left behind', 'none of us are strong enough to shift the fridge-freezer back against the wall (that the plumber shifted it out from)' and 'the water is currently shut off and we have to work around that' are things that we can't do much about. And either way, they're supposed to notify each of us when they want to inspect, not just tell one housemate or, as they have before, just turn up.

Edited to add: A more likely reason? My housemate is advertising the room as £55 per week inclusive of all bills including internet, and also for 'occupation: any', when this is not the case at all. Bills aren't included and it's students only. I guess it would be if you expect me/Hannah-who-has-left to keep paying all the bills... O_o
Writing this downtime is bringing back awesome memories of reading the Song of the Lioness and the Protector of the Small quartets. Especially the Protector of the Small, because I think Keladry did a similar downtime at one point.


Also, the sky is just chucking down humongous drops of rain at the moment and growling at us all - it's quite epic. Reminds me of my first summer in York... except it's warmer now, and I'm in a house 'by myself' rather than with Steve, and this is actually enjoyable and I have a veiw of the sky out of the front window.

A nice day.

May. 2nd, 2011 01:53 pm
I'm looking out of the window out at the sky with very few clouds, and I notice that there is a plane leaving a trail from north to south. Along that trail is a cloud shaped like a dragon, moving in the same direction, as if it's trying to chase and eat the plane.

Yesterday was the first outdoor larp of term! Yay! And more importantly, the first larp session this year in which we had to fight through the spring undergrowth-plosion, which is such that a person lying down in the weeds is invisible unless you're right next to them... And we had a large party containing at least one ninja. Ohhhh...

Though, despite not having taken any alergy meds in half a week (I need to stock up again...), I wasn't fighting hayfever as well. Everything was very green and lovely, but I guess seeing as the grass wasn't getting cut and things have just about gotten to the end of the pollenation season (at least judging by the cherry blossom in Badger Hill, which are no longer dropping blossom everythere), nature isn't in the mood for getting in our eyes or making breathing difficult.

There are lots of birds flying around outside, it's sunny, and we've got some windows open letting the air through the house. It's nice. And I was right to designate this a pyjama day in advance, because I've just had my breakfast after finishing off reading a book in bed earlier. In still tired in my limbs and mind, but I slept solidly from when I put my head down on the pillow to when my meds alarm went off at eleven, and I think this is going to be a good day to rest. I might have another look at my assignment a bit later on, but no rush about anything.

And I've got a plan to have company tomorrow evening as well, so I look forward to that and can be quiet and by myself and make the most of that today, without feeling lonely. There was a weapons practice on Saturday, larp on Sunday, and this socialness on Tuesday (and more larp on Wednesday), and having good company easily about makes it easy to enjoy the quiet as well, rather than fretting about both. I like term-time.


Apr. 28th, 2011 12:21 pm
This is going to be the weirdest term ever. There will be larp, but no lectures, just revision and exams and an assignment. ...It's like I'm an arts student or something.

Yesterday was awesome. There was so much roleplay about so many different things. I had an argument about fashion, listened to myself say 'It's just the Lordites, let them in!' and then wtf at myself, had to react to Reynir and Gregori (oh, gods - up until this point I've been a bit 'poor Eliza, having to run about after Reynir because he's Reynir' and now... argh), and then was lectured (by a snow leopard - thanks, Dave... -_-;;) on why 'the buggery' is a good idea because you can't get pregnant doing it, and then there were barbarians telling magic stories and there was massive fallout from that.

Also I had to write an oath and sign it in about ten minutes. It occurred to me afterwards that 'I swear to defend Ambala and do my duty to [Ambala]' could be taken the wrong way, but I don't think I know that name IC, so that's okay. Or not.

Also, going through the Compendium, which over the last term and a half I've been gradually adding to every time we encounter something new, was a lesson in how much stuff you go 'no, I won't have heard about that IC' when you knew about it as a previous character - on a page which I'd been note-taking about Nightbringer and such there was a piece of information which I'd convinced myself I didn't know, but had apparently been explained to me two terms ago. *facepalm*
Actually having quite a stock of bloke-clothes from over the years - the shirt which I wore as much as possible for that phase in sixth form, socks, t-shirts that don't go 'here thar be boobs!' and the trousers I wear for larp which came from the Matalan men's section. Also, trainers. Haven't worn trainers in a while.

Stew! I am cooking stew. If any Yorkites want to appear at my house and be fed stew, feel free, because I am cooking stew. Possibly let me know that you mean to do so, first, however. The lid went on at two o'clock, so it'll be ready at about six and properly done at about eight.

Having purchased things, and be planning to purchase more things! New things are good. Waiting for things to arrive in the post is happy-making. Yay, internets!

I have my blanket back, though it is not cleaned yet. Any tips on cleaning sick off of/out of alpaca wool? It's a very... fibrous blanket. I really don't want to wreck it!
Getting the bad stuff out of the way - ill... )

Successful things! )

And I was with awesome people who are awesome and looked after me really well. Yay for Connor and Tom and Bry (who sat up with me pretty much constantly) and Paul and Drake (who held my hair back when I collapsed and was ill upstairs) and Dave (who talked to me on Saturday night and supplied hugs and held me up and carried my things on Monday) and Jonrad and pretty much all the other people who were there.

More awesome things, actually about the event this time: )

And now I'm tired again, so I shall save the rest of the awesome for the froth that shall hopefully happen later this week, and go to the pub for my traditional post-event gammon steak (because anything made of salt following a larp event tastes like heaven). Maybe after a brief lie-down...

But yeah, larpwise this was an awesome event and I wish I'd seen more of it, and it's definitely a monster-heavy system just because the players are a very small number of the people/things hanging around the area that the players are in.
I have successfully showered AND eaten breakfast AND removed the lining on my new skirt that was far more constricting than the skirt itself was. Now it doesn't try to trip me up when I move usually, and I am wearing it. It will need a new lining, because it's made of wool, but I can do that at some other point.

My hair! Kit! Clothes! 1318! )


Mar. 21st, 2011 08:59 pm
I now own a tent, have had a day of socialness in which many things were purchased - well, me and Luke bought things, the other two didn't - and am now very very tired. And I need to show someone the spare room in half an hour or so.

I bought KIT! I now have an acceptable base for my NPC kit for 1318, so I'll maybe do something with some furs and armour and that should be good. I like hunting through charity shops in company - though the others seemed a bit baffled by my ability to find something wearable in most of the shops and try it on. I now also have a new skirt which is quite long and old fashionedey, but I like it. Also lots of socks, but not from charity shops.

T'was funny when I was trying on the shawl - I stuck the dress on so I could see what they looked like together, especially boobs-and-shoulders-wise, and then walked out of the changing room to show everyone. 'Everyone' was a bit 'what are we supposed to say here? Girls are scary!' in response, but when I was changing back to my normal clothes I overheard the shop volunteers commenting about how nice I'd looked. 'Very studenty' I think one of them said. XD
Apparently the 'turn ideas into sound' circuits in my brain are having a day off today. XD Every time I've tried to speak it's been 'keyword! keyword! *hand gesture* keyword! joining-word! keyword! *look hopeful at the person who is trying to understand me*' Oh well... Everyone that I've tried to communicate with vocally today has been either a housemate (who's used to me) or the people who work at the Black Bull (I wanted steak), who're also fairly used to me. All other communication has been through IM or LJ.

Also, I think I may have somehow done exercise at LARP yesterday. What, charging into battle and occasionally holding my arms up and motionless for thirty seconds counts as exercise, now? Well, my muscles seem to think so, especially my legs and shoulders. I suppose I did also go into beastkin mode and crawl all the way around the hill on my stomach, too. (That's where the splinter came from - there were thorns and I wasn't wearing my leather gloves.)

Mostly I went to the pub because I'd been somehow failing at feeding myself all day. I ate cereal, was still hungry, and so... an hour later... made tea. And then attempted to heat up some soup. This did succeed, but with much confusion. And then I stuffed my face with really old (gf) cheese crackers because I was still really hungry. Steak seems to have solved this problem. *nods*


Feb. 14th, 2011 01:39 pm
It occurs to me that the only thing more difficult than trying to co-ordinate downtimes with other people is trying to co-ordinate your own downtime actions with each other 'if this happens, I do this, if not, I do this' and then later having another action which depends on what I did... argh.

Yesterday was awesome, even if I couldn't really feel my arms by the end of the second mission and completely missed the third as a result. Drama! The good sort! And varying reactions to 'oh, hi, I'm a retainer!' from varying people. And actually achieving the goal! (Maybe.) And now the complicated downtime as a result. ^_^

Also, here is a way in which larp is making me more assertive - my landlady is wanting us to show a group around the house for next year, so I rang her up to ask if she was planning on kicking us all out - me and Boujoun are on rolling lets and are planning to stay (this place is CHEAP, and after the horror of the Xmas hols everything got fixed), even if Hannah is still on a fixed term. She was quite embarrassed.


Jan. 20th, 2011 09:17 pm
I was thinky last night, and that was tiring. I think this is the first character of mine that hasn't been her own main character regularly - in that the others were at the centres of the conflicts they were involved in: [foip], alchemy and smuggler-plot, allspirit/beastkin, Destined, my face.

Realising that made me think about how I larp, what with the jumping in and putting myself into the centre of things. I had the urge to last night, and then kinda realised what I was wanting to do only because doing so would have been totally OOC for Nadezda, and so I wasn't doing it, and so I noticed. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

It's quite interesting to play the lawful soldier right after the most special of the special snowflakes. Contrast, and all. It's actually difficult to have a set of rules which tell you what morality is and accept that individuals are occasionally wrong about it, as opposed to just going 'the right thing to do is what I think the right thing to do is!' like a barbarian. Thinking about how it works is probably good for me, though. XD


Nov. 8th, 2010 12:11 am
I nearly died, it was awesome. XD Also, I think we may have have irrevocably screwed things up, but I think that that just comes along with being adventurers.

Monstering the first two missions was fun, too - sometimes we were pretty much there to get cut down, but dispersed between that was 'Argh, why are there other people here? What are you, adventurers or something?' followed by roleplay, combat, or both. XD Also I got to remember that I had a spell, say it loudly in front of a player who went 'buh?' at me for it. Hee!

And now I am home, have showered briefly (I'll do my hair tomorrow...) and have hot chocolate. I've submitted my downtime, but I think I may have forgotten a bit. Hmm. People ate my brownies, so yay (it means I get the joy of making them (even if it was using a mix - I hate weighing out ingredients, and I even use the 'reducing' method for butter - tere the scales at the amount I want with the full pack on the top, then remove until the pin points to '0'. This can also be done with digital scales that give -ve numbers.), other people get to eat brownies, and I don't make myself sick eating far too much at once.

I'll think about the downtime thing, but must remember that I have late lectures tomorrow (wah, finish at 18:15...). As well as morning lectures. Note to left: bring in laptop and start the rest of my prob qs. I've kinda resolved to hand in QMII early this week, just because. I've done question 7, but question 3 involves algebra and may be a proof.
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There will be larp on Sunday! Sunday is Halloween!

As such, what I dress up as will probably be mostly up to the Shattered Legacies refs...

There was also larp today. Yay!
I shall send it after larp on sunday, so I know how many points I have to play with and can delete as necessary. Someone remind me that it isn't sent yet.

There was SOCIAL yesterday! And lecture (singular, and I was late) and campus food (yuck, not doing that again), and then there were people I hadn't seen in ages and lots of new people, most of which appeared to be quite cool. And there was the paper copy of the player's guide, which contains pictures of ME! (squee)

I was going to go to some second year lectures today, but I got to home at 0100 (I wanted to be sure not to run into the hosemate's friends who where having dinner - I didn;t think I could deal with strangers at that ppoint), got off the phone with Steve at about 0220, and then stared at the walls and ceiling for ages and woke up at 0915. The first lecture was 0915. Blech.

Today is a thing of fail. I only actually got out of bed at about twelve, then ate a tin of beans, then read the internet until now-ish. I'm still in my PJs. Foolishness!

Also! I just had An Adventure. Well, not really, but still: discovering that the only pairs of tights I own and can find are the grey pair I took to the event just-in-case, and a brown pair which I like for usually, and knowing of the fact that convention is three days long and I like being warm, even in October (though my line may be different - my housemates keep making sad eyes at me when I say we can't have the heating on constantly, and I shower with the windows wide open so as not to steam up the room), I dragged out the broken drawer of my wardrobe, which at one point contained all my underwear-type things before I stopped putting stuff back into it , and rummaged in the drawer below and on the floor behind the shelf. I found things! Three more pairs of warm tights, two of which are black and one of which is grey, one of the black ones being the stupidly stretched ones which I only wear when I want to be comfy and shan't be walking or cycling anywhere. Also, I found my hugest bra, which is pretty and was sorely missed for a few 'OMG, my boobs are HUMONGOUS' days last week.

Yay, clothes! Especially warm clothes!

In other news, the housemates whose rooms are either side of mine cause smelliness upstairs. One smokes, the other burns incense. I keep the bathroom windows and door open to air it (lamenting that there isn't a hall window like in my old house), then they get cold and want to put the heating on for longer. *sigh*

Sally Baldwin )

Any advice, comments or personal anecdotes on the whole campus vs off-campus thing? I know I'm supposed to be doing my thinking, but prompting on things to think on would be helpful.

Also: Good prep for NaNo? This entry is 915 words, not including this line.
I'm not grilling anything EVER again.

Also, I am in pain and have been all day. Stupid body and its needs. Like requiring food at the same time as rejecting the idea of food, and wanting a drink of water at the same time as wanting to be curled up in bed.

This is what boyfriends are for. Wah, mine isn't currently resident.

Also, there was larp on Sunday! It was a nice warm-up session. Also, utter squee at the two NPCs (played by Gemma and T). You guys were awesome.

Dear self:

Oct. 17th, 2010 12:23 am


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