Tau day?

Jun. 28th, 2011 09:16 pm
How bizzare.

I'm reminded of the time I derived the radians system from first principles and a sheet of graph paper while bored in GCSE Maths...


Jan. 26th, 2007 12:07 am
From now on I shall link to the second chapter of 524 - the first has 666 hits. XD

Hit counter: *jumps to 670*

*is sad*

Oh well.

My last exam tomorrow! And it's Further Maths, so I just need *counts backward* 40 marks. An E - passing enough to count, but- Oh, who cares. If nothing else, I can certificate *Applied* Further Maths and just do Decision 2 instead. *will do D2 anyway*

And Mechs 2 went fairly well - I had lots of wrong answers (Q: Show that cos-theta is three quarters. Me: *shows that cos-theta is seven quarters*), but I think I hit most of the method marks (It's actually possible to get an A without getting a single question right!), so that's all right!
But I've thought of a way to apply Decision Maths to fandom. Namely, to fic exchanges.

http://tamar-rowe.livejournal.com/2548.html - In my meta-journal


The C1 exam went well. I spent most of the morning before helping Lizzie Jury with her curves (ha!) and gradients and things, which I counted as revision anyway. And then there was question 9c. Oh, it was hell. 'Verify that k satisfies the equation (3k + something)(k + something)<0' Wut? 4 marks, lost - and another 2 on 9d - and just like that I've probably lost my chance at an A. Buggerfuck it.


I showed my song lyrics to my guitar teacher today. He read, then he grinned, then he started saying about how I had to bring in my acoustic so that he can show me how to put it into drop-C (rather than drop-D, which we use now) and I can start setting up some riffs. Squee!

I have /got/ to learn basic acoustic composing skills before I go to Uni. I have /electronic/ composing skills (which got me my pass in GCSE Music), but I'm crap at grabbing an instrument and banging out a tune.

Heh, until the Folk Festival and this holiday-composing-spree, the last time I tried writing lyrics was during my emo-before-emo-was-cool stage. XD Lots of 'Oh just kill me now!' stuff. XD Good job I learnt to turn my anger on other people instead of myself... Well, good for me, at least.


Dec. 15th, 2006 08:55 pm
Ah, holidays. The best times you can have - especially skiing holidays.

Unless of course there's the shadow of 8 modular exams that you haven't really started preparing for over your head. -_-;; 2 Chemistry - revision needed, and 6 maths - practise needed. And it's the practise that takes the time. And I'm taking revision guides for the OLD specification - wth C3 fits into that when C2 is P1,2&3 and FP1 is P4...

On the plus side, most of the exams are later than last year. I have Pure Core 1 resit, repeat Chem, and Decision Maths in the first week (starts on the tenth) - I just need to do better in those, and it doesn't matter so much if I don't. Stats1 and Pure Core 3 (second week) I do need As in. Then this term's Chem, Mechs2 resit and Further Pure1 in the third week.

I just needed to type that out to get a schedule working in my head. ^^;

I should leave C3 and FP1 at home, and work on Application Maths. Oh, but the Pure stuff is the hardest! That's why I'll concentrate on it when I get home, and leave everything else. My suitcase is too heavy to take all of it! Okay, least amount of books: Revise AS Mathematics! includes C1,S1andD1. That's half. If I add M2 and Revise A2 Chemistry! to that, that's 5/8 of my modules. Yeah. Sounds good.

*sigh* See? It's driving me insane!

*packs past-papers into hand-luggage with new 'Langenscheidt' German Dictionary*

You know what they don't have in Austria? Cider. It's the great failing. You have Cider in the Netherlands, don't you? I should learn Dutch instead. Except there's no skiing there... You know what has Cider and skiing? Scotland. We must reverse Global Warming!

Report back here next week when you've fixed it, and I return from Austria!
Apparently the big strong winds that we've had today were the tail end of a weak tropical hurricane. Yeah, I know - we don't get hurricanes in England. That's why it's worrying.

Also, I might just take the extra three modules next term and end up with four full A-Levels rather than 3-and-AS-Further-Maths. Not sure whether I'd take, though, for the third: FP3, M4 or D2.

EDIT: Looks like it wasn't the 'tail end' at all. *hears thunder*


Sep. 11th, 2006 05:30 pm
The 20 frees that I had at the beginning of term? Have been stripped down to 5. This term is going to be Hel.

'De Montfort University' is weird at spamming. They sent me a little USB drive in the post for no reason. They don't even do science or engineering, so I wouldn't be interested even if they do spam me.

ETA: (added on this one rather than the next one because, er, it's not really respectful. Like graffiti or something.)

While I was working on my personal statement (3000 of 4000 characters done, whoot!), I had another window open for the writely index. So I open that Chack scene and suddenly I have three plot-bunnies to type before they vanish from my head.

I've even got a better-for-the-one-shot ending - it makes it past!RaiJack rather than twotiming!RaiJack. And yes, that is shameless target-audiencing - why are so many Chack shippers OTP-ers too? It makes me sad.
My New LJ will be [livejournal.com profile] tamar_rowe if I can wangle it.

Read more... )

Now, this is probably the longest entry that I've written ever, so I'll LJ cut. You don't want to read it anyway.


May. 22nd, 2006 09:14 pm
Well, C2 went better than C1 this morning, I think. I know that I dropped 10% in the last question alone of C1 - I couldn't even fool myself into thinking that I could do it like in most questions. And when you hit something like that, and you have to make 205 divide into 9 and 5, which doesn't go... Honestly, I'm glad that that was the last question, or I'd have been crying.

For anyone following: (Lunar) Ouran High School Host Club #7 is out, and at the moment the download is completing in two-three hours.
...annoying Ollie today in Maths. For the first half of the lesson he was doing his French homework which had been due in an hour before, and then he culdn't be bothered to do work so he decided to help me. Of course, they've got new maths-y words like co-efficent that I needed describing before I could understand anything he said (he's not much for dumbing down language for the beginner, is our Ollie - though that's most likely better in the long run), and then I simply couldn't understand why when you put -2 into a bracket that was being squared it had to turn into -1 (I sure picked a great time to completly forget FOIL, didn't I?).

I may have lost one of my free periods on Tuesday afternoon, but it's reappeared on Thursday, turning the morning block into a triple free. O_o I spent the time learning the first chapter of Pure Msths, in a catch-up attempt. ^_^

Cut for um, RL scandal )
http://www.livejournal.com/community/queer_rage/132042.html?thread=2096330#t2096330 XD

Well... yeah. Pure Maths is okay, and I think that I can cope, but Mechanics? That I'm going to have trouble with.

The class is split up into two groups with one teacher, at the same time. The Furthur Maths group (not me) and the AS Maths group (me). However, while the FM group is being taught the M2 module, the AS group is doing M1 past papers. Herein lies the problem.

Mary Rose and I have not done any of M1, and therefore are not ready to do past papers - it would be a waste of time. So we ended up sitting at the back of the classroom with Merry and Lottie's borrowed books (the teacher didn't know that we were coming, and so we didn't have our own books - so I cannot look over the M1 chapters now at home due to my lack of book) reading and generally not getting it.

*le sigh*

Ah well. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, and I'll have to work at it. Merry says that you need to get all of it before yu get any of it, which hopefully means that it'll just click.

^ Nice little theology chat. Of course, the nice part is me having time to read it and then chat about Authorism In Relation to the OP for a couple paragraphs.

Well, I'm all ready for my first AS Maths lesson tomorrow. Il'll have to order my books through Mr. A, I think, seeing as I haven't got them yet.

*squees* I can't wait. Is there a more fun subject than Maths? I defy you to name one! I DEFY you!


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