I have had a larpy epiphany. This will result in an essay, because a lot of the stuff it's based on I knew as Morranna and only some of that has been passed on to Nadezda, and also some of it relies on modern chemistry. Or, y'know, at least an understanding of fossil fuels. So I don't know whether I could come to this conclusion IC, because it's REALLY WEIRD.

I may be making Full Metal Alchemist references a bit tomorrow.
I mean, I don't remember if I've larped in bloke-mode before (I think there were a few times as Morranna on Sundays - I remember declaring at froth 'I play a woman at the weekends! Her name is Morranna.'), but given that my first characters wore trousers and my most recent being in bloke-mode was during the Easter holidays, I'm fairly sure this is the first firmly-in-bloke-mode and knows-about-it time. But yesterday I'd been binding all day and didn't really want to be wearing a dress. Also my sash looked a bit weird falling across a flat chest.

...But it probably helps that Nadezda is quite butch anyway.


Entirely unrelated, argh! at my landlords for telling one tenant about an inspection happening tomorrow night, and for that housemate saying to the landlord that someone had decided not to take her room next year because 'the house was too messy'.

I get that the extenuating circumstances of 'someone just moved out and left a load of stuff behind' and 'the person who owns the most stuff stored in comunnal areas has been rediculously ill' are things that the landlord doesn't care about, and isn't obligated to care about.

But 'the dining room still contains the things that the builders left behind', 'none of us are strong enough to shift the fridge-freezer back against the wall (that the plumber shifted it out from)' and 'the water is currently shut off and we have to work around that' are things that we can't do much about. And either way, they're supposed to notify each of us when they want to inspect, not just tell one housemate or, as they have before, just turn up.

Edited to add: A more likely reason? My housemate is advertising the room as £55 per week inclusive of all bills including internet, and also for 'occupation: any', when this is not the case at all. Bills aren't included and it's students only. I guess it would be if you expect me/Hannah-who-has-left to keep paying all the bills... O_o
Writing this downtime is bringing back awesome memories of reading the Song of the Lioness and the Protector of the Small quartets. Especially the Protector of the Small, because I think Keladry did a similar downtime at one point.


Also, the sky is just chucking down humongous drops of rain at the moment and growling at us all - it's quite epic. Reminds me of my first summer in York... except it's warmer now, and I'm in a house 'by myself' rather than with Steve, and this is actually enjoyable and I have a veiw of the sky out of the front window.


Apr. 28th, 2011 12:21 pm
This is going to be the weirdest term ever. There will be larp, but no lectures, just revision and exams and an assignment. ...It's like I'm an arts student or something.

Yesterday was awesome. There was so much roleplay about so many different things. I had an argument about fashion, listened to myself say 'It's just the Lordites, let them in!' and then wtf at myself, had to react to Reynir and Gregori (oh, gods - up until this point I've been a bit 'poor Eliza, having to run about after Reynir because he's Reynir' and now... argh), and then was lectured (by a snow leopard - thanks, Dave... -_-;;) on why 'the buggery' is a good idea because you can't get pregnant doing it, and then there were barbarians telling magic stories and there was massive fallout from that.

Also I had to write an oath and sign it in about ten minutes. It occurred to me afterwards that 'I swear to defend Ambala and do my duty to [Ambala]' could be taken the wrong way, but I don't think I know that name IC, so that's okay. Or not.

Also, going through the Compendium, which over the last term and a half I've been gradually adding to every time we encounter something new, was a lesson in how much stuff you go 'no, I won't have heard about that IC' when you knew about it as a previous character - on a page which I'd been note-taking about Nightbringer and such there was a piece of information which I'd convinced myself I didn't know, but had apparently been explained to me two terms ago. *facepalm*


Nov. 23rd, 2010 11:11 pm
We now have a working shower, and getting to wash my hair after a week of not feels so good! Clean hair, yay! I have ringlets again!

Also I got to the co-op and bought food, including cereal and ready-meals, so that when the idea of food is unwanted, there is an easy thing to start preparing immediately as I want it on a whim, so then it's half prepared and I have to eat it, then. Still will need to pick up veg from a shop with actually stocked shelves, though. Then I can make bolognaise!

There will be larp tomorrow! ...And I still have no idea what I'm doing. XD
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There will be larp on Sunday! Sunday is Halloween!

As such, what I dress up as will probably be mostly up to the Shattered Legacies refs...

There was also larp today. Yay!
I'm not grilling anything EVER again.

Also, I am in pain and have been all day. Stupid body and its needs. Like requiring food at the same time as rejecting the idea of food, and wanting a drink of water at the same time as wanting to be curled up in bed.

This is what boyfriends are for. Wah, mine isn't currently resident.

Also, there was larp on Sunday! It was a nice warm-up session. Also, utter squee at the two NPCs (played by Gemma and T). You guys were awesome.
LARP squee )
Larp. ^_^

There were fights! In the bar! And other people get just as tempted to read bits of paper strewn over a table as I do. ^_^

And I got to have a whole conversation which presumed that I'd be dead in ten minutes. XD Also, another couple of conversations which were about theology and AWESOME.

What do you know? Being happy, and practically on holiday (in the sense that actually being On Holiday isn't like being on holiday, because Actual Holidays are far too stressful and containt he expectation that you will be Having Fun at all times, so being practically on holiday is where you get relaxation without extra stress) frees up a lot of spoons. Last week I cooked supper for Steve's family. Yesterday I was bouncing all over the place killing things at LARP, and didn't spend too much time paying for it afterwards. I got to a doctor's appointment on time and got most of what was meant to be achieved, achieved. We successfully moved a lot of the stuff which I actually use out of my room and up to Steve's. I haven't washed clothes, but that's mostly because of the faily electricity (I'm at Steve's, there is Work being done on the kitchen). I've had breakfast every day this week (though not always lunch). This is most functonal I've been in the last couple of months!

I thank my walking stick and my current location - freedom!

Also, the last two weekends have been awesome as far as LARP went. At the Jhereg event I got to use the Meditate skill for the first time - a load of people caught a magical disease and had to be cured before it killed them, and then all the Corporialists who were able to meditate went off into a tent to try and gain back some of the magical strength they'd used. As this was a group of us, we were talking about Corporial Magic, telling stories about uses of it, and waving incense sticks around. But yeah, this was my forst Meditate, my first Group Meditate, and it was with one of the epic-ly awesome ritualists and Lord Jhereg.

And yesterday at Shatleg I got to make use of every aspect of characterisation that I've got worked out for Nadezda, and be awesome, and confuse some minglord monsters with patriotism. ^_^


Feb. 24th, 2010 12:07 am
I have yet another kit project started now. Argh! Also, I have discovered the existence of bias binding, but I'm still not sure how I'm supposed to use it. I get that it goes over the edge of the fabric so as you do don't have to hem, but... how? exactly?

I did writing today. I've found that I can write fiction, as long as it is also meta. The last fanfic that I wrote that wasn't made up of drabbles was years ago and entirely fill-in-the-gaps meta about a character that had featured in one episode of the show at that point. Today I wrote stuff for Shatleg. Over a thousand words since suppertime - that's two and a half hours, so... Quite a bit faster than my NaNoWriMo. XD

Good news - I will get to go to the Jhereg event so long as there's transport, because my Doctor's appointment has been moved to the Tuesday after. So, I might be in horrible pain for the week 9 Shatleg missions, instead. -_-;;

The Steve left this evening. Last night we ended up crashing at Claire and Ben's - mostly because it took two hours to get from my house to theirs (via co-op and the York Beer and Wine shop) and we didn't want to do that again at one in the morning, especially when I was very happy having drunk half a bottle of mead by myself. Also had fallen and wacked my head on the wall twice that evening.


Jan. 27th, 2010 03:44 pm
I'm looking forward to larp tonight...


Oct. 18th, 2009 09:43 pm
Yay roleplay! That was brilliant, I'm glad we got to talk to those ones - I was running ahead of the party for most of the mission in the hopes of getting a word in edgeways before the humans killed them. Rargh. But, of course, I'm no good at just starting off on a spiel, so Levan kept getting there first and they kept dying and I felt all guilty and stuff. Even when they were attacking us. Conflict! Yay!

I really hope things don't go badly as soon as we leave...
More Froth! )

I'll probably keep adding more stuff. I should be revising! Argh!
Best weekend ever. I'm not even looking forward to Renewal, I'm still in froth mode. This is the first internets I've had since coming home. AHHH!

Some moments of awesome under cut. I don't think anything is too foip, poke me if it is. )
I can't wait for the ShatLeg event. I keep daydreaming about what's going to happen. I keep having 'Oh, it would be awesome if-' moments, and 'Oh, I wonder if-' moments.

And I want to write fic about Team SneakyBastard.

I mean, really. There's so much potential with what's happened and what's going on that... well, I want to write stuff. Maybe I'll make a refs-only filter and actually do it, if I get a chance. But then I might give them ideas. Hmm.
Epic, epic, epic. Nearly Twelve hours of LARP. I ache so much all over, but oh gods, was it worth it? Hell yeah.

First there was monstering, and it was just like any other Sunday - with some extra epic with what was happening.

Then our mission happening! And FIGHTING ACROSS TWO FIELDS AND THE STRAY against angry farmers and dragonkin. And then Conock's forces appearing and the rest of the party going 'yay!' and me going 'who?' and Taivus going 'Wait don't kill me I'm on your side!' And me getting bopped on the head repeatedly by the people in the party with two-handed weapons and then falling over.

And at the end, even more epic with the mass buffs and getting grouped together with two people who kept running off to opposite sides of the camp and then one of them falling over in the long weeds (I don't think there were nettles. There were thistles, but my legs would have noticed nettles if I'd walked through them - or tried to grapple Jeff through them).

Also, yay holding off one of the monsters by myself while everyone else was off around the other side of the tower (I think) getting buffed. We just kind of looked at each other, snarled, he charged and then backed off when I started hurting him more than he was hurting me. ^_^ And then people with weapons and such came up on both sides and took over, which Claw was annoyed about because she'd actually been enjoying that in a 'See! I am a proper beastkin even if I do live with humans!' kind of way.

Gah. My plot-item got broken at an end of combat when me, Feodor and Orius all had our toughness spells expire at the same time, while standing in more-or-less the same place, and fell in more-or-less the same direction. Orius fell on Feodor, who fell on me, and I fell on the cup. No wonder that hurt so much. The stem fell completely apart as I was running after Jeff, and then I spent ages looking for the bits. T'was very sad. Shall have to try and get it fixed with wood glue and tape OOC, and magecraft IC.

T'was also funny to have someone run up to me and try to bandage my chest after one of the monsters exploded and set me dying. And then someone else heal me for only one point of damage everywhere and wonder why I didn't get up. I said enough words that they were sure I wasn't actually dying, but then I had to use auramancy to let me ignore the horrific wounds enough to move and then fight more.


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