I have successfully met with my parents and achieved chatting. Also risotto. I told many humorous anecdotes which mostly just confused the pair of them, and I shall be showing them the New Walk tomorrow morning, because their hotel is in Fulford and they like walking.

I also had the fun of pretending that I wasn't having a minor panic over the idea of getting into a taxi by myself. Twice.

Note to self: when planning walks, googlemaps isn't what you want. The sustrans site is, because it assumes that you want to travel along footpaths, preferably on a bike.

Um. Today!

Jan. 14th, 2011 01:22 am
I don't think it's an entirely healthy response to suddenly worrying that one hasn't consumed enough today to say 'I shall get drunk and eat ice-cream before bed'. Yet, that is what I am doing. At least I'm not spurning both the drink AND the ice-cream and instead going 'but the hunger dizziness is similar to being drunk!' Actual being drunk is more likely to get me to bed rather than feeling of slight insomnia that is a side-effect of my new meds. Which, btw, I forgot to tell my doctor about. Did tell her about the dizziness, just not the the difficulty sleeping, the sweating, or the craving prawns. Which is weird, given what a sweat-phobic person I am. Also, I had to run to the clinic after chucking on the nearest clothes, because I woke up (went back to sleep after turning off the alarm) at the exact time my appt was meant to start. Luckily, it was at the Hull Road surgery and they were running late and the doctor was talking to the receptionist at the same time as I attempted the check in and it failed because I was late, so she just told me not to worry and to take a seat.

Because you don't want to send away the person who told you worrying things last month, especially when you know that their meds run out today.

If I'd gone to social I'd had more alcohol, to be fair. I meant to have a bath and then go, but I got shaken up by the story below, and then was consumed by The Internet.

TW dog violence IRL )

The old man comes back across the road, asking me 'did you see that?!' and yes, I bloody did. The little yorkie didn't look too badly hurt when he ran past, but it was getting dark (about ten to five). I continued walking home, and fortuitously, was going the same way as the couple with the jack russel. They turned into a driveway just off my road and went in at a side door, so I memorised the details so that I can read the house number when it's light so that when a complaint gets made, the people who own the dog can actually be identified.
My work got handed in, including the first problem questions that I've ever done for QM2 - last year, that was the subject that really suffered. There were a few blank spaces, but not as many as there could have been.

After that, the finance office was condescending, then the Nationwide was helpful but eager to get their hands on a £20 bank charge, then the other bank was huge and confusing as usual. The guy behind the counter wanted me to get a paying-in slip, and pointed to a table full of various white pieces of paper and told me to get one of the white ones. *facepalm* I made distressed sounds and he explained further, though.

Am I a memorable sort of person? I got recognised thrice today, in order of surprisingness: A bus driver (I lost my return ticket in town, but when I went to pay again for a single on the way back, the driver (same driver who'd sold me the return) looked confused for a second and then just waved me past), one of the new SF&F freshers who I'd spoken to once for about five minutes over a week before, and someone who I'm not sure how I met, but used to chat to every so often in RKC (she's certainly memorable, esp visually - lots of bright pink and driving a wheelchair) when I was in second year.

Slight fail occurred with buses, though - I had to hunt to find a stop for the 44 that would take me to Uni, and ended up jumping onto a 4 - I'd lost my ticket anyway, so it didn't really matter which I got... except that the 4 I got onto was on its way to Acomb. Oops. The conductor was nice, though, and didn't make me pay for a ticket to the station (which was the easiest place to cross while also having an opposite-stop, according to him). He was also nice in that before this, he'd kinda chastised a couple of students for sitting in the 'reserved for disabled people' seats when there was someone with a walking stick standing. Though, that was kinda embarrassing, seeing as I'm less wobbly than I used to be, even if I did end up feeling quite poorly in M&S earlier and needing to sit down.

I now have four more pairs of tights! Warm legs, and less worrying about how often I need to do the washing. Yay!

Also, there was a farmer's market today, and I got a tray of ribs for a quid. They were dated until the day before the next time he was selling. I also got a beeswax candle and a punnet of strawbs, which I promptly squashed.

Kinda lacking in spoons now. I shall listen to music and read the internets for the rest of the night, I think. Dinner has already been cooked (a third of the ribs + box of microwave chips) and nommed. I should probably do a proper food shop soon, though.

Also, the location on this post is where LJ thinks I am. Any idea where Dewsbury is?

What's actually happening tomorrow with Evil Eye and such?
Epic, epic, epic. Nearly Twelve hours of LARP. I ache so much all over, but oh gods, was it worth it? Hell yeah.

First there was monstering, and it was just like any other Sunday - with some extra epic with what was happening.

Then our mission happening! And FIGHTING ACROSS TWO FIELDS AND THE STRAY against angry farmers and dragonkin. And then Conock's forces appearing and the rest of the party going 'yay!' and me going 'who?' and Taivus going 'Wait don't kill me I'm on your side!' And me getting bopped on the head repeatedly by the people in the party with two-handed weapons and then falling over.

And at the end, even more epic with the mass buffs and getting grouped together with two people who kept running off to opposite sides of the camp and then one of them falling over in the long weeds (I don't think there were nettles. There were thistles, but my legs would have noticed nettles if I'd walked through them - or tried to grapple Jeff through them).

Also, yay holding off one of the monsters by myself while everyone else was off around the other side of the tower (I think) getting buffed. We just kind of looked at each other, snarled, he charged and then backed off when I started hurting him more than he was hurting me. ^_^ And then people with weapons and such came up on both sides and took over, which Claw was annoyed about because she'd actually been enjoying that in a 'See! I am a proper beastkin even if I do live with humans!' kind of way.

Gah. My plot-item got broken at an end of combat when me, Feodor and Orius all had our toughness spells expire at the same time, while standing in more-or-less the same place, and fell in more-or-less the same direction. Orius fell on Feodor, who fell on me, and I fell on the cup. No wonder that hurt so much. The stem fell completely apart as I was running after Jeff, and then I spent ages looking for the bits. T'was very sad. Shall have to try and get it fixed with wood glue and tape OOC, and magecraft IC.

T'was also funny to have someone run up to me and try to bandage my chest after one of the monsters exploded and set me dying. And then someone else heal me for only one point of damage everywhere and wonder why I didn't get up. I said enough words that they were sure I wasn't actually dying, but then I had to use auramancy to let me ignore the horrific wounds enough to move and then fight more.
We got visited by missionaries. Twice

It never happened in Halls (obviously), and the last time Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on the door of my family's house was before we moved. I was four or five, and my mum tried to hide me behind the curtains and impress upon me that they were nasty people who tried to steal away Christian children - to which I replied 'We're not Christians, are we?' (and 'What's a Christian?') we made her even more annoyed.

But anyway. I wasn't there when the Jehovah's Witnesses knocked on our house, but apparently they were an elderly couple and gave us magazines (Watchtower and similar). Then, last night, a young American chap (he had the accent, at least) knocked on the door (which got answered by Steve, who hadn't brushed his hair and so scared him a bit more) and told us he was a missionary from 'The Church of Jesus Christ'. Wonderfully generic.

Well, not too generic. Apparently that was the group who were trying to forcibly witness to people on campus a couple of terms ago, to the point where they got banned and even the CU disowned them.

Ah well. If I'd been the one to answer the door, I'd have asked him if he'd read the works of Anton LaVey, and scribbled down the ISBN for The Satanic Bible. Steve just said 'No, we don't want any' and shut the door.
I'm in York again! Yay!

*hugs random floormates, receiving many strange looks in return*

Uni, WTF.

Oct. 2nd, 2007 04:09 pm
In 5 days, I'll be starting Fresher's Week at the University of York, as a member of Langwith College. So surreal.

Congratulations, it's a Toshiba!

You might remember the laptop of mine that had a faulty (*cough*droppedit*cough*) charging port. For the past few months we've been trying to get it fixed, but today we came home from school and my dad's all 'Here, have this new one. If we do manage to get the other one fixed, [livejournal.com profile] xxicenicky can have it.'

And it's a Toshiba! How awesome is that? :3 Not only is it light, and has a better case, but- Okay, I don't know, it isn't charged up yet. I'll continue this train of speech later.

The North Devon Journal (Bideford edition) prints all lies

Whatever the article 'Bideford Blues does a double Round The Tree' in the Sports may tell you, the winners of the Senior Mens and Senior Womens catagories did not win the race. My dad did, followed my the winner of the Vet Ladies.

They lied about those kittens that were in that fire on the Ho! but 'resusitated', too. They belonged to a friend of my cousin, and are very much dead.

A new addition to the Uni Database...

University of York, F303. (Or was it F300? Nevermind). Physics with integrated year abroad in either France, Italy, USA, Canada or Germany. And you only need GCSE level in the language to qualify, with the LFA scheme! Two language modules in each of first and second year, and then off to practise my language skills (while continuing with the Physics at a high level) in 'furrin parts' before coming back for the research semester and final modules. Does that not sound just awesome?

Also, note this new icon I made. XD "It's against your religion? Then don't do it! (Leave the rest of us alone)"


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