I can't wait for the ShatLeg event. I keep daydreaming about what's going to happen. I keep having 'Oh, it would be awesome if-' moments, and 'Oh, I wonder if-' moments.

And I want to write fic about Team SneakyBastard.

I mean, really. There's so much potential with what's happened and what's going on that... well, I want to write stuff. Maybe I'll make a refs-only filter and actually do it, if I get a chance. But then I might give them ideas. Hmm.
Is it really too much to ask for good, Slytherin-friendly HP fic which doesn't slash Harry and Snape together?!
*hugs English keyboard with its aster-kisses and html brackets in all the right places* Ski-holidays always give me plotbunnies. It must be all the lift/gondola time. And the fact that I'm procrastinating on actual revision and work for my exams. *stresses*

And now, to stop myself from stressing because it's Christmas Eve and my parents will be angry if I give up on sleep to work (thereby preventing my father from sneaking around the house), I shall tell you about my plot ideas.

First of all - I think that I'm going to have to kill Jack in Xiaolin Past when Chase is done with him. This makes me sad, but this series is all about the time-travely weirdness and Chase is going to want to get some wish-fulfilment out of it even if no-one else does. So, um. And Ashley will do something daft because she does so like to be contrary.

Ooh, what else... I may have a part for Omi, finally. That's a reason I've been procrastinating so much - I couldn't very well have him kick off the plot and then sit in gaol for three months, then escape, then be in a plot-limbo for another month, then do another plot-necessary thing to wrap up could I? No. So now he might have a part. So might Jack, if he plays his cards right in the section I haven't planned at all yet.

And Wuya is just loving her subplot. XD She is loving it not at all. Though she does love treating Chase's lair like a hotel. XD And he hates it, but is putting up with her because... Well, that would be giving things away. (Go on, guess at me. You know you want to.)

I'm still working on my [livejournal.com profile] chase_omi exchange challenge. It's surprisingly fluffy, for me and for this pairing. Odd. Must be the prompt. XD

And to commence my probable gender-rape of the German language: Gutes Weinacten, alles!
I've given up on clothes. No way am I covering up my hypothalomus in this weather! I may even *gasp!* go swimming. maybe not, though - just sitting around in my bikini is cool enough.

At least I can open my windows now - all of the hornets should be dead. I've had a nice rattling of windchimes all day. ^_^

And we can now consider Exeter, Truro, and... anywhere south of Bristol, really, to be scratched off of my Uni list. If it's this hot now, what will it be like in a couple of years time? Bloody Global Warming. -_-;; Good job my top two are in Black Country and Scotland.


And now I realise that my Xiaolin Showdown AUs take place in two Universes - the one that re-inserts itself into canon when it's done (AKA the Kat/Rai/Jack and 'The Beginning of Something' one) and the one where 'Wake up, Jack!', 'The Other Dram Stalker' and maybe 'Don't Say It' fit.*

I say 'maybe' because DSI is perhaps a true one-shot - it doesn't have a resumable end ("Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies" anyone?). Maybe it links in with that AU universe but isn't 'canon' in it?

*(If you haven't heard of that last one, it's because I need to find the notebook and type it up. XD)
This'll be tricky, seeing as I don't write that much, that regular like. 'Worst story''ll be a few years ago, and the latter half of the year was spent on an original fiction.

The fics - all bar two of mine qualify as 'this years' )

The writing meme )

Happy New Year, folks! ^_^
0 / 50,000

Here we are, prep-ing for NaNo... I keep wanting to write. MUST WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER!!! Tenko keeps telling me how pretty autumn leaves are, Mark wants to have Jody now, and Jody keeps moaning to me about his grandfather. Ashley is the only quiet one of my characters, and even she's poking me to write!

So I've written a Xiaolin Showdown slashy one-shot. I'm not telling you the pairing (but one of them is my new OTP XD), but it isn't chan or kinky, so don't worry about that. ^_^ It's really too dialouge-heavy, but oh well...

Follow the LJ-cut... )


Okay, the Pit of Voles just stripped out all of the puctuation. !s ?s and even .s. Crazy.

XS squee

Aug. 24th, 2005 05:11 pm
Squee-ee! I just watched In The Flesh on TV again - I love that episode! ^_^ There is so much more feeling in it than most of S2... Or it could just be that I love the physical-contact-showdown between Rai and Jack. XD

On that note, I've applied to claim the Rai/Jack pairing at [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_names

EDIT: One thing that make this the best episode ever? Raimundo's evil backing theme!

EDIT the second: I've written the end of 524. Now I just need to do the middle bit...
Folk keep saying 'If only XS was't a kid's show...' in their reviews to 'The Beginning of Something'. It's not like they do anything...
Blah. PCness must be out of contol if one cannot discriminate créme brulé.

Even in Old Usage. -__-;;

I should be working on my fanfic. I've written the first chapter, I've written the end, and I've scripted the Rai/Jack bit. Now it just needs typing - and the middle bit is the part that is directly affected by what Wuya says to Raimundo in the next chapter of this arc.
Insert Meme here )

Also, at prime inspiration time (i.e. Twenty to One in the Morning) I wrote a nice little Chase/Jack One-shot. Or rather, Jack/Chase... I'll type it up later.
I've just joined www.ficwad.com - it looks like a nice alternative to ff.net (The Pit of Voles), so I posted up that One-Shot Teen Titans fic about Terra (YinYang: - How it could have been) to get a flavour for it. It's nice, even if there is no Everworld slash.

I also suggested a Xiaolin Showdown section, so maybe we could try it? Seeing as ff.net is being to troublesome lately... My name is TamerTerra there, too.
Two memes... )

If you've read, or already found spoilers for HBP, this Drive-by spoiler vid is funny: http://gprime.net/video.php/pottercrash

Bwha, both of my fics I know what comes next - the handwritten draft of the next bit of Reconcille is done, but I can't seem to be able to sit down at the keyboard and TYPE!

Bloody anoying, I'mm tell you that much. -_-;;


Jul. 4th, 2005 09:30 pm

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How fun. This also has the added bonus of linking to all of my fics that are on my profile to here...

Have any of you ever updated an ff.net story, and then got a review so fast (about a minute later) that you double-take and wonder if they did more than skim it. I mean, that 4th Chapter of 524 (yes, I'm hinting) should have taken a bit longer than that to read.
You may rememeber that rant I posted about how people refuse to keep Malfoy in character, especially while pairing him with Hermione. Well, I tried it to see, and the result has the ff.net ID of 2448017. So, when it arrives on the site, it's URL will be www.fanfiction.net/s/2448017. Tell me if I've succeeded, if you will.


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