Aug. 3rd, 2011 03:40 pm
This is/was an epic thunderstorm. Blocks of hail so big that they bounced stones off of my neighbour's roofs. The cul-de-sac is flooded. Forked lightning and very loud thunder.

I was in the shower when it started, and I have no idea whether being in a shower during a thunderstorm is more dangerous than not, so I rinsed very quickly and got out.

Why is it always bigger hailstones in summer than winter?

Now it's stopped raining and left us with that weird peri-storm witchlight, and I feel very strange having watched that.
This chronic illness cat, so much

I am so glad for the rain last night, and really really hope that it doesn't heat up again later. I might even be able to have some tea this morning...
Writing this downtime is bringing back awesome memories of reading the Song of the Lioness and the Protector of the Small quartets. Especially the Protector of the Small, because I think Keladry did a similar downtime at one point.


Also, the sky is just chucking down humongous drops of rain at the moment and growling at us all - it's quite epic. Reminds me of my first summer in York... except it's warmer now, and I'm in a house 'by myself' rather than with Steve, and this is actually enjoyable and I have a veiw of the sky out of the front window.

  • Being able to wash and dry a full set of bedding all at once on the washing line. (Standard proceedure for not-sunny weather is to wash the sheet OR the duvet cover and hang it over the top of the rack, and then the next week wash the other one. Pillow cases go in with clothes.)

  • Socks, sandals, and sunhats

  • Not having to cover every single inch of skin for fear of it freezing.

  • Not being cold! (Balanced by being often too warm, however.)

  • Growing things! (Balanced by the growing things causing pollen and cut-grass-smell and making my eyes water and my breath difficult.)

  • Light

  • Larp

Add more things to the list!
There has been much snow shovelling over the last couple of days. Also, after too-many days of shopping not occurring because we only had one car unburied and Steve's mum was at work, there is now curry in the house. Finally. How have I managed to live without curry?
Not sure when I'm going to be able to get back to York - it hasn't stopped snowing since about seven o'clock in the evening on New Year's Eve and we're under nearly a foot of snow - so no driving to the train station until the roads have been cleared. That'll probably start happening on Monday, but I don't know how bad it'll get before that. Steve's supposed to sign on on Wednesday afternoon, too.

Then again, when do I actually need to be back down for? I think LARP is the first thing that's happening, though I'm not sure on dates (the 6th?), then there are lectures on the 13th and at some point I'll need to have a meeting with Bentley and to rearrange my doctor's appointments, but that can be done as and when. I shoud definitely be back before the giant tub of mince has been open to long, so that I can make more gluten-free and gluten-tastic mince pies.

We've been making pots of tea all day and watching the snow fall past all the windows. We've only just finished the turkey broth that got made a few days after Christmas, and Steve's just on making some more Ginger Wine (with Sherry!). Being stuck indoors ins't so bad. :)

Edit: Apparently the foot we've had so far was forcast as 'light showers'. Now until Thursday is forcast as 'medium - heavy showers'. Getting back to York this week looks like it is Not Going To Happen. There are probably people that this should get passed on to...


Dec. 23rd, 2009 12:26 am
I dunno what it's like anywhere else, but here in Consett it's snowing quite heavily. Not only is Steve's sister currently at work and so hopefully not having to drive in the worst of it (trying not to think about it, hope she's okay), but I'm supposed to be getting a train from Durham to Tiverton Parkway tomorrow.

People in York, and further down the Penzance-to-Aberdeen line*, tell me about your weather! Am I likely to not get home for Christmas?

*Scotland-Newcastle-Durham-Darlington-York-places-Birmingham-places-Bristol-(sometimes Wales)-Taunton-Tiverton-Exeter-Cornwall
... and by that, I mean "February".

Yup, it's the coldest part of the year for us Devonians - rivalled only by "November". For some reason we get a break through December and January (can any geophysicists tell me why?), but then it snaps back down for this month and we get a hell-load of precipitation.

Bloody Global Warming. -_-;;


On the other 'February' event, I fail at fic. I'm here trying to do some Chase/Guan, but Guan's being all *angst* *angst* *codependent-angst* and getting on my nerves. *sigh* I'll just re-write it...

One tiny plotbunny later, and he ceases to be pathetic! *squees at strong and sexy yet insecure Guan* Show and don't tell, baby!

... Any volunteers for betaing this puppy?
Apparently the big strong winds that we've had today were the tail end of a weak tropical hurricane. Yeah, I know - we don't get hurricanes in England. That's why it's worrying.

Also, I might just take the extra three modules next term and end up with four full A-Levels rather than 3-and-AS-Further-Maths. Not sure whether I'd take, though, for the third: FP3, M4 or D2.

EDIT: Looks like it wasn't the 'tail end' at all. *hears thunder*
I've given up on clothes. No way am I covering up my hypothalomus in this weather! I may even *gasp!* go swimming. maybe not, though - just sitting around in my bikini is cool enough.

At least I can open my windows now - all of the hornets should be dead. I've had a nice rattling of windchimes all day. ^_^

And we can now consider Exeter, Truro, and... anywhere south of Bristol, really, to be scratched off of my Uni list. If it's this hot now, what will it be like in a couple of years time? Bloody Global Warming. -_-;; Good job my top two are in Black Country and Scotland.


And now I realise that my Xiaolin Showdown AUs take place in two Universes - the one that re-inserts itself into canon when it's done (AKA the Kat/Rai/Jack and 'The Beginning of Something' one) and the one where 'Wake up, Jack!', 'The Other Dram Stalker' and maybe 'Don't Say It' fit.*

I say 'maybe' because DSI is perhaps a true one-shot - it doesn't have a resumable end ("Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies" anyone?). Maybe it links in with that AU universe but isn't 'canon' in it?

*(If you haven't heard of that last one, it's because I need to find the notebook and type it up. XD)
So thirsty... *guzzles lemon-lime until full, but is still thirsty* Kiso. -_-;;

You know what I just decided? Chase is a eunuch. No really, think about it: G!Chase is all weedy, so Chase being muscular (if he is - have we seen him with no armour?) must be down to the potion rather than testosterone. And the total apathy that he displays a lot of the time... well. What do you think?

As an aside, I have done no work today.
Well, I am now on track for nano. I got up at 4 this morning, and have written 1100 word before 9, effectivly catching up on the words that I dropped during the week thanks to school and Soggy Bonfire Parties (school and Maggot's 18th).

Now I just have to do today's 1667, and I managed that number yesterday afternoon, so with the whole day I should be able to get ahead.

... Should.


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