Mar. 21st, 2011


Mar. 21st, 2011 08:59 pm
I now own a tent, have had a day of socialness in which many things were purchased - well, me and Luke bought things, the other two didn't - and am now very very tired. And I need to show someone the spare room in half an hour or so.

I bought KIT! I now have an acceptable base for my NPC kit for 1318, so I'll maybe do something with some furs and armour and that should be good. I like hunting through charity shops in company - though the others seemed a bit baffled by my ability to find something wearable in most of the shops and try it on. I now also have a new skirt which is quite long and old fashionedey, but I like it. Also lots of socks, but not from charity shops.

T'was funny when I was trying on the shawl - I stuck the dress on so I could see what they looked like together, especially boobs-and-shoulders-wise, and then walked out of the changing room to show everyone. 'Everyone' was a bit 'what are we supposed to say here? Girls are scary!' in response, but when I was changing back to my normal clothes I overheard the shop volunteers commenting about how nice I'd looked. 'Very studenty' I think one of them said. XD


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