I have successfully met with my parents and achieved chatting. Also risotto. I told many humorous anecdotes which mostly just confused the pair of them, and I shall be showing them the New Walk tomorrow morning, because their hotel is in Fulford and they like walking.

I also had the fun of pretending that I wasn't having a minor panic over the idea of getting into a taxi by myself. Twice.

Note to self: when planning walks, googlemaps isn't what you want. The sustrans site is, because it assumes that you want to travel along footpaths, preferably on a bike.
Not really managing with life very much today. I ate two breakfasts at Kirk and got to my lectures, though I had a bit of a funny turn near the end of the second one and didn't take any more notes, and dragged myself home and into the shower ready for tonight. I've also managed to cook some pasta and nom it with pepperoni and cheddar. Basically anything else I do today, I shall be dragging myself.

This cold is kicking my arse, basically. Om nom strepsils. At larp tonight (presuming, of course, that I don't just fall asleep and miss it) I shall most likely be a bit of a mouse.

I'm generally happy, though. I got a text from Steve this morning saying that he won't be able to borrow his parents' car on Saturday to bring my stuff down, so I shan't have to deal with him for a while, I proved myself to be intelligent even with a head full of cotton wool today in a problem class, and also I've been having a very nice time with Alex recently. I would use a silly little :) smiley there, but it wouldn't really capture properly what a huge grin I've been wearing because of it all. Hee!

ETA: Another happy thing!

My parents sent up a parcel of Things when they got back from holiday on presumably-Monday, and it contained Christmas prezzies from a set of grandparents and also my godmother. The parcel itself got eaten by the courier, but things! Two new bracelets (one of which is tangle of beads!), warm socks, and many chocolate. Also, a bank statement, so it doesn't matter that I forgot to pick one up when I was in town on Saturday. Also the CP booklet thing, which contains pictures of many Jhereg, including one which is basically a picture of Mike. I get the feeling that in a few of them, I would have been just out of the way of the camera - particularly the 'Rise, my minions, rise!' necromancy picture, in which I was an undead on the ground watching them take the pictures before the players got to us. XD
...and is still out of budget. It's a gorgeous house, EXACTLY the right distance between Osbaldwick and rest-of-York (while still managing to not-quite be in Tang Hall), very nice floorplan (lots of bedrooms, one of which especially is well placed to be a spare-room/study if we rent out the others).

I come back to falling in love with this house once every few months. I wants it, but I can not have it - unless housing prices drop drastically or I can weedle a higher budget out of my dad. Realistically, both would have to occur, and while house prices are supposed to drop further this year, I rarely talk to my dad anymore and so the only gains in that quarter are in proving that I'm a responsible adult.


One can dream.
I think I may have my crazy under control for a bit.

Or the headache could just be driving it underground.

In other news, dehydration can get really trippy.
Ohh! Also, I feel like a worthwhile human being because I cooked dinner last night, all by myself (except for draining the pasta, because four people's worth of pasta + water = HEAVY), and helped Steve's mum with the shopping the day before.
I just did the 'Party Matcher' 'game' on the BBC website, and it gave me 66% Labour, 64% Lib Dem, and 60% Tory. Still not sure who I'm going to vote for - and it looks like the race in my head is comparable to the one for the whole country - close. I probably won't know who I'm going to vote for until |I have the bit of paper and pen in my hand, and even once I'm on my way home I'll probably be wondering whether I went for the right one.

I guess there's the York Outer one fairly soon as well - if I wrangle it right, I could just have the effect of voting against one party.

But anyway, I am making a livejournal post because, as usual, something annoyed me.

One of the questions was this: (under the cut). And the 'Labour' answer. )

Dudes, way to have quotes that don't answer the question. Oh, wait: It makes sense if we assume that no-one cares about disabled adults. Not being able to work is a ~lifestyle choice~, didn't you know?


Some bits from the other parties. Lim Dem: )

Tory )

Also, the NHS )

Slightly related, me and my mum visited my Nan earlier, I won a disagreement - she argued that there was no such thing as being unable to work, bringing up an example of a seven year old with no legs who was going to be in a race to raise money for some charity or other, and I said something along the lines of how for most physical impairments, there are adaptions available and most of society understands these adaptions and why they're neccessary. For mental, neurological and painful conditions, not only does society have no idea what's going on with you, it has no idea what to do about it, and if you do have an adaption that works, society has the sneaking suspicion that you're Doing It Wrong - if you need what is seen as an excessive amount of rest to function, society reckons that you don't really need it (even though the 'extra' rest is as much an adaption as a wheelchair or pair of glasses), or if you take medicine (especially if that medicine is *gasp!* precription painkillers!)... well.

After the point was made, the conversation moved onto the flaws which my family imagines Steve must have, and how he'll never get a job because he has long hair and a beard. -_-;;


Comments on the quiz, the qestions/answers, the argument with my Nan, and stupid things that all the party-people have said more than welcome. I'll set comments to default to screened - mention in the comment if you don't want it unscreened - though screened comments are automatically unscreened when replied to, so I'll reply by PM if you tell me not to unscreen.


Feb. 25th, 2010 07:01 pm
My LOA request got approved! I'll be restarting my third year of Physics in October, and hopefully shall be healthy, or at least healthy enough or functioning enough that I'll be able to manage and finish the course. Officiality!

Also, following this, I managed to have a phone conversation with my parents that didn't end in/start with/contain them lecturing me.

It got dark again. Must it do that every night?


Mar. 25th, 2008 05:16 pm
No matter your worries, however debilitating they may be, being blasted along a country road at ninety miles per hour in an aston-martin vanquish puts it allll into perspective.

*thought she was going to die*
Since I started uni, my parents have been giving me an amount of money each week to live on, which gets spent mostly on food and laundry. I got some money for Xmas, too, which I've been using as 'fun' money - for non-essential things like larp kit and treats for me and mine.

Now, I had assumed that I would have the weekly money from parents while I was in York, i.e. when I was living away and thus unable to just add my food-needs to the family shopping list. It turns out that I'm only getting it during term time - which leaves me just shy of three months over the summer when I'll have no income whatsoever.

I wouldn't be irritated at this, had it been made clear before I allocated the Xmas money to other things. As it is, I need to earn a minimum of £400 (preferably double that, as I intended to work for more 'fun' money over the hols as well) so that I don't have to stay in Devon come August.

There'll be the two weeks between end-of-term (and thus end-of-accommodation) and going on holiday with my family, for which I'll need to be in Devon anyway, so I can try to work in the factory then, but ideally I'll want to come back at the end of July, and try to find some sort of holiday work then.

Grr. I want to sulk, but I'm not allowed to.
My (third) cousin plays for the South End. And they beat Manchester United tonight! How weird is that? Bottom of championship pwns top of premiership WTF?


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