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Over the hols, I've been cultivating an AU-bubble to keep myself amused, where all my AU Dark Lord Defeaters (a Harry Black (raised by Regulus and Narcissa Black), a Slytherin Harry Potter whose mother is still alive, and a Tom Riddle who began to find the war rather tiresome) are dragged into the canon Potterverse and told that they can't go home until they help the Order win (shades of Manipulative!Dumbledore). Well, Tom took a look at the Daily Prophet yesterday, and began to rant rather spectacularly...

Dolores Umbridge is an evil cow - DH Spoilers )
Seeing the advert on TV, I've realised that I want to watch it for Tonks, Bella, Luna, and Riddle-in-a-suit. I don't give a fig about the rest of it. XDDD

Also, I have really bizarre plotbunnies for scenes in which (Lily-lives!AU) Cos happens, but )


Hm, what do we know about Book Seven so far? The last word is 'scar', according to a JKR-interview, the Doctor cried when he read it, and the prophesy what was broken in the DoM has something to do with something. Oh, and it's supposed to be like a second half to HBP. Anything else?


Jun. 20th, 2007 07:35 pm
Exams = bad.

*sigh* I did a retake of FP1 this afternoon, and I still haven't recovered. And the thing is, the fuss was probably worthless because I don't think I've done much better than the last time I took it. -_-;;

Fic Blah )
...aka Yes, I'm Still Pretending That Exams Aren't Happening, So I'm Thinking About Fannish Stuff.

I love Manipulative!Dumbledore fics, and I just thought of a rationale for them.

Themes that fanauthors want to portray in fic are sometimes completely incongruous with the themes in the original text. So, the characters that the original author uses to voice her themes (eg Dumbledore, Hermione, Sirius) must be, er, wrong or lying.

Actions are easier to explain away or reinterpret than words - how many 'Lily had a secret elaborate plan that she didn't tell Dumbledore for some reason or other, (so Harry didn't need to live with Petunia after all)' fics are there?

I'm entertaining the idea of a AU in which Peter doesn't actually betray the Potters. First I've got to find a break-off point, so I decide that, actually, it could be possible that Peter was under the Imperious curse in the canon universe. But there's a problem: how does no-one notice this? And who's controlling him? And what does smart, capable Lily Potter, who works in the DoM 14/36 hours of the day, have to do with it?

And so, just like that, puppetmaster!Lily emerges. )

What's my point? I have no idea. It might be that puppetmasters are necessary for deconstruction of the text-author's themes, especially if they were used by the text-author to insert those themes.

Also, the Bowling For Soup song 'I'm gay' was just on Scuzz, and I finally understand the Sirius/Serious pun in HP - they pronounced 'serious' like I do 'Sirius'. I'd been thinking that you folk over the pond pronounced 'Sirius' differently. *facepalm*
You know who is becoming a really cool character to work with? Evil!Lily, who works in the Department of Mysteries and seems to have acquired a Hermione-esque 'Ends mostly justify the means' kind of attitude during the course of her work. And she has a licence to preform the Unforgivables, which she abuses when in the market for a Secret Keeper. And using that Secret Keeper as a human 'coin to be flipped'.

It's fun, this AU.

*tries to shove it away to revise, but fails*
7000 words? O_o )

Also, I'm amused by re-reading the Sorting scene in PS - The Gryffindor table is described as being on the far left, and it's implicated that Slytherin are on the far right. Intentional, I wonder?

*draws diagram*

5500 words after two days! *punches air*

Wormtail is so evil )


Dear American Harry Potter Fanauthors,

The word you are looking for is porridge. Porridge. Not 'oatmeal'. Porridge.

Thank you ever so much,

Tamar Rowe
Wouldn't it be fun if, with prequels and sequels, if someone took an end and wrote a fanfic beginning, then someone else came along after and fanficked an end for that new beginning? Do you think that that's how stories really grow?

It's like a zig-zag-slide, and to take an XS example:

1. The cartoon exists.
2. Avi17 writes 'The Beginning of the End', a prequel.
3. Someone else, who has never watched XS, comes across TBotE and decides 'OMG, this is awesome!' and fanfics a sequel.

Their 'sequel' is unlikely to be anything like XS, but it'll have some of the same characters, and some OCs - some added by avi17, some added by the second fanfic author - and maybe some of the same themes, possibly. More likely, there'll be completely different themes, depending on what bits the respective authors think is most important.



Also, OMG, I wrote 3500 words on one fic today - 3000 words of Pettigrew!PoV, and 500 of Petunia!PoV. That's more that I wrote even on my best day the last time I did NaNo. O_o

LJ Cut in which Tamar natters about this particular AU )

Actually, as an Addendum, does anyone recall who the Prefects in Ginny's year were? Or, y'know, any characters in Ginny's year apart from her and Luna?
Huh. I can write Snupin, and I can write Remus/Peter, and I can write Sirius/James, but Sirius/Remus eludes me completely. I just can't get a plotline for it - in my mind, James is always the one most important to Sirius, even after the wedding, and then as soon as he dies Sirius is in Azkiban anyway.

So, er, I'm writing fic in which The Prank 'succeeds' and Severus Snape becomes a werewolf. And there is Snupin, because of two years of sharing the Shrieking Shack on Full Moons fosters a sense of some sort of camaraderie.


*moans* The last three nights, we've been having some of that Cider after tea, and today I was all 'Hm, I want something else, something specific, but what?' And it's that bloody Cider.

*has a cup of tea instead*
1) Have your music library ready.
2) Choose one song from your music library whose title starts with the first letter [ or number ] of your screen name.
3) Repeat this process with each successive letter [ or number ] in your screen name until you run out of letters [ or numbers ].
4) Post up your results.
5) BONUS POINTS: Upload your mix [ whether it's individual songs or a .zip of all the the songs ] and include the mix in your post.

Tango Shoes - Bif Naked
Ain't Love Grand - Atreyu (double points?)
Monsters - Funeral For A Friend
Everybody Knows - Dixie Chicks
Rein Raus - Rammstein
The Ballad of Josie - Seth Lakeman
Everybody's Changing - Keane
Rain - Trivium
Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast) - Lostprophets
A Little's Enough - Angels & Airwaves

I repeat the same letter so many times. XD TTTAAMEERRR


All in iTunes (.m4a) format, sorry. ^^; - if anyone ever downloads these things, anyway. I know I never do - it always seems to me that people prep all these playlists that no-one ever listens to.

Speaking of things that people never listen to: "IS ANYONE OUT THERE?" It's downright odd to upload a chapter of XS fic and have complete silence for... three days? Woah, it seemed so much longer...

Edit, as I recheck my email: [livejournal.com profile] muniyeka? You certainly know how to make a girl happy at two in the morning. ^_^ *sets to proofreading*


In which Tamar pokes her WiPs with meta, authorial intent and foreplanning )

And now, I will sleep.
Well, today's been good - not only have I made headway with SlashNotSmut, I've finished the 'backstory' chapter of Another Time/Eleven Misplaced for the second universe. An alternate titles could be 'In which Wuya and Chase react completely differently to their warnings, and Dashi doesn't get any good moments' XD

I can't decide whether it should go before or after Omi's next chapter, though. On the one hand, you could be just as confused as Omi but I'd repeat myself. On the other, you could know things in advance... *ponders*

Anyway, here's the full version of #9, which I couldn't even try to strip down, so I rewrote for the drabble-series:


Another Scribble: Chase seals away Hannibal Bean, but loses. )
I've got strip about 250 words down to 100. Why did I decide to do this in drabbles?!

This particular one does four things: Say 'Ha! He's alive and your boss!', infodump on the culture, display classic Dojo melodrama, and involve the crack of Wuya talking about interior decorating.


I could chop some of that, or I could just say 'this one is 250 words for no reason'. I'm thinking that other bits are too long, later on, so maybe it could be a gradual evolution thing? Breaking out of the drabble form to symbolise... uh... I've got nothing. Damn.

Stripping it is, then!

I other news, have a PoV scribble from the Dashi of the third universe. It'll not go into the fic, but it's the scribble I did when I was all angry.

Dashi flailed out with the wind, trying to lay a hit - any hit! - on his former best friend. )
"There's no such thing as a Heylin Truth Spell." - Doesn't seem like such a hard sentence to work into a fic, does it? Except that of the, say, seven people who would know this, three of them have been 'dead'* for fifteen hundred years, one cast said 'Heylin Truth Spell', another one was in on it, and the other two would have no reason to bring it up.


*dead or otherwise locked in a puzzlebox.


I'll put up the first part today - maybe once it's published I'll stop poking it and work on hpslashnotsmut!

BTW, sorry for posting so much this weekend - I'm a tart. Is anyone out there?

ETA: Oh bloody buggering hell - ff.net isn't giving out alerts. This is inconvenient, but does explain why I've had so little email lately - most of my email tends to go through ff.net, LJ or Feedblitz. ^^;


Well, what do you know? Sticking that drabble series on ff.net really did help with hpslashnotsmut! *suddenly has a beginning, plot, and peter!characterisation*
And relaxing. I'm intending this to be two sets of eleven - one set focussing on the formation of a third TAT AU, and the second on the aftermath. *evil* Or rather: *conspicuously not-evil*

I've also discovered an uncommon love of the single aster-kiss (*). It breaks up sections, paragraphs, drabbles - it can do anything. *loves*


In other news, today was the annual festival of standing in the wind blowing and raining, hitting other girls with sticks. Also known as 'Senior Girls Inter-House Hockey'.

Lundy (my house) beat Tarka in points (but not the match, sadly), but we did not beat Atlantic. (No-one cares about Exmoor.) That's like Slytherin beating Gryffindor but getting pipped by Ravenclaw. -_-;;
And I'm just over a hundred quid up, yes! *punches air* ... But we're going shopping tomorrow, so it could all be for naught.

I've just finished putting all of my old CDs into iTunes (just in time to have the laptop over to my sister, grumble grumble), and I never realised how much I associate the Keane song 'Atlantic' with writing fanfic. O_o

Speaking of such, the good!Wuya fic gained a fair bit of backstory during my lunch break (What, use lunch to eat? Why would I do that?!), and I've decided that although I'll reuse some backstory from 524 and Why Now?, it won't be totally in continuity with either.

After all, I'm not going to wait until I've finished 524 before posting this. That would be crazy!

It also gained a beginning. I'm a lot better at ends than beginnings, which is why I always start with the middles of things. ^^; (Remember how 524 started with what was basically a random encounter? I could never have done what avi17 did and started from the beginning.) Anyway, I now have a 'why are these two talking?!' part, and now I just have to avoid infodump, because that would be bad.
Gosh, so many Wuya plotbunnies! My favourite, though, is an 'in which she is convinced to fight for good', and I just knocked out 700 words without thinking about it. XD

Working title is 'The Reverse Hypothesis' - if Evil always offers an escape from mediocrity, what can Good offer? Featuring an odd Wuya pairing and Jermaine/Omi.
PoVs in 524 )
... and by that, I mean "February".

Yup, it's the coldest part of the year for us Devonians - rivalled only by "November". For some reason we get a break through December and January (can any geophysicists tell me why?), but then it snaps back down for this month and we get a hell-load of precipitation.

Bloody Global Warming. -_-;;


On the other 'February' event, I fail at fic. I'm here trying to do some Chase/Guan, but Guan's being all *angst* *angst* *codependent-angst* and getting on my nerves. *sigh* I'll just re-write it...

One tiny plotbunny later, and he ceases to be pathetic! *squees at strong and sexy yet insecure Guan* Show and don't tell, baby!

... Any volunteers for betaing this puppy?
I just found, in the bottom of a drawer, my notes for the /original/ part four of my epic Raimundo-had-a-secret-elaborate-plan fic. Evil!Dashi! Good-but-only-in-comparison!Chase! Sue!Raimundo! Has-a-secret-crush!Katnappé! Omi-Cat! Confused!Everyone-else!

... That one went all the way to Saving Omi before looping, instead of having so many mini-loops. And they didn't go to Chase's Evil Lair until near the end... Hm. *missed out on lots of lair!fun* Oh well - the feedback I've been getting has been mostly 'Yay actual Action/Adventure!' rather than 'Yay RaiJack!' so... yeah. Might be for the best.

Losing those notes meant that I never really got around to writing 'Sequel to Saving Omi', which is why I've been continuing so well with 524 - it no longer needs to be in continuity with the Sequel fic.

Though, it was thanks to [livejournal.com profile] eye_of_clotho/Shiva's Avatar's review that I actually went looking - he was very confused. XD It made me remember what I was originally trying to do with the fic - and some more of my original plotlines (which I intend to fully carry out now that they're make in my mind).

I'll list some of them now, so that I don't forget: )

Ooh, I can even date this notebook, because it has the first draft of 'The Beginning of Something' in it!

And I keep finding things - here's the start of that Raimundo/Clay/Jack PWP that I was doing for the [livejournal.com profile] xiaolin_ho_down threesomes challenge. *ponders finishing it*

Or I could just work out what I'm going to do before doing it - though really, whatever I do do I have a follow-on planned, so it's more the subplots not wanting to be forgotten than the fear of writing myself into a corner. ^^;

Though, I can't let the characters know too much.

[ending post now, really]

(Maybe not.)

I also found the plan for that Kimiko&Megan fic. Turns out that I was going to write it, but never actually got around to it. ^^;


Jan. 17th, 2007 05:58 pm
I just got one f the best reviews ever on 524!

Have a look, seriously! )


I like that she capitalised on the lack-of-Guan - he and Wuya have been eating up all of my headspace, lately. It's all "Travelling to Temples! Random encounters! Addition of Family members! Barbarian raiders! The Life-Cycle of the Not-So-Common Quan/Kwan/Guan Dao! Origin of the Spicers! WhyTF Hannibal got involved anyway!"

... The whole Dashi/Wuya fight may take a good while to get properly started - the whole 'learning to live on the mainland' thing was supposed to take like three chapters but it's exploded. O_o

However, that could be a very, very good thing for the overall story. It gives more room for gradual developments, and gives a long-term setting. Draws out the Chase-worry, too. *is evil*


Does anyone else think of 'The Day After Tomorrow' and other such films when they see articles like this and this?


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