Apr. 3rd, 2011


This is an awesome and fun song and vid and if you like it too I want you to cheer in comments!!!

(Or be a lurker and say so in email/PM, whatever)
Actually having quite a stock of bloke-clothes from over the years - the shirt which I wore as much as possible for that phase in sixth form, socks, t-shirts that don't go 'here thar be boobs!' and the trousers I wear for larp which came from the Matalan men's section. Also, trainers. Haven't worn trainers in a while.

Stew! I am cooking stew. If any Yorkites want to appear at my house and be fed stew, feel free, because I am cooking stew. Possibly let me know that you mean to do so, first, however. The lid went on at two o'clock, so it'll be ready at about six and properly done at about eight.

Having purchased things, and be planning to purchase more things! New things are good. Waiting for things to arrive in the post is happy-making. Yay, internets!

I have my blanket back, though it is not cleaned yet. Any tips on cleaning sick off of/out of alpaca wool? It's a very... fibrous blanket. I really don't want to wreck it!


Apr. 3rd, 2011 03:32 pm
Yuck )


Apr. 3rd, 2011 09:22 pm
So, after discovering that other folk-ish band that I posted the link to a little while ago, I decided to check up on my other pop-folk crush - Seth Lakeman. And they're doing a show in Scarbrough a week before my birthday! That is, on my sister's birthday. Hmm.



...I could totally go. Couldn't I? It's £20 for a ticket, but it's Seth Lakeman. And it's a seated show, so no getting bumped and such (well, we'll all get to our feet for some songs, no doubt!)

My first exam is in week one, and this would be Thursday week three. My other exams are in week six and seven. Should I? I think I should. It's a direct train from York to Scarborough, and IIRC it's only a couple of quid. Anybody want to come too? Not just Yorkites, though we'll be closest. It's Seth Lakeman!!!
...but I like this post: The Right To Fuck Up; there's some good discussion going on in the comments, too. (At least at the moment - you all know what the internet is like).

I especially liked the comment with this:

"What if our politics didn’t come out as “I should be anti-racist because that’s the right thing to do” or “I should be anti-racist because I’m an anti-racist activist”; but instead “I should be anti-racist because I love you and when I’m racist it hurts you”? Would that make things any different?"

It made things click a bit, for me. They used 'racist' in the example, but it works for 'sexist'*, 'homophobic', 'disableist', 'transphobic' and others - even things which don't really have 'official' names in social justice discourse. When you get past all the theory and definitions and logic puzzles, we really just want the world to suck less, am I right? We want for society to look after everyone, not just straight Christian cis-men with money. We want for there to be less pointless chafe that makes the lives of the oppressed harder with no real gain.

I mean, some enforcement of the kyriarchy is done by cruel people who just want to feel superior to someone. The majority of the time, though, it's 'that's how things work, right?' and 'I can't be arsed to consider that other people have a different view of the world - or even themselves - than I do, and I can't be wrong', and 'But I don't want to be the oppressed one!'

Laziness, fear, and a lack of compassion. Is there any reason why the world can't be different?

*(actually, this is a rare example which works for both misogyny and misandry, because the power of the situation is, while relevent to the magnitude of the harm, not so relevent to the harm itself)


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