In other news, Iron Man 2 is also awesome. Very explosion-y, but also very awesome.
Don't read livejournal before having watched Doctor Who. I did it last week, too. -_-;;

(I'm officially banned from watching episodes containing the weeping angels with everyone else, because they freak me out and I squeak, so I have to watch them next day instead.)

Have to try and get myself into getting up earlier - on Weds I'll have to get up at 0700 so as to get a lift to the train station to get to York (hopefully before LARP occurs) so I can vote on Thursday. I wonder if the poll cards have arrived yet?
Beauvine Peninsula? Poster Boy? Spoilers for the DW Season Finale )
SQUEEE!!!! The preview for the next Doctor Who episode!!!! CAPTAIN JACK!!!!! (Maybe he gets a chance to return the Doctor's hand. XD) Also, I definitely heard the word 'kiss'. Captain Jack + Kissing = Win +/- hoyay. He is part of Torchwood Three, after all.

Also, in this week's ep: Tautology FTW. XD

ETA: Mum immediately tries to rain on my Torchwood parade by going all 'But he's gay'. So I use the opertunity to say 'No, omnisexual' and define terms. XD Oh, and let my dad in on teh spoiler )

*loves at the Torchwood Three cast and desperately desperately wants more* *Even Owen* *Especially Tosh and Ianto*

And yes, I haven't been here in a while. But I've had to practically swear off laptop-ness due to exam-related stresses. Also, new icon.

*needs AAB*
Doctor Who = so much win.

*was watching this and last week's episodes tonight*

Though, I think that Martha stole some Rose!script when she was kidnapped. "I do believe in fairies commas The Doctor! I do! I do!"
Eee! Martha is so kickarse! She's actually, y'know, smart, too. *girlcrushes* She's much better than Rose. *disliked Rose*

I tell you, though - there were parts in this episode where I though we were in for a new actor. O_o
Short spoilers for todays ep )

Though The Docter, Mickey and Jake remain slashable, what with their kisses and standing in the same frame and all. ^_-
How long do you reckon until there's a Ten fancommunity called LI'NDA?


Jun. 3rd, 2006 07:54 pm
And I mean the 'my God' part literally. Did you see Doctor Who just now? )

And now I'm watching 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. It's on Sky Movies now.
  1. That if I knew anything about the other nine Doctors, and could think of an original plot, I would jump feet-first into the fandom and write gen-fic. Because if there was a medium that was just made for gen-fic, it would be this one (and Sherlock Holmes, but that's another story)
  2. That I cannot remember how old the Queen is.
  3. That 'Rule, Britainia' is stuck in my head. Again.
  4. That face-sucking TVs send me into gigglefits.
  5. That I am a review h0r, but that has nothing to do with Doctor Who, just that my yuri ficlet wasn't very well recieved. *mourns* Ah well, I'll just stick to RaiJack and Jack/Chase - I know that there's an audience for that.
Doctor Who meme )

Joke I made up

Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I think I'm a hypochondriac!
Doctor: It's all in your head...

I've been working on two big long XS fics for ages now, and then the other day I wrote a one-shot for each that was basically 'the bit I wanted to write'. XD Kat/Kim, Rai/Jack. I'll type 'em up sometime.

I have a Harry Potter Theory - Where did Tobias Snape go? )

Doctor Who

May. 14th, 2006 09:26 pm
Now, I'm not a Doctor Who watcher, as a rule, but ever since the Christmas Special I've been trying to watch it when I can, which isn't often. I think I've watched it twice since then.

Possible spoilers, not long )

So I've got to see the next one when it's on - the cliffhanger of doom!


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