Not really managing with life very much today. I ate two breakfasts at Kirk and got to my lectures, though I had a bit of a funny turn near the end of the second one and didn't take any more notes, and dragged myself home and into the shower ready for tonight. I've also managed to cook some pasta and nom it with pepperoni and cheddar. Basically anything else I do today, I shall be dragging myself.

This cold is kicking my arse, basically. Om nom strepsils. At larp tonight (presuming, of course, that I don't just fall asleep and miss it) I shall most likely be a bit of a mouse.

I'm generally happy, though. I got a text from Steve this morning saying that he won't be able to borrow his parents' car on Saturday to bring my stuff down, so I shan't have to deal with him for a while, I proved myself to be intelligent even with a head full of cotton wool today in a problem class, and also I've been having a very nice time with Alex recently. I would use a silly little :) smiley there, but it wouldn't really capture properly what a huge grin I've been wearing because of it all. Hee!

ETA: Another happy thing!

My parents sent up a parcel of Things when they got back from holiday on presumably-Monday, and it contained Christmas prezzies from a set of grandparents and also my godmother. The parcel itself got eaten by the courier, but things! Two new bracelets (one of which is tangle of beads!), warm socks, and many chocolate. Also, a bank statement, so it doesn't matter that I forgot to pick one up when I was in town on Saturday. Also the CP booklet thing, which contains pictures of many Jhereg, including one which is basically a picture of Mike. I get the feeling that in a few of them, I would have been just out of the way of the camera - particularly the 'Rise, my minions, rise!' necromancy picture, in which I was an undead on the ground watching them take the pictures before the players got to us. XD

Um. Today!

Jan. 14th, 2011 01:22 am
I don't think it's an entirely healthy response to suddenly worrying that one hasn't consumed enough today to say 'I shall get drunk and eat ice-cream before bed'. Yet, that is what I am doing. At least I'm not spurning both the drink AND the ice-cream and instead going 'but the hunger dizziness is similar to being drunk!' Actual being drunk is more likely to get me to bed rather than feeling of slight insomnia that is a side-effect of my new meds. Which, btw, I forgot to tell my doctor about. Did tell her about the dizziness, just not the the difficulty sleeping, the sweating, or the craving prawns. Which is weird, given what a sweat-phobic person I am. Also, I had to run to the clinic after chucking on the nearest clothes, because I woke up (went back to sleep after turning off the alarm) at the exact time my appt was meant to start. Luckily, it was at the Hull Road surgery and they were running late and the doctor was talking to the receptionist at the same time as I attempted the check in and it failed because I was late, so she just told me not to worry and to take a seat.

Because you don't want to send away the person who told you worrying things last month, especially when you know that their meds run out today.

If I'd gone to social I'd had more alcohol, to be fair. I meant to have a bath and then go, but I got shaken up by the story below, and then was consumed by The Internet.

TW dog violence IRL )

The old man comes back across the road, asking me 'did you see that?!' and yes, I bloody did. The little yorkie didn't look too badly hurt when he ran past, but it was getting dark (about ten to five). I continued walking home, and fortuitously, was going the same way as the couple with the jack russel. They turned into a driveway just off my road and went in at a side door, so I memorised the details so that I can read the house number when it's light so that when a complaint gets made, the people who own the dog can actually be identified.


Dec. 17th, 2010 12:12 am
I feel that I may have committed social fail in a number of ways, in the general direction of a number of people who are themselves hurting. Please ignore me. Sorry.

(News-wise: my house is now cold enough that clothes, indoors, will not dry. I hairdryered them for a while and it seemed to help, though.)

I'm not proud of most of this week. I feel quite hopeless.
Aww! Heartwarming story is heartwarming.

In other news, I mopped the kitchen floor today and it's now like a completely different colour. It took three buckets of bleach-water turning black. I feel productive and useful now, even though I've only done half a set of problem questions so far. ^_^

Also, there was larp yesterday, which made me feel useful and happy and competent in a different way. Also struck up conversation with one of the newbies a couple of times, and that was nice, too.

I should get dressed and get ready for my lecture later, but I'm warm in my pjamas and dressing gown and fuzzy socks and boots (slippers + bleach = bad) in my heating-less house. Ooh, another reason to feel good: I've actually eaten two meals before half two. Porridge and gluten-free sandwiches. (Yay Tesco!)
I left it up against the wall next to the garages, with the back wheel locked to the pannier, and when I came back for it it was on its side over the pavement, with the front wheel completely buckled and the front mudguard torn to pieces. It looked like some kids had stamped on it.

So, like grown ups, we loaded the bike rack onto the car and the bike onto the bike rack, and locked it up outside a bike repair place, so that when it opens I can go there and get them to fix it.

I used to have a photobucket account, and would use it to post a picture. My poor bike must think we've abandoned it. :(
My work got handed in, including the first problem questions that I've ever done for QM2 - last year, that was the subject that really suffered. There were a few blank spaces, but not as many as there could have been.

After that, the finance office was condescending, then the Nationwide was helpful but eager to get their hands on a £20 bank charge, then the other bank was huge and confusing as usual. The guy behind the counter wanted me to get a paying-in slip, and pointed to a table full of various white pieces of paper and told me to get one of the white ones. *facepalm* I made distressed sounds and he explained further, though.

Am I a memorable sort of person? I got recognised thrice today, in order of surprisingness: A bus driver (I lost my return ticket in town, but when I went to pay again for a single on the way back, the driver (same driver who'd sold me the return) looked confused for a second and then just waved me past), one of the new SF&F freshers who I'd spoken to once for about five minutes over a week before, and someone who I'm not sure how I met, but used to chat to every so often in RKC (she's certainly memorable, esp visually - lots of bright pink and driving a wheelchair) when I was in second year.

Slight fail occurred with buses, though - I had to hunt to find a stop for the 44 that would take me to Uni, and ended up jumping onto a 4 - I'd lost my ticket anyway, so it didn't really matter which I got... except that the 4 I got onto was on its way to Acomb. Oops. The conductor was nice, though, and didn't make me pay for a ticket to the station (which was the easiest place to cross while also having an opposite-stop, according to him). He was also nice in that before this, he'd kinda chastised a couple of students for sitting in the 'reserved for disabled people' seats when there was someone with a walking stick standing. Though, that was kinda embarrassing, seeing as I'm less wobbly than I used to be, even if I did end up feeling quite poorly in M&S earlier and needing to sit down.

I now have four more pairs of tights! Warm legs, and less worrying about how often I need to do the washing. Yay!

Also, there was a farmer's market today, and I got a tray of ribs for a quid. They were dated until the day before the next time he was selling. I also got a beeswax candle and a punnet of strawbs, which I promptly squashed.

Kinda lacking in spoons now. I shall listen to music and read the internets for the rest of the night, I think. Dinner has already been cooked (a third of the ribs + box of microwave chips) and nommed. I should probably do a proper food shop soon, though.

Also, the location on this post is where LJ thinks I am. Any idea where Dewsbury is?

What's actually happening tomorrow with Evil Eye and such?
Feeling kinda lost and lonely right now. I meant to go into town today, but I caught up on sleep instead, and now haven't eaten any lunch and have a lecture at 16:15. Outside and people feel to be things I'm not sure I can deal with, but at the same time I want a hug. (I think the only solution to that would be if there was a Steve or similar here who was doing something else (reading/playing on the computer/asleep) whom I could hug without having talking.)

I'm still in my pjs, and have very cold legs. I should shower and dress, but then I'd have to move from the little corner behind the living room door that always seems to hide me very well. Also, it seems like the kind of day where, if I actually manage to get the shower, I'll do the thing of just sitting on the bed wrapped in a towel for ages and stare at nothing and just get cold. But I'm cold already, I guess... I also feel that I could cry at any moment, for, like, no reason.

ETA: Shower: done! (And by the number of times I compulsively brushed conditioner through, I am going to have fantastic hair tonight.) Getting dressed: in progress. I reckoned on starting the pasta cooking first. Except, can't cook with no clothes on! Compromise: underwear and a cardigan which covers all the important bits.

Cooking: imcomplete
Attending lecture: if it will be completed, this post won't get updated to reflect.
This is Why I'll Never be A Proper Grown-Up.

I could totally have written this. Y'know, if I was good at expressing myself using text and mspaint.
The original plan was to get the train today back to York, but then I didn't sleep due to having a nasty cold, so Steve's driving us down tomorrow - hopefully in time for weapon's practice, definitely in time for pub.

And am I right in thinking that Renewal is next weekend, and Shatleg is the weekend after? I can't wait! Well, I can wait until this cold goes away, I guess. Having a permanent headache and annoying sinuses are not fun.

EDIT and Update: How long do colds usually take, again? Three days coming, three days here, three days gone, is that the rhyme? Yuck, self. Also, the nodes on my neck are the size of grapes. But, no wonder I was craving oranges a couple of days ago. Vitamins! Apparently, everyone else in the house (except Steve, the lucky bastard) has already had it. Also, I feel really stiff and creaky at the moment.

I need to do the forms for the sign-language course by Friday (Saturday doesn't count as a 'working day' does it? If it does, I'm screwed). Also, the Physics Department has gone silent again (probably on holiday), and I need to be totally sorted for the next academic year by the 10th of September. I'm seeing the doctor again on Tuesday. Time is like, time and stuff. Everything seems like it happened approx. two weeks ago, despite the fact that I proudly identified two weeks... some weeks ago. More than two. Probably. One way I'm probably a bit better about identifying the passage of time during term-time is larp - it marks a particular day passing, but every week something different happens, and I can keep the different things in order (short term, at least - if me and Steve reminise about something that happened at the beginning of this year, eventually I'll insist that X happened after Y, and it'll take a lot of using logic on my memories for me to go 'oh, you're right, X happened pretty much at the start of term, and Y was in the middle!')
There was a wedding yesterday! There were swords and mead and headbanging/dancing and lots of people in kit. Someone I didn't know complemented my dress and couldn't believe that I'd made it myself. ^_^

Are the pictures on facebook yet?

I got far too drunk, on mead and white wine to boot, but there were some other folks who were even more drunk, so that's okay. ^_^

It was a great wedding. Thanks for inviting me, guys.

ETA: I got a look at the house I might be moving into next week, and I reckon I will be moving into it. It's good, the room is of a nice size, and has good shelving.

Meme-sheepery - If it's in bold, then it's true. )
Today I went for a walk completely wearing 'summer' clothes, including sandals, and when I was about half-way down Hull Road, it started to rain. Thankfully, it only got really heavy just before I ducked into a charity shop (where I found a really nice green top), and so it wasn't too bad. I decided to take the bus back when the back of my sock got wet, though - and about half-way home the rain stopped for good. Gah.

In unrelated news, I like having the house to myself. I just cooked a pasta bake with kidney beans, brown lentils, soya mince, chopped tomatoes and a tub of cream and a load of herbs (the lid to the paprika decided to mutiny, so rather a lot of that went in!). I should have put in more chilli flakes, but it was tasty.
And have achieved shopping, though the co-op was out of most of the things I wanted. They'd gone and put the big things of mince on for cheap, the bastards. There were no Black Farmer sausages. I forgot orange juice. But I did get some mince, 'shrooms, custard, and more milk (for feeding my newly discovered porridge habit). Tonight, I will cook! Real food!

I'm still freaking out over stupid things, but I'm not nearly as randomly tearful as I was last week. Yay, progress!
The deposit for the house is in, along with the tenancy agreement, and I've had it explained why I got picked - between me and a postgrad who wants the room directly after I do, there's the longest continuous timespan of the room being occupied. Also, I emailed first. So.

Yay for seeing people that I haven't seen in ages, randomly in shops!

LARP on Sunday will be... hectic. So many missions! I am presuming that snacks will be required. And lots of extra water.

Yay having someone add me as a friend on facebook, then poaching their friends for people I know. *waves to Kerry*


I need to email B about the state of my work. I need to do my work. I need to eat. I'll need to clean house and pack.


FEED YOURSELF, DAMNIT. Stop being such a wretch. Stupid self.

Also, apparently I'm 'too dependent' because I don't want to have to do all the housework myself, like company when I'm cooking for both of us, don't like walking alone in the dark, and prefer to have someone/an advocate with me when organising anything important.
As in, Steve's going up to visit his parents over the next couple-a days, and half an hour before getting picked up, invites me along. So. Um. Yeah.

See those of y'all that I see on Saturday or Sunday, then. ^_^


May. 9th, 2009 07:46 pm
Okay, not as fixed as I thought. The General Office sent me an email saying that I should hand in the work which isn't done as soon as possible, and instead of sending an email back to tell them about the extension, I close the window and start panicking. Um.


May. 8th, 2009 09:57 pm
I've got funding for my summer project! I get to be employed investigating 'Time-dependent quantum dynamics of interacting electrons in nanostructures'! Yay!

Also, LARP on Wednesday was awesome. And my downtime mission will be awesome. And if I can get back in time after my downtime mission, the mission on Sunday will be awesome. Yay for sense-talking rats and stupid rats and not-rats and stuck-up wolfkin. And the creepy crone of plot and win. And the jackals rubbing my backstory in my face.

...Now in addition to 'I called to Rat and Wolf and Gazelle and NOTHING HAPPENED!' (woe), I can say that if I offered Jackal everything I had, I might get a handful of leaves in return. Maybe. Hee.

Oh, gods cause so much angst. Why do people bother with them? I mean, really? XD

And because I couldn't resist, a drabble of character development. Claw is fun. )
But it broke me. I'm fully expecting to have to retake.

Oh. I described how I felt before leaving the exam, when Toni was there, and apparently that's a panic attack and I should have told the invigilators instead of fleeing. Um. I have a supervisor meeting tomorrow, so I guess it'll be fine? Maybe?

At least this wasn't one of the ones that I need 60% on in order to continue.

Going to bed now.
*feels stood up*

Particularly as we brought the rest of the fairy buns, and filled up the thermos I gave Steve for his birthday with tea, and I need to revise.

I cooked!

Apr. 23rd, 2009 09:17 pm
Today was a day of comfort activities.

I bought a new teapot and a giant bath-towel. I cooked a roux (for the first time ever) and made a white sauce with it, which we ate with the tortellini that Steve's parents gave us when we left. I've been reading the internet for a couple of hours over the course of the day. We took a walk along the cycle path. I slept in until eleven.

(Yes, that counts as sleeping in. Any later than that and I feel useless and like I wasted the day when I want to go to bed.)

All that's left is some coding and something crafty, I guess! ^_^ Hm, or maybe a shower...

Also, I emailed my supervisor and the professor in charge of our labs to say what's been going on on since the last time we spoke. I got a reply about ten minutes later telling me not to worry overly much about the strict deadline - so I probably won't be at LARP on Sunday, because it'll be the best day to get a lot of work done on the lab project if it turns out not to be done by Friday - after exams but before the new modules start. I really, really don't want to take the piss.
Well, sort of yay. I'm going to miss staying with Steve's family. And I don't have nearly enough time left to do my lab report. Meh. Weapons practice on Saturday?

The price of basic stuff really has gone up. We did a giant 'moving back in' shop today, and it cost nearly 75 quid. Fuck.

Also, my breasts hurt. A lot This means that the exams in a week are not going to be comfortable. Ick. Also, I should revise for those. Three modules, only one of which I've really gone over in any depth.

Is it wrong that other people's blog posts about losing weight and how it can be torture, like, literally, kinda make me... hungry? After reading the comments (and they're right about the men-don't-necessarily-need-more-calories-than-women thing - I need to eat far more than Steve does, though, then again, he does sleep more. So -) I was really glad that we bought yogurt and spring rolls today. Nom.

EDIT: I didn't go on the holiday thing. I chickened out and got dropped off at the train station when my family was on their way to the motorway. I have skiing kit in my suitcase and my cash box, dressing gown, favourite coat and Lush products are in Devon-home. *bad*


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