...and there's a very minor character from season one that I want to include. However:

Out of Le Mime, Random Brunette with White Swimsuit and Keiko, which would you say is the most minor?

I'd say Keiko - she's only spoken to, has no lines and no cameos, even if she does have a relationship to a main character. Then RBwWS (spoken to, no lines in her own voice, screentime, touches a main character) followed by LM (spoken to, no lines, screentime, fights with main characters).

Um, yeah... So, Keiko or Brunette?
First thing in the bus today, I try to access http://tamerterra.livejournal.com/mobile , but Vodafone live! tells me that there is a Content Blocker that can only be disabled by proving that I am over 18. Which, um, I'm not. So that's a bugger.

I then go to Vodafone mail to test out my new sponsored+ powers of remote-posting. I write a nice couple of paragraphs (with that bloody help-text that it is impossible to disable), click send, and it tells me that my session has timed out and I have to do it all over again. *facepalm*

So I gave up and spent the next ten hours plotting for fics (I have one in the works that- I'll put an aster-kiss here and talk aboout it in a minute: *), and trying to prove an intigral/differential link between Addition and Multiplication. I was so extatic when I found that the intigral of 3+3 = 3x3 and that the intigral of 4+4 = 4x4 ... But then nothing else worked. XD

I know why those two worked, though. Cut for Calculus )

* Okay, this fic idea. Read more... )

And that's about it. ^_^ Oh, and ICON!
0 / 50,000

Here we are, prep-ing for NaNo... I keep wanting to write. MUST WAIT UNTIL NOVEMBER!!! Tenko keeps telling me how pretty autumn leaves are, Mark wants to have Jody now, and Jody keeps moaning to me about his grandfather. Ashley is the only quiet one of my characters, and even she's poking me to write!

So I've written a Xiaolin Showdown slashy one-shot. I'm not telling you the pairing (but one of them is my new OTP XD), but it isn't chan or kinky, so don't worry about that. ^_^ It's really too dialouge-heavy, but oh well...

Follow the LJ-cut... )


Okay, the Pit of Voles just stripped out all of the puctuation. !s ?s and even .s. Crazy.
*has just seen the new Xiaolin Showdow ad*

There are no words.
Well, busy day today - first I got woken up early to go with my sister to Langport so she can run (dad won the 10K), and then we went to Pizza hut. I ate too much, but our waitress was cute ^_^;;

Also, I'm not going back to TvTome until there's a season 3 download. I think Jadebell must be rubbing off on me because I freaked out when I saw the spoiler in the 'Character Discussion: Clay Bailey' thread.


Aug. 27th, 2005 02:31 pm
The Twelve Character meme. (stolen from lizzypaul, who stole it from mctabby)

First, write down the names of 12 characters. Then read and answer the questions. You can't look at the questions (or click on the cut) until you write down the 12 characters you're going to use.

I'm using Xiaolin Showdown Characters.

1) Raimundo
2) Jack
3) Kimiko
4) Katnappé
5) Clay
6) Omi
7) Chase Young
8) Wuya
9) Jermaine
10) Megan
11) Tubbimura
12) Dashi

The questions. Don't click until you've written down your characters )
This is the best question. XD )

Read more... )Add-on )

XS squee

Aug. 24th, 2005 05:11 pm
Squee-ee! I just watched In The Flesh on TV again - I love that episode! ^_^ There is so much more feeling in it than most of S2... Or it could just be that I love the physical-contact-showdown between Rai and Jack. XD

On that note, I've applied to claim the Rai/Jack pairing at [livejournal.com profile] yaoi_names

EDIT: One thing that make this the best episode ever? Raimundo's evil backing theme!

EDIT the second: I've written the end of 524. Now I just need to do the middle bit...


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