It's at half eight in the morning. On Monday. Oh gods, I'm going to be asleep...


Aug. 9th, 2011 05:55 pm
The resit exam timetable has been published, and the exam I'm supposed to be taking (Physics Third Year Examinations, Module Group 1: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics) isn't on there. *gasp*

(Here's a link for anyone with a University login who wants to tell me 'Are you sure?' I checked through three times, so unless it's down under a non-Physics department, it's not there.)

I can easily see that I might be the only one taking this exam - it's a third-year module, so the people taking it (except me) either have no progression requirements (and have already graduated) or are on the Masters course and can be deemed to be awesome. And all the numbers of people resitting exams are small - except for Electronics and Management - nothing like the end of my second year, when half the year was resitting things.

And apparently the letter saying 'no, seriously, the dizzy thing that you thought must have gone away after two years? Still happening!' only got through to Physics yesterday, so they haven't actually bothered people to say 'this exam is as if for the first time!' yet, but even without that, it's still a fail of a core module that requires a resit, right? They won't have just not told anyone that the exam paper should exist (for next week), right?

*deep breaths* Worst comes to worst, I take the exam next year. It'll mean a heavier revision load then, but I'm sure I can manage? Most of my work next year will be on the project, too, so less modules + this one -> about the same as this year? Maybe?

Also, ow, panicking does physically hurt. Who'd have thought?
Three days and two showers after the event, I am no longer green.

Also, I'm no longer on the MPhys. I passed, but only got 50% total and so have to switch down onto the BSc and do a project. In a month's time. Fuck. For this I need to obtain a partner and a supervisor. Unless I do the one Theoretical individual project, but that has elements of missing the point of a BSc project.

Also need to find somewhere to live for the year. One person I know will probably be on a gap year as a result of these exams, but I don't know what's happening yet with enough people to not be looking for a flat to share with Steve. I've got a month left of living in York, then two weeks before term starts. That's enough time to sort something out, right?
I've found out when my exams are - one at the very beginning of exam week, one at the very end. Yay, more time for revising QM and Mechs. This'll make is so much easier to organise time.

Event soon!! ... I need to hunt down all of my snazz. And kit. Is it too late to try and hunt down some more fur? Eeeeep.

Oh, got more test results - the result of the celiac screen was 'no idea, do it again after constantly eating gluten for a week, but stay off of it until then'. And I now have enough blood, but still not enough iron. So I get to keep taking iron tablets, and need another blood test before term starts. >_<
Did they even use the term 'Order of the Phoenix' in entire film? )


A-Level results day was yesterday, and I got three Bs in Maths, Physics and Chem. I also had a C in AS Further Maths and an A in AS Biology (last year). So I didn't get in for my first choice, St. Andrews, but I did get in for Physics at York, so that's all right!


Completely unrelated, but I have a fic recc: Switch by [ profile] corvidae9. Fred and George Confound the Sorting Hat, resulting in just about everyone going somewhere else. Harry and Draco are Hufflepuffs, Hermione and Neville Longbottom are in Slytherin, Ron and Pansy become Ravenclaws... and Gryffindor!Crabbe and Goyle attach themselves to Hannah Abbot.

It's a full AU that's about half-way through PoA at the moment. The author has a good style - we're familiar with the general storyline, of course, and we can follow the action without getting bogged down with re-reading what we already know.

I like, with this fic, how the characters grow into the traits of their new Houses, Ron being the best example. He begins to 'own' the cleverness he does have, realising that he must have some if the hat put him in Ravenclaw, and the others follow the same sort of pattern.

So, yeah. If you like Sorting-AUs, read it.


Jun. 20th, 2007 07:35 pm
Exams = bad.

*sigh* I did a retake of FP1 this afternoon, and I still haven't recovered. And the thing is, the fuss was probably worthless because I don't think I've done much better than the last time I took it. -_-;;

Fic Blah )
Well, now both of my main fandoms have a 'Kimiko'. There's Kimiko-the-Xiaolin-Dragon, whom you all know (and if you don't, she's in the icon), and now 'Kimiko, Hiro's smart and dedicated older sister'.

Damn, I need Heroes icons. Preferably of Mohinder or Issac or the-girl-with-many-names.

spoilers and shipping and 'WTF, Heroes fandom' )

ETA: This is one of those entries that get dragged up again at 'Restore from stored draft?' five days after it started to be written. ^^;;

catchup notes )


Mar. 12th, 2007 05:23 pm
If yesterday wasn't bad enough, we got told this morning that there'd been a mix-up and that we should have gotten our exam results last week. So we got them today.

Cut for results which basically sum to: 'Drop Further Maths Or You Will Never Get An A In Normal Maths' )

I'm averaging a B, so at present, if I want an A in Normal Maths (which I do), I need to get 103 out of 90 for C3. *tear* So I need to figure out what to retake - FP1 is a given, as I need that for Further AS (which I already have an E in, so I may as well make it respectable for an elective), and, looking at what I did with M2 (28->57), it's possible. C3 is a probable; M1 might be worth it - even assuming that I can get C3 up to 80, C4 is supposed to be the 'hard' Normal A Level module, so I shouldn't count on it.

*groan* I have to decide which modules I'm dropping, and which I'm retaking, before tomorrow. I'll make tables and stare at them until a decision emerges. Need to add six UMS points to my average...

After conferring with the head of department, it's been decided that I'll retake C2, C3 and M1. I've asserted that as Physics 4 is on the same day as Mechs 3, I'll stay entered for M3. (They have basically the same content, with the Physics having some extra stuff and the Mechs explaining it all by Calculus). I'll stay entered for FP1, but it's unlikely that I'll take it.

Buggerfuck it.


Jan. 26th, 2007 12:07 am
From now on I shall link to the second chapter of 524 - the first has 666 hits. XD

Hit counter: *jumps to 670*

*is sad*

Oh well.

My last exam tomorrow! And it's Further Maths, so I just need *counts backward* 40 marks. An E - passing enough to count, but- Oh, who cares. If nothing else, I can certificate *Applied* Further Maths and just do Decision 2 instead. *will do D2 anyway*

And Mechs 2 went fairly well - I had lots of wrong answers (Q: Show that cos-theta is three quarters. Me: *shows that cos-theta is seven quarters*), but I think I hit most of the method marks (It's actually possible to get an A without getting a single question right!), so that's all right!
With all the craziness going on in the States, you tend to forget that the Puritans sailed from a Devon port. But then you remember, when you notice that a good proportion of the UK's sorry, England's (*eyes other parts of Great Britain*) religious skirmishes seem to happen here in my little county.

Even the bloody civil war was resolved not too far from where I am. -_-;;


I have discovered the secret to my GCSE success, and am applying it to A2 modules. It's simple - lose the 'OMG I'll die if I don't get As in these subjects that I'll never get As in!' mindset. Actually, that's the hard part. I'm glad that I only need 300 points (three Bs or inequivalent) for one of my Unis - I just needed to let myself realise that if I can afford to go down as far as a B and a C for Physics and Maths (indiscriminately) and still get into a Uni that I'd love to go to.

And I'm splitting the exam season into three parts (much like I split the year into two) - next week has two exams (C1 and D1), the one after has two more (S1 and C3), and the third week has the last three (Chem, M2, FP1).

It didn't hurt that I got 100% on a specimen paper for a retake, either. ^_^ I can probably get my C1 result up to 85 on the day, at least, which would make my average... Just a few marks below an A. And as my best two application modules will go in instead of M1, I've got a good chance of making it good.


I've been starting a bit of meta, too. The more procrastinating, the better. XD


Dec. 15th, 2006 08:55 pm
Ah, holidays. The best times you can have - especially skiing holidays.

Unless of course there's the shadow of 8 modular exams that you haven't really started preparing for over your head. -_-;; 2 Chemistry - revision needed, and 6 maths - practise needed. And it's the practise that takes the time. And I'm taking revision guides for the OLD specification - wth C3 fits into that when C2 is P1,2&3 and FP1 is P4...

On the plus side, most of the exams are later than last year. I have Pure Core 1 resit, repeat Chem, and Decision Maths in the first week (starts on the tenth) - I just need to do better in those, and it doesn't matter so much if I don't. Stats1 and Pure Core 3 (second week) I do need As in. Then this term's Chem, Mechs2 resit and Further Pure1 in the third week.

I just needed to type that out to get a schedule working in my head. ^^;

I should leave C3 and FP1 at home, and work on Application Maths. Oh, but the Pure stuff is the hardest! That's why I'll concentrate on it when I get home, and leave everything else. My suitcase is too heavy to take all of it! Okay, least amount of books: Revise AS Mathematics! includes C1,S1andD1. That's half. If I add M2 and Revise A2 Chemistry! to that, that's 5/8 of my modules. Yeah. Sounds good.

*sigh* See? It's driving me insane!

*packs past-papers into hand-luggage with new 'Langenscheidt' German Dictionary*

You know what they don't have in Austria? Cider. It's the great failing. You have Cider in the Netherlands, don't you? I should learn Dutch instead. Except there's no skiing there... You know what has Cider and skiing? Scotland. We must reverse Global Warming!

Report back here next week when you've fixed it, and I return from Austria!


Oct. 8th, 2006 12:34 pm
The season of extra-jumpers-indoors has arrived. We still don't have central heating.

In other news:

Ahhh! I'm applying to University TOMORROW!!!

At least it'll all be over... I'll just have to be waiting for three inverview invites. Which may or may not come at all. *nervy* And then six offers/rejections for January.

... At least I won't have to make any more major descisions until March. When I get my modular marks and have to make the Final Descision. *nervy*


May. 22nd, 2006 09:14 pm
Well, C2 went better than C1 this morning, I think. I know that I dropped 10% in the last question alone of C1 - I couldn't even fool myself into thinking that I could do it like in most questions. And when you hit something like that, and you have to make 205 divide into 9 and 5, which doesn't go... Honestly, I'm glad that that was the last question, or I'd have been crying.

For anyone following: (Lunar) Ouran High School Host Club #7 is out, and at the moment the download is completing in two-three hours.


May. 19th, 2006 05:59 pm
I got a D on my Biology mock for module three. I am so hoping that my 'Genes and Genetics' module drags me up... B on coursework, C on 'Foundation' possible D on 'Transport'. Ugh. It'll probably all be rejected...

But finally got back to me on the affiliate with [ profile] xiaolin_yuri.
ljsecurity: public

It's mad, I tell you. Five frees yesterday, three today, and I've still only gotten through three chapers of the P1 book. And ch.7 is half of it. And then after that there's P2 and I don't know any of it! Heineman textbooks are very useful, though - now I get the stuff in those chapters, at least. Our coursebooks are useless (much like this school keyboard).

So now I have a timetable of sorts. Until the 22nd of May or I finish P2, whichever comes first, I do Maths in the frees when I have access to the library, Biology at lunchtime, and Physics and Chem after school. After that it'll be a bit more relaxed, as I'll have two weeks of Study Leave for a new schedule and no Pure Maths to worry about. During that time I'll start learning the second half of M2. After the Wednesday of the third week, It'll be all Physics. Yay.

You know, I ever forgot about my birthday with all of the prep. It's during the weekend after exams start, but I've asked for it to be postponed until the summer hols.

*sigh* And now I have to go, as I have another mock Chem (C&R) exam.

EDIT: Eee! I posted this using the remote-email-posting thingy, and it worked!

And now I'll just stick this queer meme on the end )

Meme stolen from Silvarbelle )
82. Not sure what it's supposed to signify, but...
Well, apparently, I'm not in this 'Featherboy' musical.

I say 'apparently' here for a reason, not as a random qualifier like I usually do. My name was left off of the Cast List (and I did check the rest, not just 'residents'), but yesterday Miss told me that she didn't actually know my name, so... Lottie got the part of Mavis, Ellis (who we were calling 'long hair girl' until we found what her name was) got Kate, Short Tom got Robert and Melissa Taylor (you may have heard of her) got cast as Edith. *snicker* But no sign at all of me and Zaz, despite being practically promised minor chorus parts.

Both AS Unit 1 Chem and AS Unit 1 Biology were all right, as Level 2 exams go - Biology I predict myself a B, and Chem I predict myself an A - unless of course I got more wrong than I thought I did, of course. I'm pretty sure about that B, though - the teacher got a copy of te eam and we went through it afterward.

This OCR National Diploma (level 3) thing is so buggered up. 36 peices of cursework over a year and a half? Not flipping likely. I wish that I had got to continue the AS (mostly exams), or better yet, have done the German. -_-
Yes, no more exams! Until 6th form... But yeah, Physics was a cakewalk, and I was eating Coconut Ice all the way through it and my D+T:Food exam (for some reason). Biology was another cakewalk, ditto PE.

Also, has anyone else noticed this new free-account feature at The 'hit counter'? It's great! I had no idea that that many people read my fics without reviewing...


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