I have had a larpy epiphany. This will result in an essay, because a lot of the stuff it's based on I knew as Morranna and only some of that has been passed on to Nadezda, and also some of it relies on modern chemistry. Or, y'know, at least an understanding of fossil fuels. So I don't know whether I could come to this conclusion IC, because it's REALLY WEIRD.

I may be making Full Metal Alchemist references a bit tomorrow.


Jan. 20th, 2011 09:17 pm
I was thinky last night, and that was tiring. I think this is the first character of mine that hasn't been her own main character regularly - in that the others were at the centres of the conflicts they were involved in: [foip], alchemy and smuggler-plot, allspirit/beastkin, Destined, my face.

Realising that made me think about how I larp, what with the jumping in and putting myself into the centre of things. I had the urge to last night, and then kinda realised what I was wanting to do only because doing so would have been totally OOC for Nadezda, and so I wasn't doing it, and so I noticed. If that makes any sense whatsoever.

It's quite interesting to play the lawful soldier right after the most special of the special snowflakes. Contrast, and all. It's actually difficult to have a set of rules which tell you what morality is and accept that individuals are occasionally wrong about it, as opposed to just going 'the right thing to do is what I think the right thing to do is!' like a barbarian. Thinking about how it works is probably good for me, though. XD
...and so now two subjects which really don't go together are in one post. Oh well.

First: Merlin fannishness! Possibly includes spoilers for this series (first episode, at least)? )

The other thing, is that my application to do my final year over two years has been approved! I get to do Uni part time!

ETA: Modules are Quantum Mechanics II, Thermodynamics, and Mathematical Physics this term, as well as Skills.

Also! A Third Thing! There is NaNo soon. I have reactivated my account, but don't know whether I'm going to do it. (I might do the x-amount-of-time-writing rather than x-many-words - given that time is a Thing which I need to learn to use better.)


Apr. 3rd, 2010 02:54 pm

Mathematical modeling of Zombie infection. Hee!
It just occurred to me while going over this subject on the ff.net PM system: DH-Spoiler ) isn't a parallel to Harry (parents dead) or Neville (lives with grandmother), but to Tom Riddle Jr himself!

Harry and Neville parallel each other because their parents... )

So perhaps the 'pointless deaths' weren't quite so pointless as they first appear. Perhaps.
DH Spoiler policy: I'll use the initials of their given names, not surnames when referring to them, or put it under a cut. Except Teddy, because he exists pre-epilogue and 'TR' is already taken (Tom Riddle, XD)

The Three Firsties and their Houses )
I'm watching old Sailor Moon episodes on tv-links.com, and it struck me seeing Diamond and Saphir interacting - "They're a bit like the Black brothers". And then Saphir does his whole 'nick something that the Dark Lord Wiseman needs and sacrifice himself while failing at warning his brother' thing...

Saphir was always my favourite of the Sailor Moon R characters. V_V

*goes on to watch Sailor Moon S, which never ever aired in the UK*

I have no icons of either sets of brothers, so I'll use my Pluto one - Pluto isn't a planet any more than the Dark Moon that Diamond and Saphir grew up on is. XD
...aka Yes, I'm Still Pretending That Exams Aren't Happening, So I'm Thinking About Fannish Stuff.

I love Manipulative!Dumbledore fics, and I just thought of a rationale for them.

Themes that fanauthors want to portray in fic are sometimes completely incongruous with the themes in the original text. So, the characters that the original author uses to voice her themes (eg Dumbledore, Hermione, Sirius) must be, er, wrong or lying.

Actions are easier to explain away or reinterpret than words - how many 'Lily had a secret elaborate plan that she didn't tell Dumbledore for some reason or other, (so Harry didn't need to live with Petunia after all)' fics are there?

I'm entertaining the idea of a AU in which Peter doesn't actually betray the Potters. First I've got to find a break-off point, so I decide that, actually, it could be possible that Peter was under the Imperious curse in the canon universe. But there's a problem: how does no-one notice this? And who's controlling him? And what does smart, capable Lily Potter, who works in the DoM 14/36 hours of the day, have to do with it?

And so, just like that, puppetmaster!Lily emerges. )

What's my point? I have no idea. It might be that puppetmasters are necessary for deconstruction of the text-author's themes, especially if they were used by the text-author to insert those themes.

Also, the Bowling For Soup song 'I'm gay' was just on Scuzz, and I finally understand the Sirius/Serious pun in HP - they pronounced 'serious' like I do 'Sirius'. I'd been thinking that you folk over the pond pronounced 'Sirius' differently. *facepalm*
The thing about the DWCG era, I think, that makes fic set then completely unlike fic set, say 'after ITF' or 'after saving omi' or 'after TAT' is that it is before. Most fic, even full AUs/ARs, are based on what happens before the fic happens, but not DWCG.

We start with the conclusion, and try to find how that conclusion was reached. It can almost be triangulated - we have the conclusion that was explained through three seasons of canon, and we have the conclusion from the second half of TAT2. (That's twice as many conclusions as most fandoms have!)

It's sort of like calculus. Normally fic is like Differentiation - easy and straightforward, though sometimes you have to use the Chain Rule - but writing DWCG era is more like Integration by Recognition. You have to try and see what, when you differentiate(/follow on from) it, would bring you back to what you've got in canon.

*should probably sleep*

Edit: Ta for the love on Well Together! Hee, WuyaGuan...
*shakes head* I should really know better than to go looking for DWCG-era fic and art - a key part of the 'genre' is the theme of everything being hunky-dori for a while, but with the knowledge that it nosedives and they hate each other and fight at the end. V_V;

And the 'best' stuff takes advantage of that to the full. For example: 'Ultimatum' is a fic that I would consider an absolute standard of this - first we have the last battle, then happier times, then back to the battle, than back to happier times and so on until I cry at the end. And then, because I am a masochist, I hunt out more and am basically useless for the rest of the day. The trailer for TBotE is another thing - it always gets me at the crescendo 'When We Were Young' bit with Guan spinning his Spear and then Wuya jumping backwards. *wibble*

Heck, even the things that end on a high note make me cry! I mean, the end of A Taste Of Irony could possibly be the worst of the lot for making me cry. At least the others only do it when I'm actually reading them, not weeks later when I'm trying to write Dashi/Wuya fluff and the line just comes up in my mind, completely unbidden.

*sigh* There are some fics that I can read without tears, thankfully. Most of muniyeka's stuff has more of an angry note than despairing.

But really, it's no wonder that the fandom seems to have so many Secret Elaborate Plans. Everyone is DOOMED without them!

(And this icon is so very appropriate. Thumbs Up! *squish* Thumbs Up! *squish* Good!Jack is just as doomed as the rest, except in the icon he's in a cycle of it.)
But I've thought of a way to apply Decision Maths to fandom. Namely, to fic exchanges.

http://tamar-rowe.livejournal.com/2548.html - In my meta-journal


The C1 exam went well. I spent most of the morning before helping Lizzie Jury with her curves (ha!) and gradients and things, which I counted as revision anyway. And then there was question 9c. Oh, it was hell. 'Verify that k satisfies the equation (3k + something)(k + something)<0' Wut? 4 marks, lost - and another 2 on 9d - and just like that I've probably lost my chance at an A. Buggerfuck it.


I showed my song lyrics to my guitar teacher today. He read, then he grinned, then he started saying about how I had to bring in my acoustic so that he can show me how to put it into drop-C (rather than drop-D, which we use now) and I can start setting up some riffs. Squee!

I have /got/ to learn basic acoustic composing skills before I go to Uni. I have /electronic/ composing skills (which got me my pass in GCSE Music), but I'm crap at grabbing an instrument and banging out a tune.

Heh, until the Folk Festival and this holiday-composing-spree, the last time I tried writing lyrics was during my emo-before-emo-was-cool stage. XD Lots of 'Oh just kill me now!' stuff. XD Good job I learnt to turn my anger on other people instead of myself... Well, good for me, at least.
I got an ff.net PM today... )

In other news, while still belonging under the same subject title:

I forgot to embed that last icon in a post: evil otp, Wuya/Evil!Guan

I've also put some of my icons on the xiaolin_yuri Yahoo group, too - it seemed so sad with the complete lack of activity that I had to do something...

Since the series ended, the fandom's really been slowing down.


I say that, but it's actually not true. The only truly active LJ comms were chase_jack and xiaolinshowdown - and C_J is still going fairly strong (I just don't read in it any more). The main comm was all about canon, though, and no more canon = no more 'OMG New Episodes! *spazz* Oh, sorry, false alarm...' posts. (I'll do meta on TAT2 soon, promise!)

And outside of those comms - [livejournal.com profile] we_love_wuya has lost [livejournal.com profile] wuya, the best lesbian moderator anyone could ask for, [livejournal.com profile] jadebell has work now, the majority of the other oldbies RP or are in other fandoms now, I have no idea why I haven't been paying enough attention to [livejournal.com profile] shinatobe and her gorgeous icons, [livejournal.com profile] theanonym is working on her OLF (Obscenely Long Fanfic, which I recommend - DWCG era), [livejournal.com profile] muniyeka has writers block and I'm so busy procrastinating on procrastination that I'm not typing up the fic that IS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME NOWOMG. -_-;;

Yeah, that's basically my XS-fandom world. And we're all growing up and going to Uni and Working and not having time for it! It's so inevitable and sad. One of those things that I love as a plot device but hate in real life.
This KatRaiJack fic has angst, smut, betrayal, slapstick... and now fluff. (The slice-of-life kind, not smarm.) Bonding over cookery? It's fun to write, I'll tell you that much!

Possibly even more fun than Vegetarian!Stoner!Wuya. XD

I have a wonder, though: What am I supposed to call Chase Young's lair? I can have people give it silly names in their heads, but in omniscent description that doens't work so well. And 'he wandered through the lair' sounds so... daft, the third time that you use it.

So, c'mon - give me words. Any sort of words, just give them to me.
Read more... )Um... end of meta.

This icon OTP Rai/??? is gackable, too. *was intending to make it the [livejournal.com profile] raibicycle default*
...I've been doing a lot of self-analysis.

Why I don't like RaiKim )

And I seem to have drifted irrevocably off-topic now, if you'll excuse me. Thoughts?

Edited to add: And why can they not type her name out in full? Kimiko. Not 'Kim'.

*'sold' as in 'advertised', not 'sold' as in 'I paid you, cough it up'.
ETA: Tomorrow I'm going to Tiverton for a balloon ride, so if you never hear from me again I'm on my way to Wales or France or America or somewhere. Like Moody's mum from 'The Amanda Show'.


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