So, note to TamerTerra (and those who would rather learn from the mistakes of others: Do not check your email when you are supposed to be revising. If you do, your battle cry will be 'Nooo! There's a new chapter of Zhouma Mingyun and I'm not allowed to read it yet!'

Because, you know me - I'm a procrastinator. So I haven't actually opened my theory book yet.

*revises like a crazy revising thing*

Edit, now that I'm back: (17:05): I ended up reading half of the theory book, and passed with 32/35. Hazard perception was good, too - 60/75.

I've also got new glasses now.

And have to finish slashnotsmut.

*disappears like smoke*
First, a quiz:
You scored as SATANISM! )

Hm, what's changed? I had my last lesson with my old driving instructor yesterday. My mum kept feeding me all these elaborate excuses, but I had to tell her no, it's sale of services (driving lessons), not some kind of relationship. The actual exchange with the instructor was more like:

"I don't think I want to book any more lessons."

"I was expecting that. Bye."

And that was that.

Also, V-day fic. I can't write fluff to save my life, so I did something different and addressed it to someone I thought would enjoy it. ^_^ I'll put the fic up here too, later, but it doesn't seem right to have it in two places online so soon.
ZOMFG Roads kinda! )

My first real driving lesson is on Friday, with a Mr. Young. He's our next-door neighbor-bar-one.
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I'm also becoming one of those headphone heads - random music blaring through past my ears. XD
More circles, more turning, practising reverse and stopping, shifting gears. )

Now, I hate reversing. Mostly because I have to use the clutch to control my speed - to any pros or recent passers (Brit system) among you, is that allowed?

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