Mar. 11th, 2007 06:41 pm
I hate being ill. I loose loads of sleep because I can't breath, and still certain family members leave all the bloody lights on at five in the morning.

Also, my throat hurts. And I burnt my tongue on pizza.

*wangst, wangst, wangst*

Also, OC worries. In 524, I'm giving 'the Spice Merchant' an adopted daughter, but I'm afraid of a bad reaction to her - she's weirdly formal with people, is described as 'too thin' and is a teen mother, but there's still the fact that she's a female OC who spends a little bit of time with 'the gang'.

But she's a plot device later on, so I can't cut her. *hopes that she doesn't lose too many readers over her*

And Atlantis is beginning to annoy me - I keep 'forgetting' that it's dark. Very dark. Chapters have to be gone through afterwards to prevent Unexplained Lightsource Syndrome.
We seem to have run out of all liquids in the house, bar some cordial that smells of of pineapple and some rather suspicious cider.

Naturally, as an Englanderin just barely under the drinking age of this country, I picked the cider to have with my supper.

Before anyone tells me to turn on the tap and have a glass of water, you silly girl, I note that you haven't seen what comes out of our taps. *shudder* There aren't so many houses on our water line, and so there isn't enough draw to make it really drinkable.

In other news, I've been procrastinating on 524, Xiaolin Past and my hpslashnotsmut in order to write snippets of Sequel to: Time After Time. It involves Dashi being trapped in a puzzlebox (explaining why he isn't around now) by a very unexpected favourite character of mine and being released right before that battle, which is fun. Chase tries to make him change sides, and said unexpected favourite character of mine does change sides in protest. XDD

A snippet of epilogue? )
PoVs in 524 )
...you refer to an event that took place several months ago as 'the other day'.

(As a note to myself, Lundy Island is 25km North and 25km West of Westward Ho! according to the OS map, so that means that 35km is nearly your limit for seeing land across the water.)


According to the state of my nails, I need more calcium. So have a totally non-organic recipe:
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I just found, in the bottom of a drawer, my notes for the /original/ part four of my epic Raimundo-had-a-secret-elaborate-plan fic. Evil!Dashi! Good-but-only-in-comparison!Chase! Sue!Raimundo! Has-a-secret-crush!Katnappé! Omi-Cat! Confused!Everyone-else!

... That one went all the way to Saving Omi before looping, instead of having so many mini-loops. And they didn't go to Chase's Evil Lair until near the end... Hm. *missed out on lots of lair!fun* Oh well - the feedback I've been getting has been mostly 'Yay actual Action/Adventure!' rather than 'Yay RaiJack!' so... yeah. Might be for the best.

Losing those notes meant that I never really got around to writing 'Sequel to Saving Omi', which is why I've been continuing so well with 524 - it no longer needs to be in continuity with the Sequel fic.

Though, it was thanks to [livejournal.com profile] eye_of_clotho/Shiva's Avatar's review that I actually went looking - he was very confused. XD It made me remember what I was originally trying to do with the fic - and some more of my original plotlines (which I intend to fully carry out now that they're make in my mind).

I'll list some of them now, so that I don't forget: )

Ooh, I can even date this notebook, because it has the first draft of 'The Beginning of Something' in it!

And I keep finding things - here's the start of that Raimundo/Clay/Jack PWP that I was doing for the [livejournal.com profile] xiaolin_ho_down threesomes challenge. *ponders finishing it*

Or I could just work out what I'm going to do before doing it - though really, whatever I do do I have a follow-on planned, so it's more the subplots not wanting to be forgotten than the fear of writing myself into a corner. ^^;

Though, I can't let the characters know too much.

[ending post now, really]

(Maybe not.)

I also found the plan for that Kimiko&Megan fic. Turns out that I was going to write it, but never actually got around to it. ^^;


Jan. 17th, 2007 05:58 pm
I just got one f the best reviews ever on 524!

Have a look, seriously! )


I like that she capitalised on the lack-of-Guan - he and Wuya have been eating up all of my headspace, lately. It's all "Travelling to Temples! Random encounters! Addition of Family members! Barbarian raiders! The Life-Cycle of the Not-So-Common Quan/Kwan/Guan Dao! Origin of the Spicers! WhyTF Hannibal got involved anyway!"

... The whole Dashi/Wuya fight may take a good while to get properly started - the whole 'learning to live on the mainland' thing was supposed to take like three chapters but it's exploded. O_o

However, that could be a very, very good thing for the overall story. It gives more room for gradual developments, and gives a long-term setting. Draws out the Chase-worry, too. *is evil*


Does anyone else think of 'The Day After Tomorrow' and other such films when they see articles like this and this?
ETA because I wasn't making any sense whatsoever: In 524, I want Chase to start somewhere in Northern Europe at say, 4 years old, and then get to Atlantis (which should be within a few weeks of travel from China) before the age of 7.

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That's it, then. The Silk Way, and lots of trading. After all, if I'm going to make Constantinople go 'splody in the last act, I better introduce it.
See, I would be writing more of 524. However, I'm scared to suddenly dump them on mainland Eurasia. Have the Germanic tribes begun their migrations yet? Is the Western Roman Empire still firm, is it fallng, or has it fallen? Has Christianity risen or is it still rising? Where are the Visigoths? And why is there no information on what China is doing during this century?

Bloody Dark Ages. -_-;;

The thing is: I don't know how much time I need. 524 AD is my end-date, but how long can the journey be? Decades, surely, but how many? Guan must be the hourglass, I suppose; he and Dashi are the mortals. So... 50 years? That'll keep me in the Early Middle Ages, so I'll only have one time-frame to look up (even if it's one time frame over a triple-continent with three or four warring Empires and a great deal of moving around...).

IIRC, the Shaolin Temple was built (for the first time XD) in the 49?s. I'm putting that somewhere in the middle of the journey, I think - and if I stick it later rather than earlier in the decade then the Wandering has a fair bit of time. And if I have the gang be in Europe or Russia then, then that's even better.

On the other hand, I probably want to keep them away from Constantinopolis - too much Theology. On the other hand, they're not going to intentionally stray too far from the biggest Empire/Orient trade routes in the er, Empire. Um.

*dies from brain overload*

Encylopediae are fun, but I should probably retreat from the masses of Europe stuff and stick mostly to China. That is the 'geographical centre' of this fic, thanks to Dashi. Even though there is nothing (in English and online, at least) that has any information apart from geneologies of Royals-or-equivilant. *goes off to research the time of Emperor Xiaowen, has no luck* But the beauty of my main cast all being immigrants is that, well, they aren't going to live like anyone that history talks about. They're poor and have to learn the languages. So I have a lot of slack here. XD

... Y'know, even if people did care about Historical Accuracy in fanfiction.

... I've probably procrastinated enough for one night.
Sometimes I wish that people would just read the previous reviews before they click 'send' (or whatever). There were what, six people who've told me to use Master Monk Guan as the Dragon of Fire in 524? Despite the fact that at the beginning there was already a Dragon of Fire, i.e. Master Ko. I mean, that's an obvious name, even if he didn't live long enough to display his powers properly.



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