Feb. 28th, 2011

Apparently the 'turn ideas into sound' circuits in my brain are having a day off today. XD Every time I've tried to speak it's been 'keyword! keyword! *hand gesture* keyword! joining-word! keyword! *look hopeful at the person who is trying to understand me*' Oh well... Everyone that I've tried to communicate with vocally today has been either a housemate (who's used to me) or the people who work at the Black Bull (I wanted steak), who're also fairly used to me. All other communication has been through IM or LJ.

Also, I think I may have somehow done exercise at LARP yesterday. What, charging into battle and occasionally holding my arms up and motionless for thirty seconds counts as exercise, now? Well, my muscles seem to think so, especially my legs and shoulders. I suppose I did also go into beastkin mode and crawl all the way around the hill on my stomach, too. (That's where the splinter came from - there were thorns and I wasn't wearing my leather gloves.)

Mostly I went to the pub because I'd been somehow failing at feeding myself all day. I ate cereal, was still hungry, and so... an hour later... made tea. And then attempted to heat up some soup. This did succeed, but with much confusion. And then I stuffed my face with really old (gf) cheese crackers because I was still really hungry. Steak seems to have solved this problem. *nods*
I just got rickrolled by a fanfic. WHAT.


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