Those of you who've seen the American cover for the final Harry Potter book will understand why it needed to be iconed.

(Pic taken from here, which I was linked to from here, which I was implicitly linked to by the journal-owner posting in the comments to my mini-post about those poor anonymous Ravenclaw girls)

Cut for those of you who don't want to see the art for the American cover (renamed) )

Harry Potter and the Invisible Volleyball!
Correct: Correct orientation of Devon flag - we talk like pirates! Diagonal:Devonshire Icon by TamerTerra

There's actually a story behind these (totally gackable for any Devonian) icons.

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And now I've been looking at maps for what seems like ages, I've lost all trains of thought. So, um. Icons. Icons pretty.
2 Marian (BBC Robin Hood), 3 Dyris (Xiaolin Showdown), 2 Heafy (Trivium), 2 *gush* (text), 2 Toshiko (Torchwood).

Have fun with that.

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We were on the Torriage again, this time from the Appledore carpark-slip to Bideford Quay. About an hour of easy paddling against the wind (with the tide).

I feel like I've done some exercise, at least. And though there was a fair bit of wind, it wasn't one of those days when you feel that if you slow up even a bit then you would end up down the esturary and out to sea.

I did end up with a blister about half-way up, though. That'll show me, not bringing gaffer-tape... Ick.

Oh and have any of you seen the comm [ profile] iconscraper? It catches an LJ feed and posts the icons that folk stick in public entries to the comm. I think it's quite cool, but there seems to be a fair bit of wank from other folk. It didn't catch any of the ones I posted the other day, though... V_V
2 JackClay, 2 Kimiko/Omi, 1 giant tongue, 1 monks-OT4, 2 monks-OT3, 2 Jack, 1 Omi-quote, 1 Dojo, 1 Clay, 1 random OT3

Here be icons - some suggestive ones, for those at work/school )

As per usual - stick my name in the comments when you use them.

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Edited to add: If you try to upload one and it turns out to be too big, tell me so that I can edit it.
Stop giving me an error message that says: "Sorry, you cannot upload a userpic larger than 100x100 pixels if it is in GIF format". The image is, in fact, 90x90px. What you mean to say is that I "cannot upload a userpic larger than Xsize if it is in GIF format" - aka, a size in KBs.

Because I can tell my computer to squash it down to a size. I can't tell it to shrink an image which is already less than what you have told us!

No love,


P.S. This is the icon in question: Femmeslash them, quick! We shan't get another chance for it! Kimiko/Jesse
Read more... )Um... end of meta.

This icon OTP Rai/??? is gackable, too. *was intending to make it the [ profile] raibicycle default*
I should have said something earlier - but the truth is: I am the Peter Pettigrew of fandom. I take my praise and credit when I get it, because I don't get it often. Even if I don't deserve it.

Now that I've mystified you, here's the meat of it: )

Sorry folks. But I have iconed the phrase, even if I didn't coin it.

Giant Sexy Plot Device )

Icon Post.

Jul. 18th, 2006 05:42 pm
1 Random Brunette, 1 Raimundo/Random Brunette, 3 RaiKat, 2 KatClay, 2 RaiClay. 9 in total.

Taster: MostMinorCharacter_by_tamerterra
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It's Raimundo to Keane. Um. Not much more to say that that, though I like to think that it embellishes on the theme...

Oh, and this icon is gackable, too.


Oh, and this is a good AMV too, even if it is RaiKim. (or rather, Kim/Rai/Omi triangle of some description). Fairy Godmother is kickarse! XD
Your Fullmetal Alchemist man by blackdragon2101
favorite color
your man
how much he will love you: 50%
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yeah, I made this icon during the England/Trinidad & Tobago match. The lyrics are a bit mangled, but... meh. I was going to edit it into perfection, but 60 frames are far too many to work with. X_x

*is in a state of panic about HP:SNS, especially on realising that she has to read most of HBP again to even start the second part* *needs a hug*

^_^ Yup, I randomly made an icon and the mod decided that ey wanted to add it to the comm's icons.

EDIT: If anyone cares, the Yahoo! Europe mail servers are down. -_-;; So if I don't reply to any comments, that's why. Send an email to my new gmail ( ) if it's important.
canonyaoitwins_by_tamerterra.gif Hosted by Photobucket

Who knew that you could make animated gifs with Photoshop? (Everyone but me, I'll bet)

(x-posted to [ profile] tamerterra and [ profile] ouranhost_slash)

Congratulations, it's a Toshiba!

You might remember the laptop of mine that had a faulty (*cough*droppedit*cough*) charging port. For the past few months we've been trying to get it fixed, but today we came home from school and my dad's all 'Here, have this new one. If we do manage to get the other one fixed, [ profile] xxicenicky can have it.'

And it's a Toshiba! How awesome is that? :3 Not only is it light, and has a better case, but- Okay, I don't know, it isn't charged up yet. I'll continue this train of speech later.

The North Devon Journal (Bideford edition) prints all lies

Whatever the article 'Bideford Blues does a double Round The Tree' in the Sports may tell you, the winners of the Senior Mens and Senior Womens catagories did not win the race. My dad did, followed my the winner of the Vet Ladies.

They lied about those kittens that were in that fire on the Ho! but 'resusitated', too. They belonged to a friend of my cousin, and are very much dead.

A new addition to the Uni Database...

University of York, F303. (Or was it F300? Nevermind). Physics with integrated year abroad in either France, Italy, USA, Canada or Germany. And you only need GCSE level in the language to qualify, with the LFA scheme! Two language modules in each of first and second year, and then off to practise my language skills (while continuing with the Physics at a high level) in 'furrin parts' before coming back for the research semester and final modules. Does that not sound just awesome?

Also, note this new icon I made. XD "It's against your religion? Then don't do it! (Leave the rest of us alone)"
"You can't help but think that the countries with the superfluous 'u's are the ones with the good sense"

You don't need to credit if you want it, just nick it and tell anyone else the same. Inspired by something on the biwriters mailing list that just really got on my tits.

Moving on, my dad is awesome. Today in the car, talking about the barbie on friday and how Milly isn't going because she's going out with her Johnny, and my dad said:
"Boyfriends, and girlfriends come and go, but friends are there forever, and you remember that."

He's so awesome. ^_^
^_^ "I'm not against you, I'm for you in the negative."
This was also dedicated to me - I love my sister so!

No stealy these! (The one displayed as a userpic now is - just as long as [ profile] xxicenickyxx gets credited)


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