Eee! I finally got my offer from St. Andrews! AAB, in any three subjects. ^_^

table )

I've got until May 3 to finally decide (on my insurance choice (Hull or York) - I'm going to a Warwick open day, but StA is top top top).

... Doesn't this read like one of those sport-star manga? The hero starts something (here, Physics), and begins to climb in relation to his peers. When he gets really quite good, another level of difficulty is introduced (first top-set single-science GCSE) then another (narrowing the group down to 19 AS students) then another (narrowing down to 8 A2 students).

Then, when the hero is starting to get a bit cocky, tournaments are introduced (Uni Applications). The hero whitewashes at the first few (Hull, York, Nottingham) and gets even cockier, then tackles something difficult and survives (Warwick) aims too high and burns (Cambridge), and then gets their confidence back just in time for the final thing, which isn't as high as the one they failed at, but is has better but less spoken qualities (StA).

Of course, the hero tends to eventually beat the one-that-he-burned-at, but I'll wait until postgrad to attempt Cambridge again. ^^;

Anyroad, I'd best get to work on my last three modules - Chemistry: Chains, Rings and Spectroscopy, Mechanics 2, and Mathematics: Further Pure 1.

And with dropping down from A FMaths to AS FMaths, I'm confident that I can get an A in single Maths. So that an Chem need to be the best, and I just need to keep up in Physics.


Jan. 3rd, 2007 01:16 pm
... yet still I have a grin on my face from actually receiving The Letter.

Really though, this means that I have such increased freedom now. Shall I choose York, or St.Andrews? I could even go to Hull! (Hull going to be down as my insurance choice - their 'application pack' advertises gay bars right alongside rock caf├ęs and jazz clubs, even if it didn't think that 300 points was an outstanding result. I reckon that it would consider me even if I get a C in Maths. XD)

I don't need all As!!!

And now, of course, there's no need for me to do outstandingly well in A2 Further Maths. I'll take my AS and go, I think - and even if I do do the A2, it can just be for interest purposes. ^_^

(For those of you that have been living under the Stone known as 'Real Life', I'm on about the status of my Cambridge application)
I'm going up tomorrow!!! I'll go 22 hours between leaving the laptop (and prospectus information) and starting interview. And I have three interviews. And a written test. OMGWTF???

I hate being panicked. I'm not used to the feeling.



I'll be sure to tell y'all about it when I return! ^_^

(this is the interview for Natural Sciences at Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge, btw)
I'm going back up to York tomorrow for Open Day and 'one-on-one chat', whatever that means. And then on the 12th I have my Cambridge Interview (had another practise for that today... I still use too many fill-words, but at least I've thought of answers to 'if we asked a friend of yours, what would they say your main strengths and weaknesses are?')

Also, I fail at plurals.

Got to get up at 4AM tomorrow... *groan*

Oh, and I've got an offer from Warwick - three As. But they don't do post-application Open Days, so it'll probably get rejected.

As a run-down: Warwick = 360pts, York = A in phys+maths and either B in Chem or A in AS Further Maths, Nottingham = 340pts, Hull = 300pts with B in Chem. St.A and Cam haven't said yet.

Also, pimping: - The First Annual Chase/Omi anon ficathon! 500-1500 words, 20 days. It's not difficult!


Nov. 2nd, 2006 06:52 pm
I've been invited for interview by Nottingham University - 22Nov. I applied for Physics with a Euro-Language. ^_^


Just discovered the New Scientist website. Much less USA-centric than the mag - and there's a podcast, too! *listens to Blair interview*

24th October 2006

Dear ******

I am delighted to make you a Conditional offer subject to a Grade B in A-Level Chemistry included in a total of 300 points from 3 A-Levels. UCAS will, in due course, send the formal offer.


Because those 300 points? Are mine. I could even get in with a C in Maths if I get an A in Chem.
My Apply was in time - I got an email from the college just now, with another form to fill out. Ah well, I've got until the 15th of November - no, let's say that the deadline is the 10th of November so that I don't end up making back-to-back trips to the PO during lessons again - so it shan't be a rush-job like the CAF was.

Turns out that no-one else applied to Cambridge, but there were 3 people who applied to Oxford - Emma Brown for English Lit, Ollie K for Physics, Kuda for Law. And Mia applied for Medicine, so that's 5 of us that have completed and sent in our applications, and we get to laugh at the rest of the poor sods in our year. XD

In other news, I've become strangely addicted to Limewire (program), while the rest of the 6th Form has become strangely addicted to Linewire (game). Heck, I'm addicted to it, and I've never played it. O_o


Oct. 8th, 2006 12:34 pm
The season of extra-jumpers-indoors has arrived. We still don't have central heating.

In other news:

Ahhh! I'm applying to University TOMORROW!!!

At least it'll all be over... I'll just have to be waiting for three inverview invites. Which may or may not come at all. *nervy* And then six offers/rejections for January.

... At least I won't have to make any more major descisions until March. When I get my modular marks and have to make the Final Descision. *nervy*

UCAS blah.

Sep. 18th, 2006 06:24 pm
Done the first draft of my Personal Statement - it's here if anyone wants to crit me and tell me what it says about me. Too formal? Not formal enough? Tangents at 90 degrees?

So now I only have my courses, past employment and fee code to input onto the system. And as our Pure Maths teacher is on teacher training tomorrow, I have most of that day free.

*sigh of relief* You know, it takes me until Monday afternoon to recover from the brutal assault of Wed-Thurs-Fri? I don't get a single break during those days - it's just numercies from 0830 to 1700.

In other news - the laptop harddrive is permanently buggered. Data = lost. I've got some of my notes hard-copied, and I've re-written the Jesse/Redhead one with a completely different tone (the other one was better, but easy come, easy go) but the 2000 word third chapter of Xiaolin Past? *mimes plane falling out of the sky*

And I know I didn't send it to Silvarbelle (fairly sure, and anyway she isn't online), I've asked Akiko, and I can't remember whether I asked Aldrius or not.

So it's slowly being re-written. I'm not taking any stress for it, though - I've got enough on my plate. It's just that if I don't restart now then I never will, and it'll go the way of Herbal Tea (ZOMG my writing was so bad back then I can't bear to look at the MS!). So it's continuing.

The best bits were notebooked anyway, so it'll be all right. If I can find them.


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