I probably shouldn't squee so hard when people quote me as being Right on the Internet...

Though that pretty much only happens with regard to gender stuff (at least since I stopped writing fandom meta, but IIRC there was a lot of gender stuff there, too, from when I was about fifteen - I just didn't necessarily apply my thoughts to myself so much).

And it's also mostly when I'm there going 'hey, feminist spaces on the internet! Could you at least try to not be wrong about trans* stuff?'

When you feel safe with a person, you can have more fun with them. Doesn't just go for sex. :)


Apr. 14th, 2011 09:37 pm
Somebody cool agreed with me on the internet!
I like this brief essay/description of the intersection of feminism, LBG identity, and trans* identity: http://queeritself.wordpress.com/2010/03/27/toward-abroader-support-of-trans-rights/

It is very simplistic, but it makes the main points about this intersection, I think. I'd add that modern feminism also argues for men being 'allowed' to perform tasks and identities that society reserves for people it thinks are female, and be treated equally while doing so - because 'feminine' things aren't inherently worse than 'masculine' things, even if society thinks that they are.

Also, not all feminists, LBG people and trans people are trying to be countercultural - it's why 'queer' doesn't always work as an umbrella term, because not all LBGTA people are queer in their identites. I mean, I behave in a countercultural manner, but that's because at the point when teenager!me worked out some of the non-normal parts of my self I decided to enjoy it rather than hide it, because there was so much going against me already. Not everyone makes that descision - a lot of people go the opposite way, and say that since they're a 'normal' person, the 'queer' aspect of themselves is also normal. Or half-way: that they're 'normal' except for That One Thing.

This intersection is why I tend to identify most of my politics as 'feminist' despite the fact that, going by the simplistic definitions, one wouldn't describe them as 'advocating the cause for women'. It's all connected, and I wouldn't know where to draw the lines between them, and wouldn't really want to.

(What's that? You want me to get my counterculturalism out of your counterculturalism? Oh, shoo.)
...but I like this post: The Right To Fuck Up; there's some good discussion going on in the comments, too. (At least at the moment - you all know what the internet is like).

I especially liked the comment with this:

"What if our politics didn’t come out as “I should be anti-racist because that’s the right thing to do” or “I should be anti-racist because I’m an anti-racist activist”; but instead “I should be anti-racist because I love you and when I’m racist it hurts you”? Would that make things any different?"

It made things click a bit, for me. They used 'racist' in the example, but it works for 'sexist'*, 'homophobic', 'disableist', 'transphobic' and others - even things which don't really have 'official' names in social justice discourse. When you get past all the theory and definitions and logic puzzles, we really just want the world to suck less, am I right? We want for society to look after everyone, not just straight Christian cis-men with money. We want for there to be less pointless chafe that makes the lives of the oppressed harder with no real gain.

I mean, some enforcement of the kyriarchy is done by cruel people who just want to feel superior to someone. The majority of the time, though, it's 'that's how things work, right?' and 'I can't be arsed to consider that other people have a different view of the world - or even themselves - than I do, and I can't be wrong', and 'But I don't want to be the oppressed one!'

Laziness, fear, and a lack of compassion. Is there any reason why the world can't be different?

*(actually, this is a rare example which works for both misogyny and misandry, because the power of the situation is, while relevent to the magnitude of the harm, not so relevent to the harm itself)

^ Look, a post about the academia (/work in general) gender gap and an aggrivating factor thereof!
A discussion of this post about what men could be doing to reduce rape culture ended up with the guy I was talking to changing his facebook status to 'Hey guys! Stop raping people! Seriously! NOT COOL!'

...based on the assertion that the kind of guy who is likely to be a problem is also the kind of guy that is more likely to listen to another guy (as opposed to woman) telling them off about it.

PS. Awesome post, lots of stories in the comments.
There are other options than 'Oh, you think you might be pregnant? Better be laid up for 9 months just in case!'

There is nothing that squicks me more than that, honestly. I don't usually ID as a feminist - or if I do, it isn't a major part of my identity - but in the case of this issue add me to the army.

Cut for quotes of teh badness and some more ranting )

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(Link to teh badness for my own records.


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