...and so now two subjects which really don't go together are in one post. Oh well.

First: Merlin fannishness! Possibly includes spoilers for this series (first episode, at least)? )

The other thing, is that my application to do my final year over two years has been approved! I get to do Uni part time!

ETA: Modules are Quantum Mechanics II, Thermodynamics, and Mathematical Physics this term, as well as Skills.

Also! A Third Thing! There is NaNo soon. I have reactivated my account, but don't know whether I'm going to do it. (I might do the x-amount-of-time-writing rather than x-many-words - given that time is a Thing which I need to learn to use better.)
Whoever it was that recommended Samurai Deeper Kyu? Thank you so much! It's great. I'm half-way through the first volume.

I haven't been online in a few days because the power adaptor for my laptop is broken, and I've just figured out that I had mousekeys enabled on my desktop (my mouse isn't working for some reason).

I've started on the editing for my NaNoWriMo novel, and have realised that there is a lot of work to be done, especially on more static bits plotwise, as the prose tends to stop flowing. I am also prey to a lot of comma abuse. Anyone here good at the whens and wheres of commas when betaing?
Okay, the only version that I have in full online is this one:


Only, it's not in full, because I sledgehammer-edited out the sex scenes (bar one, which is important). I've got the first two (full) chapters up on www.ficwad.com .

Premise )

EDIT: Okay, that link is now dead, as I have been informed thatyou lost 'First Publishing Rights' if you post online.

So, uh, if you want it, email me and I'll send you the file. ^_^
Guess who just won NaNo? That's right, Tamer did! I found myself at 49920 this afternoon, when I finished so I added an epilougue to make up the 80 words, and went past by 200 odd. Now to squee like a fangirl:

OMG, leik SqueeSqueeSquee! OMGWTFBBQ??!!1

All right, I'm done now. ^_^ But I will stick the full story up on ficwad (with an editted-with-chainsaw version on fictionpress).

And onto a discussion with Millymoo (and by extention Pheds) about her religion vs. everyone else. )


Nov. 27th, 2005 09:00 pm
Just went past 45000. I haven't been ahead since the first day!

Well, they're re-running the Avatar episodes now - I'm not sure if I missed the very first one, but at least they're showing some at a time when I can get to the TV (i.e. after 17:20).
The art style is very much like DBZ, IMO, but with more frames per second. And it reminds me of Shaman King a bit, too.
Addition: I did miss the first one.

I've also started watching Danny Phantom. It's all right, but nothing to get excited about.

3000 words behind on my NaNo. This is going to take longer than just the weekend to catch up with...

I love our Physics-Biology group. By that I mean folk who do both. The Geography group are on a trip, so we lost all the fundies, most of whom don't do Physics. (I wonder why... XD) Hence, we had a good lesson. Between Zahra and Harriet... *giggle*
meme )

How strange... I just tried to use {meme} as a html tag instead of an LJ cut...

After getting up so early this morning, I have made serius headway. I'm almost as 10k! My typing skilz = ded I'm going to get those chapters (yes, plural) up on ficwad ASAP. Here too - but I need to get those 400 odd words off of the school server first.
Well, I am now on track for nano. I got up at 4 this morning, and have written 1100 word before 9, effectivly catching up on the words that I dropped during the week thanks to school and Soggy Bonfire Parties (school and Maggot's 18th).

Now I just have to do today's 1667, and I managed that number yesterday afternoon, so with the whole day I should be able to get ahead.

... Should.

718 of 50,000 for the month. 718 of 1670 of the day.

If you're not doing it, start post-haste! www.nanowrimo.org
I just typed this short recount in a character building thread at the NaNo site (I signed up yay!) so i figured that it may as well get posted here, too. )

Also, I'm having trouble catagorising my fic. At te moment it's in 'Chick lit and Women's fiction' but I don't think that it fits.

This calls for a new LJ-cut.

LJ-cut )


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