Feb. 14th, 2011


Feb. 14th, 2011 01:39 pm
It occurs to me that the only thing more difficult than trying to co-ordinate downtimes with other people is trying to co-ordinate your own downtime actions with each other 'if this happens, I do this, if not, I do this' and then later having another action which depends on what I did... argh.

Yesterday was awesome, even if I couldn't really feel my arms by the end of the second mission and completely missed the third as a result. Drama! The good sort! And varying reactions to 'oh, hi, I'm a retainer!' from varying people. And actually achieving the goal! (Maybe.) And now the complicated downtime as a result. ^_^

Also, here is a way in which larp is making me more assertive - my landlady is wanting us to show a group around the house for next year, so I rang her up to ask if she was planning on kicking us all out - me and Boujoun are on rolling lets and are planning to stay (this place is CHEAP, and after the horror of the Xmas hols everything got fixed), even if Hannah is still on a fixed term. She was quite embarrassed.


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