Apr. 28th, 2011


Apr. 28th, 2011 12:21 pm
This is going to be the weirdest term ever. There will be larp, but no lectures, just revision and exams and an assignment. ...It's like I'm an arts student or something.

Yesterday was awesome. There was so much roleplay about so many different things. I had an argument about fashion, listened to myself say 'It's just the Lordites, let them in!' and then wtf at myself, had to react to Reynir and Gregori (oh, gods - up until this point I've been a bit 'poor Eliza, having to run about after Reynir because he's Reynir' and now... argh), and then was lectured (by a snow leopard - thanks, Dave... -_-;;) on why 'the buggery' is a good idea because you can't get pregnant doing it, and then there were barbarians telling magic stories and there was massive fallout from that.

Also I had to write an oath and sign it in about ten minutes. It occurred to me afterwards that 'I swear to defend Ambala and do my duty to [Ambala]' could be taken the wrong way, but I don't think I know that name IC, so that's okay. Or not.

Also, going through the Compendium, which over the last term and a half I've been gradually adding to every time we encounter something new, was a lesson in how much stuff you go 'no, I won't have heard about that IC' when you knew about it as a previous character - on a page which I'd been note-taking about Nightbringer and such there was a piece of information which I'd convinced myself I didn't know, but had apparently been explained to me two terms ago. *facepalm*
Sorry. I flail and I flail and I flail, I surpririsingly (orly?) this doesn't help. And I know that saying 'sorry' for not being physically present when I said I would doesn't make it better.

ETA: I might go back to the old rule of eating before I go anywhere. O_o


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