Did they even use the term 'Order of the Phoenix' in entire film? )


A-Level results day was yesterday, and I got three Bs in Maths, Physics and Chem. I also had a C in AS Further Maths and an A in AS Biology (last year). So I didn't get in for my first choice, St. Andrews, but I did get in for Physics at York, so that's all right!


Completely unrelated, but I have a fic recc: Switch by [livejournal.com profile] corvidae9. Fred and George Confound the Sorting Hat, resulting in just about everyone going somewhere else. Harry and Draco are Hufflepuffs, Hermione and Neville Longbottom are in Slytherin, Ron and Pansy become Ravenclaws... and Gryffindor!Crabbe and Goyle attach themselves to Hannah Abbot.

It's a full AU that's about half-way through PoA at the moment. The author has a good style - we're familiar with the general storyline, of course, and we can follow the action without getting bogged down with re-reading what we already know.

I like, with this fic, how the characters grow into the traits of their new Houses, Ron being the best example. He begins to 'own' the cleverness he does have, realising that he must have some if the hat put him in Ravenclaw, and the others follow the same sort of pattern.

So, yeah. If you like Sorting-AUs, read it.


Jan. 17th, 2007 05:58 pm
I just got one f the best reviews ever on 524!

Have a look, seriously! )


I like that she capitalised on the lack-of-Guan - he and Wuya have been eating up all of my headspace, lately. It's all "Travelling to Temples! Random encounters! Addition of Family members! Barbarian raiders! The Life-Cycle of the Not-So-Common Quan/Kwan/Guan Dao! Origin of the Spicers! WhyTF Hannibal got involved anyway!"

... The whole Dashi/Wuya fight may take a good while to get properly started - the whole 'learning to live on the mainland' thing was supposed to take like three chapters but it's exploded. O_o

However, that could be a very, very good thing for the overall story. It gives more room for gradual developments, and gives a long-term setting. Draws out the Chase-worry, too. *is evil*


Does anyone else think of 'The Day After Tomorrow' and other such films when they see articles like this and this?
I got an ff.net PM today... )

In other news, while still belonging under the same subject title:

I forgot to embed that last icon in a post: evil otp, Wuya/Evil!Guan

I've also put some of my icons on the xiaolin_yuri Yahoo group, too - it seemed so sad with the complete lack of activity that I had to do something...

Since the series ended, the fandom's really been slowing down.


I say that, but it's actually not true. The only truly active LJ comms were chase_jack and xiaolinshowdown - and C_J is still going fairly strong (I just don't read in it any more). The main comm was all about canon, though, and no more canon = no more 'OMG New Episodes! *spazz* Oh, sorry, false alarm...' posts. (I'll do meta on TAT2 soon, promise!)

And outside of those comms - [livejournal.com profile] we_love_wuya has lost [livejournal.com profile] wuya, the best lesbian moderator anyone could ask for, [livejournal.com profile] jadebell has work now, the majority of the other oldbies RP or are in other fandoms now, I have no idea why I haven't been paying enough attention to [livejournal.com profile] shinatobe and her gorgeous icons, [livejournal.com profile] theanonym is working on her OLF (Obscenely Long Fanfic, which I recommend - DWCG era), [livejournal.com profile] muniyeka has writers block and I'm so busy procrastinating on procrastination that I'm not typing up the fic that IS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME NOWOMG. -_-;;

Yeah, that's basically my XS-fandom world. And we're all growing up and going to Uni and Working and not having time for it! It's so inevitable and sad. One of those things that I love as a plot device but hate in real life.

Actually, I think that the TvTome-mod-ness was the only reason that he was on my Author Alert list... It's not like his fictions are the best EVAR.
The review )

Hey, short and pointless, but cool none the less. 'Helpless' was probably the first fic that I just had to turn on the light, in the middle of the night, and write down the first bit, and then the second bit, and then catch a nap and write a bit more... Man, it was awesome writing that. So much fun.
I was right - the new episodes are restarting over the weekends. So, I just caught 'Bird of Paradise' and am now abusing the 'Keep' function of Sky Plus (because it randomly deletes the episodes before I've had time to keep them, and occaisionally before they've even recorded).

Yay! More emsemble episode. And the old lady thing was foreshadowed nicely by the 'help me to cross the river' thing - remember the fairy tale of the two brothers who went on a quest (the eldest first, followed by the youngest when the eldest didn't return), and the eldest failed because he didn't help the old woman, but the youngest was given riches because he did help the old woman?

And no, I didn't just like this episode because of the scenes that could be interpreted as Clay/Jack, or the Kimomi stuff.

And now I want a Bird of Paradise icon.

And Jack/Leafie = OTP.


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