Or, to identify whether the guy I'm talking to realises what sort of bike he's looking at, or if he's just trying to sell me stuff.

My bike cost me fourteen pounds at the student's union bike auction, and then spent a week being drenched in WD40 until the bits moved again. I had a saddle donated to me, and I never took it very far until recently. Since then it's had the gear mech and front wheel replaced because they were horribly misshapen after the vandalism incident, and new break pads at the same time. It's also got a pannier rack and set of mudguards which cost more than it + repairs did.

The key phrase that the bad ones, the ones that think (or think that you think) that a bike needs to look and feel brand new rather than just get you to where you're going without falling apart, use is 'new outer'.

I accept that I'm going to need new brake cables at some point (I think I may have got some new second-hand ones post-vandalism, even), and given the rust, it's probably not long. But, so far, the chaps that have said so have also rattled off a list of things that my bike could 'do with'... including 'new outer'.

Now, I know that my bike does not need new outers (though yes, it may want them). The ones it has are weathered and cracked, yes, but not worn. They'll do. I am a person who doesn't know much about bikes who owns a hack, basically. It doesn't need to be shiny. The gear mech will fall apart again (as it seems half-way to doing already, sigh) before the tires need more help. It is a student bike.

I went into the shop today to get some grease-like stuff to apply to said gear mech, because it was starting to cry whenever I rode it, and the thing that helps it change gears seems to jam up on the lightest settings. I may have told the guy this in a rather too long-winded fashion, though, because he assumed that I wanted to leave it there and get them to fix it (insert list of new bits they could put on in exchange for expensive).

No, I wanted to buy something greasy that would help it happier, and for them to point at the bits that greasing would do the most good with, because I would miss an important bit due to not noticing that it moved. Also, I brought the bike into the shop because I'd used it to travel there and all available leaning-space outside the shop was covered in bikes already. For Sale bikes. Also I hoped that if something was obviously out of alignment and needed a smack, then that could be delivered, but I didn't really reckon on that because it would be making more noise in that case.

Also today I cycled nearly seven miles (according to google maps), some of which was on the ring road! Apparently Boyes closes at half five rather than six now, though (and is looking for full-time and evening staff if any people on f-list are interested in that), and I got there at twenty to six. (Thinking 'Loads of time! Aww...') So I don't get to spend my Friday and Saturday painting polystyrene balls and doing pin-art while listening to the Statistical Mechanics podcast, sadly.


Nov. 6th, 2010 06:35 pm
My bike is still broken. No-one looked at the back wheel, but it turns out that the gear mechanism is also bent out of shape. They've attempted to bend it back, but the first two gears are still unuasable (if I switch into them, it jams between the spokes and stops the wheel), so I've taken it away today and I have to take it back on Tuesday, by ten.

So I must have an early night on Monday. If anyone sees me on msn past eleven, bother me.

Also: the Thing I mean to do the next time I'm in town is see if HMV or similar stock iPod chargers. The iPod itself is savvy to not-made-by-apple things, which is really annoying because I've been leant a generic one which, because of that, won't charge it.

I bought a new warm thing at the market. Alpapa wool!

ETA: Someone to the north is letting off Chinese Lanterns, and it seems like next-door and Yarbrough Way's fireworks are trying to shoot them out of the sky. O_o
I bought it from the army surplus place. I was walking past on my way into town (to visit a bank, in the middle of a bank holiday *facepalm*), thinking 'I need to transfer money for the water bill, I need to get my glasses fixed, I need to buy a sunhat.' And then there was a sunhat, in the window! It had a code on the tag, but it was too long for me to remember, so I just went in and described it and asked if I could have one. And then they said yes, but only if I gave them money in exchange. So I did, and then I had a hat to put on my head and wear.

And then there was shade for me, everywhere that I went!

It was about ten to four when I noticed that I'd been wandering around a bit long and should probably actually find an opticians to replace the plastic nose pad thing that fell off during larp. I managed to buy an ice-cream and some fudge before this.

I'd also spent over an hour looking for Cox's, which is the shop where I bought my walking stick. I want an adjustable wrist strap (the unajustable ones would fall off my wrist if I dropped the stick, missing the whole point) I might have to buy a huge one and put a toggle on it), and the shop I could find didn't have any. I ended up finding the shop a while after it had closed.


Sep. 30th, 2006 04:00 pm
Because I need mags and new CDs to read/listen to on the coach.

If anyone wants me to upload anything, I now have:

  • The new Scissor Sisters album (Ta-dah!)
  • The first two Rammstein albums (and the other three, but I didn't buy them today)
  • Panic! At The Disco : A fever you can't sweat out
  • Atreyu : Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses

I also got the latest issues of New Scientist, Scientific American (STFU) and Kerrang!. And for books I have 'The Red House', 'Good Omens', 'Temeraire' and 'Dune Messaiah'. And I'm bringing my Physics notebook and an FP1 past paper.

I should think that all that will mean that I'm 'working' hard enough to avoid speaking to the Fourth Former that will inevitably sit next to me. XD

(Also, my spelling skills seem to have deserted me. My apologies)
So I bought Temeraire (the book written by Naomi Novik, who is actually on LJ as a slash writer) and Good Omens. Don't ask why I hadn't read that yet. XD

Also, I have a joke!

Why did the gay man not want to go to Wales?

He heard that they were all biglots!

'Biglot' isn't actually a word, according to askoxford.com - I got it from 'ployglot' (many-tongues). Y'know, because the Welsh speak Welsh and English?

Not funny? Okay then. V_V
I don't just spout about the whole 'support the artists' thing. *brandishes pair of CDs that were already downloaded onto her computer*

New manga:
  • Battle Royale #8
  • DNAngel #4
  • Steady Beat #1 (FINALLY we have shoujo-ai!)
  • Sokora Refugees
  • fushigi yugi (it was between this one and Tsubasa)

2 spoilers for Battle Royale manga ) Now I can read #9 and #10, that I bought instead of #7 and #8 a couple of months ago.

Why is it, every time I actually get into town to shop, that the books either side of the one I want are there, but not the one that I do want? Case in point: Samuri Deeper Kyo today. There was 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7. I was after #4. Argh!

Having bare teeth is bloody weird.
House meme )

I got my bottom braces off, and having teeth (rather than braces) is very, very odd. Top ones I'm having off in 8 weeks time, though.

  1. Gravitation vol.1
  2. Battle Vixins vol.7
  3. Battle Vixins vol.8
  4. Samuri Deeper Kyo vol.3
  5. Dune: Messiah
  6. Children of Dune

Now I want the next volume of Gravi. XD

I've decided that this LJ will continue to be fandom and 'what I did today' whereas [livejournal.com profile] tamar_rowe will be orig. fic, writing, and Other.
I just watched episode 49 of Tokyo Mew Mew, and am now officially a Pai fangirl! Too bad that there isn't a listing... Here's the quote that did it: "I will stand by Deep Blue-sama until the end" (rough translation from the Japanese version). Erm... It sounds better in context. Trust me on that one. ^_^

Now for the Shopping... )

And on the North Devon Show )


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