Huh. This ives me an entirely different perspective on YA fic, and the draw to write it.
'Greta' being the potential future character I've been referring to as 'Mage#2' on chats. ^^;;


Greta watched their assailants carefully... )


Jan. 17th, 2007 05:58 pm
I just got one f the best reviews ever on 524!

Have a look, seriously! )


I like that she capitalised on the lack-of-Guan - he and Wuya have been eating up all of my headspace, lately. It's all "Travelling to Temples! Random encounters! Addition of Family members! Barbarian raiders! The Life-Cycle of the Not-So-Common Quan/Kwan/Guan Dao! Origin of the Spicers! WhyTF Hannibal got involved anyway!"

... The whole Dashi/Wuya fight may take a good while to get properly started - the whole 'learning to live on the mainland' thing was supposed to take like three chapters but it's exploded. O_o

However, that could be a very, very good thing for the overall story. It gives more room for gradual developments, and gives a long-term setting. Draws out the Chase-worry, too. *is evil*


Does anyone else think of 'The Day After Tomorrow' and other such films when they see articles like this and this?
You remember that Kimiko/Megan 'fic' that I was sure I had seen somewhere but couldn't remember where or in what form?

I found the form. I thought I had been the one to suggest the scenario, but I wasn't sure. Unless this meme was posted after I read it in a forum... Oh well, I might actually write it, anyway.

I remember most of it. There was rain, and search parties, and Jack being completely incompetent at babysitting.

Or I might not.



But, I never remembered that SB spoke to me first. I always assumed that I fangirlled at her at some point and then we got to talking. Huh. Too bad about the whole charbashing psudo-fallout.


I just remembered an old oneshot of mine - unusually for me, I only posted it in the comm and not in my own LJ. It was a bit unpolished, too, and would have belonged better in [ profile] xsrarepairs (if it had existed then) than [ profile] chase_jack. So I hunted it down, and I'm editing it in another window to post here and there.

I mean, it's Guan/Chase and Jack/Chase, and all while I was abroad I was wondering what would be said. Er, the unfounded nervous worry I had there is probably why I haven't dared post smut since. ^^;

But I'll do it up, say what I was too nervous to say then and the like.
Not only does it give you 'cardboard cuts', a nastier, thicker and deeper version of your common-or-garden paper-cut, it gives you woodburn if you work with it.

I would put up a photo of my poor abused and blistered hands, but... I can't be arsed. And the computer would probably conk out before I got half-way through the process. I hate making packing boxes.

Fortunately, the afternoon pulled me away from that job to a meeting about the company's new website - the old one was so horrendously out of date that it just had to be taken down. I'm the only one of our little team (Tech guy, design guy, graphics guy, PR guy) who regularly uses and/or is happy to use pure HTML, apparently, so we'll be using a program called 'Dreamweaver'. *nods*

Also, if people don't read what's written in this new fSlash fic of mine (*remembers 'Wake up, Jack!*) instead of what they expect to see, I am going to get so badly flamed by Clay fans.
This KatRaiJack fic has angst, smut, betrayal, slapstick... and now fluff. (The slice-of-life kind, not smarm.) Bonding over cookery? It's fun to write, I'll tell you that much!

Possibly even more fun than Vegetarian!Stoner!Wuya. XD

I have a wonder, though: What am I supposed to call Chase Young's lair? I can have people give it silly names in their heads, but in omniscent description that doens't work so well. And 'he wandered through the lair' sounds so... daft, the third time that you use it.

So, c'mon - give me words. Any sort of words, just give them to me.

^ Smut writers and aspiring smut writers alike, go read that. Most of it's common sense in this regard, but it does need to be said. And I know some folks on who need to be wacked over the head with the last point.

In other news, writing has gotten better. I'm back on the plot side of the story, and Ashley is being snarky again. Did I have to edit a lot of the last arch because of writing her as a wet blanket the first time (last year)!

And who cares if I can't make my Jack-muse co-opperate with me in this Chack smut scene when I can be breaking up info-dumps with Raimundo being generally perverted, eh? The Chack scene mayn't even make it into the plot, after all.

Oh yeah - the bloke from the council came to sort out the hornets nest this morning, so day after tomorrow I can open my windows again!
Apparently it's nocturnal. ^_~

As in, I am suddenly able to write it when OO decides that no, it isn't going to work any more. So Wordpad is win.

Or, y'know, that fSlash smutlet could have freed up the writing muses in general. Or it could be the fact that I can trick myself into believing that I shall never post it... until about five seconds before I click 'submit'. XD

Um, what's the point of this post? To note that yes, this Chack fic is continuing. ^_^

Or, it would be, but I'm tired now because it's 0230, so I'm going to bed. Because I'm getting my top brace off in the morning, and then the next day we're going to the Agricultural Show.
I have committed the cliché-sin that seems to befall anyone who tries to write RaiJack and Chack into the same story... )

And if that wern't enough, the bit I just wrote reads like het. Bad failed marriage!het. Not that there's anything wrong with het, but this isn't supposed to be het. It's angsty angsty slash that reads like angsty angsty het. *facepalm*

It's done!

Jul. 20th, 2006 01:37 am
Fifth entry today (or rather, first entry tomorrow), but I have to say that the last chapter of 3. Reconciliation is now up.

And it is actually chapter-sized, so be happy. ^_^


Jul. 19th, 2006 11:34 pm
I just wrote the most tremendously cute paragraph. *hugs and pets Kimiko* I'm putting you through so much angst in the name of character development, aren't I?

ETA: Wuya, come back! *tackleglomp* What did we do?
Doctor Who meme )

Joke I made up

Patient: Doctor, Doctor, I think I'm a hypochondriac!
Doctor: It's all in your head...

I've been working on two big long XS fics for ages now, and then the other day I wrote a one-shot for each that was basically 'the bit I wanted to write'. XD Kat/Kim, Rai/Jack. I'll type 'em up sometime.

I have a Harry Potter Theory - Where did Tobias Snape go? )
The review )

Hey, short and pointless, but cool none the less. 'Helpless' was probably the first fic that I just had to turn on the light, in the middle of the night, and write down the first bit, and then the second bit, and then catch a nap and write a bit more... Man, it was awesome writing that. So much fun.
First thing in the bus today, I try to access , but Vodafone live! tells me that there is a Content Blocker that can only be disabled by proving that I am over 18. Which, um, I'm not. So that's a bugger.

I then go to Vodafone mail to test out my new sponsored+ powers of remote-posting. I write a nice couple of paragraphs (with that bloody help-text that it is impossible to disable), click send, and it tells me that my session has timed out and I have to do it all over again. *facepalm*

So I gave up and spent the next ten hours plotting for fics (I have one in the works that- I'll put an aster-kiss here and talk aboout it in a minute: *), and trying to prove an intigral/differential link between Addition and Multiplication. I was so extatic when I found that the intigral of 3+3 = 3x3 and that the intigral of 4+4 = 4x4 ... But then nothing else worked. XD

I know why those two worked, though. Cut for Calculus )

* Okay, this fic idea. Read more... )

And that's about it. ^_^ Oh, and ICON!
Katnappe/Kimiko fic - started, very hot, very plotbunny-y
Biwriters: Call for submission - 15,000 words, not started
hpslashnotsmut - not signed up yet
That Rai-centric epic, which I've just been PMed on to continue. Someone at least likes Raimundo/Ashley friendship fic...

And then there's all of this REVISION! I'm predicted at C/D for Pure Maths (B for Mechanics), B for Physics, High B for Chemistry, and C for Biology. Arg!

... And I'm still sitting at the computer.
*Squee!* I love it when reviews glow. ^_^ Though there's always one that doesn't quite get it...

Ever notice that the word 'though' often gets put in instead of 'but' in reviews? For some reason it sounds less harsh.

Ranty rantyness )

Sparked off while reading and commenting here:
Pick an older story of yours, preferably written 2 or more years ago, but less if you haven't been writing that long. Make it one you like BUT -- to keep it interesting -- one that's somehow "atypical" of you. Explain (briefly) why you consider it atypical, then post the story in your LJ, or post a link to it. If you can't fulfill the "atypical" part, then just pick your favorite.

*looks up 'atypical'*

Now lesse if I have any that old... Technically that would be October 2003, but Herbal Tea, that craptastic 'lets stuff as many fandom cliches into one fic as we can because it's TEH KEWLIES' OOC script thing, i.e. my first fic ever, was started in Febuary 2004, and Heylin Future, my first XS fic, was started in July 2004...

*looks up atypical again*

This would qualify.

Both Herbal Tea and the whole 'Sequel to' thing were quite typical as I like doing the 'ultra long epic YAY' thing, and the kind of thing I did with YinYang has kinda become more typical...

Er, sorry for posting so much, but with the net being down so long... Next one's the last, I promise. Maybe.

More memes just because. I should really be learning my lines, or typing up that XS slash mini-fic now )
^_^ *Squee!* XD

Ah... I've been sqeeing at my computer for the past half hour now, my sister keeps giving me odd looks! ^_^ Lovely reviews! ^_^ I love all the folk who've read my stories, yes, I do! ^_^ *squeekie*

*hugs Jadebell and Unable to Cry* I loved that you liked my fics! ^_^

*sigh* My day is now complete - And it's just past lunch.


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