You know how much I dislike my landlords appearing at the house? And yet I still went into 'Oh, you poor dear! Out in the rain without a brolly?! Have a cup of tea!' mode (I may have actually said all those words, and did at least say something similar) when Deb appeared to show a girl around.


The girl herself was fairly bubbly, and left herself about as much time as I did to find a house before her old let ran out, so I approve. XD


Jul. 4th, 2011 07:13 pm
Not for the first time, I wonder:

Why do my landlords think that complete strangers who happen to live together should do each other's washing up just in case the landlords want to pop by (illigally)?

Why do various housemates use my cutlery instead of the communal, and then put the communal in my box and mine in the communal? ...I suspect that the answer to this may be 'I need better labels'. Maybe I'll get Alex to translate 'These are my things; Hands Off' into French...


I just washed the saucepan that had been mouldering since Christmas. Yuck. I have no idea whether it was Neringa or Hannah that left it like that, but Burcu gave the 'I did not use it; I am not washing it!' declaration a few days before she left, and no-one who didn't even live here when it started mouldering is going to clean the damn thing.

...I now have the suspicion that Ms. Landlord is going to count that as a victory and keep being a dick, because it's proved to have worked. -_-;;

I'm just too tired for arguments.
The house is tidier, but my landlords still won't be happy. It really doesn't help that the water won't be put back on until seven o'clock, maybe, and so actually cleaning things is going to be difficult. Also, I wish I could say that the hoover sucks, but it doesn't even do that. And Hannah filled up the black bin outside with her stuff from moving out and then dumped appliances and such all over the house (we're still finding things), so I'm waiting until Monday morning when that's been taken away to put out the bag from the hoover and the takeaway bag, because else there won't be space.


And someone spilled milk on the floor beside the washing machine mere days after I'd washed it, and didn't clean up after themselves.

Worst part: I don't know whether my identifying the problems between me and a clean, tidy house is practicality or laziness. I know I've been in one of those states of mind for a good few weeks now where everything looks like evidence that I'm a terrible person, and I have backup from my neighbours that my landord sucks, and the legal guidelines are on my side, but I still angst and worry and fast because I don't feel that I'm good enough to take up space.

What I've done will have to be enough - and hope that they disregard the washing up to be done, because now I need to get myself to eat at least one meal today. So far it's been a cup of tea at Alex's (blech, Tetleys), a handful of goji berries, and a couple of gf biscuits. I feel okay blood-sugar-wise (except for the angst and shaking), and I've been productive, but I know that this way lies a non-functional brain. You know, kinda like the one I already have.

Did you know I have exams next week? I'm not sure there's any point in me sitting them, I'm so unprepared and mindless. ...I should probably tell Physics.
I mean, I don't remember if I've larped in bloke-mode before (I think there were a few times as Morranna on Sundays - I remember declaring at froth 'I play a woman at the weekends! Her name is Morranna.'), but given that my first characters wore trousers and my most recent being in bloke-mode was during the Easter holidays, I'm fairly sure this is the first firmly-in-bloke-mode and knows-about-it time. But yesterday I'd been binding all day and didn't really want to be wearing a dress. Also my sash looked a bit weird falling across a flat chest.

...But it probably helps that Nadezda is quite butch anyway.


Entirely unrelated, argh! at my landlords for telling one tenant about an inspection happening tomorrow night, and for that housemate saying to the landlord that someone had decided not to take her room next year because 'the house was too messy'.

I get that the extenuating circumstances of 'someone just moved out and left a load of stuff behind' and 'the person who owns the most stuff stored in comunnal areas has been rediculously ill' are things that the landlord doesn't care about, and isn't obligated to care about.

But 'the dining room still contains the things that the builders left behind', 'none of us are strong enough to shift the fridge-freezer back against the wall (that the plumber shifted it out from)' and 'the water is currently shut off and we have to work around that' are things that we can't do much about. And either way, they're supposed to notify each of us when they want to inspect, not just tell one housemate or, as they have before, just turn up.

Edited to add: A more likely reason? My housemate is advertising the room as £55 per week inclusive of all bills including internet, and also for 'occupation: any', when this is not the case at all. Bills aren't included and it's students only. I guess it would be if you expect me/Hannah-who-has-left to keep paying all the bills... O_o
So. I'm anaemic, menstruating, starting to get ill with the thing that had Alex laid up for nearly a week (it's worth it for all the happy smiles I recieved when visiting him, though), but I don't feel bad. I've just failed a module, but I'm fairly confident they'll let me resit when my brain is in working order. Both of my plans for seeing people and recieving hugs failed yesterday, but now that the lurgy has asserted itself I can see that that was possibly a good thing, because I don't want to pass it on.

This content attitude might have something to do with the large pot of tea steaming downstairs. Hot + sugar -> sore throat feeling about half as swollen as it has been all night and morning (seriously, I shone a torch down my throat, yuck).

In fact, the only 'oh, dear...' things I'm actually bothered about at the moment are the horde of little flies that have taken up residence in our kitchen due to my housemate letting another bag of potatoes rot at the back of our shared cupboard (there's a reason I keep mine at the front where I can keep and eye on then, and only dry things like rice and pasta and flour at the back), the fact that I probably shouldn't go out boozing tonight (I could get a return on the 10(P) and not stay too long, just have non-alcoholic cocktails, and remember not to snog anyone?) even if I do feel up to it by then, and the fact that my doctor wrote a perscription for something that costs £2.50 over-the-counter. The last one is just an annoyance, the middle is a dissapointment, and for the first one I've built a barricade of rice, dried chickpeas and cake mix to prevent the little flies from crossing over into my side of the cupboard until hers has been properly cleaned out - at least since one of them found its way into an ill-sealed bag of brown rice and needed help escaping.
I have discovered a way of thinking that makes doing things to the house a lot more doable - seperating the concepts of 'cleaning', 'tidying' and 'clearing'.

Catagorisation! )

Today I have cleaned the kitchen floor, cleared the living room floor (I had ambitions of cleaning that too, but tea), made tea, and cluttered up the dining room with furniture from the kitchen. Also decided that if I win the lottery today, I'm going to buy that little house in Heslington that I've had my eye on a bit for months now.
Do you ever feel that the world is too dusty to even touch?


Feb. 14th, 2011 01:39 pm
It occurs to me that the only thing more difficult than trying to co-ordinate downtimes with other people is trying to co-ordinate your own downtime actions with each other 'if this happens, I do this, if not, I do this' and then later having another action which depends on what I did... argh.

Yesterday was awesome, even if I couldn't really feel my arms by the end of the second mission and completely missed the third as a result. Drama! The good sort! And varying reactions to 'oh, hi, I'm a retainer!' from varying people. And actually achieving the goal! (Maybe.) And now the complicated downtime as a result. ^_^

Also, here is a way in which larp is making me more assertive - my landlady is wanting us to show a group around the house for next year, so I rang her up to ask if she was planning on kicking us all out - me and Boujoun are on rolling lets and are planning to stay (this place is CHEAP, and after the horror of the Xmas hols everything got fixed), even if Hannah is still on a fixed term. She was quite embarrassed.
The house is not quite freezing, but that is only because the temperature outside (according to Steve's dad's car) is 3 degrees C. I have all the windows open in an attempt to shift some of the condensation.

Still no gas, but the water appears to be running through the tap, and not down the walls (as I feared). I do, however, now have a slow cooker and a hairdryer to keep myself warm. And my laptop, obviously. In an hour or so I shall go to the pub in an attempt to stave off hypothermia.

Steve's dad did take a look at the boiler, just to check, and saw three things wrong with it immediately. He says it looks like an installation done on the the cheap. Greeaaaaaat.

To do list for today:

Consume food.
Unpack clothes.
Locate larp kit.
Consume more food.
Locate a housemate who can debrief me on the house (I have received no texts from anyone)
Organise my warm - I think I have five sets of warm PJs, three coats, a poncho, two cloaks, three blankets and two duvets. Also many socks of varying thicknesses, many skirts, and three pairs of trousers (which fit. More that don't).
Await downtime
Consume more food and then go to larp.

EDIT: Apparently the downstairs hall was covered in water when Hannah came back. No wonder it smells damp down here.
I'm coming back to York tomorrow - I need to be leaving the house at 0630 to come down in the car, which is kinda required for transporting the slow-cooker I got for Xmas. I ache all over (but especially my lower back, which did the 'I am randomly cold and hurty for no reason' thing again last night), and have been sleeping a lot (though have ages of 'WHY AREN'T I ASLEEP YET?!' at night), my brain seems to be all over the place (though is mostly asleep), and I have to be a Real Adult again for ten nine weeks, starting tomorrow.

My house still has no heating, apparently. One of my housemates moved back in earlier this week and called up to ask where the water meter is so she could turn off the water, because now we have leaking pipes. How surprising. I emailed the Uni Accommodation Office and also the Langwith administrator in the hopes of procuring a room on campus for the Spring Term, but apparently Langwith is full, so I guess I have to stick it out. No heat, no water. At least we still have light, a roof, and a cooker? And mattresses. And blankets. And double-glazing. It's still better than nothing.

I have viewings for actual house-type things in Heslington on Friday, because while here I actually have spoons for contacting people.

There might be a Steve tomorrow also, but probably not because he doesn't want to stay in my house. I mean, I don't want to stay in my house either, but I guess he has no obligation to. Still feeling slightly abandoned, though.

Anyone want to take bets on how long it will take for the Electricity to get cut off, too? (I paid the last bill, though another may have turned up while I've been away - this doesn't rule out random unsafeness, however.)
...and is still out of budget. It's a gorgeous house, EXACTLY the right distance between Osbaldwick and rest-of-York (while still managing to not-quite be in Tang Hall), very nice floorplan (lots of bedrooms, one of which especially is well placed to be a spare-room/study if we rent out the others).

I come back to falling in love with this house once every few months. I wants it, but I can not have it - unless housing prices drop drastically or I can weedle a higher budget out of my dad. Realistically, both would have to occur, and while house prices are supposed to drop further this year, I rarely talk to my dad anymore and so the only gains in that quarter are in proving that I'm a responsible adult.


One can dream.


Dec. 17th, 2010 12:12 am
I feel that I may have committed social fail in a number of ways, in the general direction of a number of people who are themselves hurting. Please ignore me. Sorry.

(News-wise: my house is now cold enough that clothes, indoors, will not dry. I hairdryered them for a while and it seemed to help, though.)

I'm not proud of most of this week. I feel quite hopeless.
...I can see my breath every time I exhale. Am in larp kit for warmth now.


Dec. 11th, 2010 04:35 pm
I'm cold. My house still has no heating, and I think I'm going to go to the pub before my toes freeze. I know it's the Rook's Beer Festival tonight, but I don't think I stand a chance of getting there, getting back, and still having spoons for thinking I can go to larp tomorrow. To be honest, getting there in the first place, though there is a bus which I'm not waiting up to half an hour for.

Anyone within easy walking distance of the Black Bull want to join me there?

Or I could put on all my larp kit for warmth, I guess. Outside doesn't look tempting in the slightest, especially now that it's dark. I should buy milk and possibly also sugar so that I can have tea. Though I don't have any Rington's left. Also, I found a house for sale on Crossways, so I might look to see how far down it is (i.e. is it right outside the primary school like the map indicates).

I think I will be wearing salopettes tomorrow.

ETA: Have marched around the estate and bought milk. Now I have warm toes. Ish.
They've redone my timetable for next term - now it's Monday and Thursday off entirely, and one lecture at 17.15 on Tuesday, which more stuff on Friday and Weds. The placement of the Tuesday lecture is annoying - it means I can't so easily use that day to go anywhere and do stuff (like last week when I ended up leaving the house at 16.15 despite having the whole day to prepare).

There was a party yesterday! Yay! (Om nom hot spiced apple juice)

ETA: Wah - I just organised washing clothes and then spilled biological washing gel down my tights. Yuck. Due to the nature of the thing, however, I hadn't started the wash yet, so could chuck them right in. XD
Aww! Heartwarming story is heartwarming.

In other news, I mopped the kitchen floor today and it's now like a completely different colour. It took three buckets of bleach-water turning black. I feel productive and useful now, even though I've only done half a set of problem questions so far. ^_^

Also, there was larp yesterday, which made me feel useful and happy and competent in a different way. Also struck up conversation with one of the newbies a couple of times, and that was nice, too.

I should get dressed and get ready for my lecture later, but I'm warm in my pjamas and dressing gown and fuzzy socks and boots (slippers + bleach = bad) in my heating-less house. Ooh, another reason to feel good: I've actually eaten two meals before half two. Porridge and gluten-free sandwiches. (Yay Tesco!)


Nov. 27th, 2010 05:52 pm
I love the gas fire in my living room. My 'excuse' tonight is that I'm drying clothes (setting the drying rack in the middle of the room so as to soak up the lovely heat), but I'm sitting on the closest seat and leaning in. Waaaaarrrrrm.

I should cook some warm food, or at least heat some warm leftovers. Also obtain carrots at some point so that I can make warm (spicy) soup!

Other news )


Nov. 23rd, 2010 11:11 pm
We now have a working shower, and getting to wash my hair after a week of not feels so good! Clean hair, yay! I have ringlets again!

Also I got to the co-op and bought food, including cereal and ready-meals, so that when the idea of food is unwanted, there is an easy thing to start preparing immediately as I want it on a whim, so then it's half prepared and I have to eat it, then. Still will need to pick up veg from a shop with actually stocked shelves, though. Then I can make bolognaise!

There will be larp tomorrow! ...And I still have no idea what I'm doing. XD
The entire landord family just swooped down from the sky and showed up on the doorstep, Mr. Landlord then wrestled the showerhose out of the shower and now they're going to go to the shop for a new one!

I'm going to get to wash my hair this evening!!!! I have been waiting for this opportunity for many days: my fringe still has brown snazz in from Sunday! Actually wash my hair! Maybe even condition it, because once again there will be sufficient water pressure! Yay!
I'm trying to look on the positive side of having my bike vandalised. Today I went into town (took the 10 to Clifford Street/High Ousegate/Bridge St and then walked past the castle to the other bridge and down) to unlock the poor thing from next to the river where we'd driven it to, and carried it into the Bike Rescue Project place (asking directions from a couple of Council workers and and older guy who seemed to be going the right way).

There was a bit of faff (someone from one of the student newspapers was looking around) but the mechanic agreed with Ben's assessment - with the addition of 'You aren't cycling out of here with bike pads like that!' - and so they're going to do the fixing on Thursday so I can pick it up at some point after that. Yay! And not for too much money, either.

The more proof that I'm better better: with that weight off of my mind, I could enjoy walking leisurely along the river and then across the bridge. Then I spent the rest of the day* in town, pretty much. I spent money, but I now have warm boots that aren't reserved for larping. They also have no ankle support whatsoever, but they're pretty, and mean that I'm not going to get the freezing cold calves of 'my skirt comes down to my knees, my books cover my ankles, and tights just make the skin not exposed'. There was a sale in a shoe-shop in Coppergate. I am weak.

I also organised how getting my watch fixed needs to happen, and went into an estate agents. There was a house came on the market today, recently renovated, for relatively-cheap on Lamel Street. [ profile] favouredenemy and [ profile] clericalkender, what's that area like for living in? This would be a lot closer to the co-op than you are, but still.

Grr, I still need to organise food for tonight. I meant to shop on the way back, but it was rainy and miserable so I didn't, despite the day-bus-pass which I got just in case of flailing with buses this morning.

* I left home at half twelve.


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