Jehova's Witnesses just knocked on my door to pass out their magazine about creationism vs evolution. And they used the 'b' word. They're probably the same sort of people that say 'I don't believe in gay people' - they're going to keep existing whether you believe in them or not!

You not understanding a thing (and the hardcore atheists like fucking Richard Dawkins using religious language to describe geeky stuff REALLY doesn't help) doesn't mean that the thing doesn't work, wtf. I don't understand the stock market, but I'm sure I would if I read 'the stock market for dummies'. However, doing so is not at the top of my list of priorities. I said that an explaination of how evolution actually works as a mechanism could be found in any GCSE biology textbook, after asking 'what do you mean by that?' whenever they made a factually wrong assertion and they got quite flustered.

And then I told them that I'm a pagan and asked whether they cared about tree spirits.


Apr. 14th, 2011 11:29 am
So, I turned on the computer all happy because my binder arrived in the post and I wanted to share the glee. I checked my email first, because I do, and while I was doing that my meds alarm went off and so I did that and realised that as it was eleven o'clock, the receptionists at the health centre wouldn't be on lunch break yet, so I could ring up and make the appointment that I need to have in just-less-than-three-weeks.

I was only on hold for ten minutes, and when they picked up it took me a moment to realise that they had, and then I briefly lost my words. So I did my usual thing that I do when that happens, of chucking the script of keywords out of my brain before my mouth can mangle them too badly - "Need. An. Appointment. Doctor. Griffith. Less-Than-Three-Weeks. Hull Road Surgery?" - and she repeated the name of the doctor and said a date, to which I said 'is that less than three weeks?' and she counted up and said 'yes, just', while I jabbered with 'because the Hull Road surgery it's usually easier to get an earlier appointment...' (after I find my words again I tend to get as much milage out of them as possible) and then she was all '...what? No.' and 'splained to me how I'd called up the University Health Centre, and after she looked up my details, that I was a University student, and so I was supposed to see doctors at the University, not Hull Road...

I was confused at her, because I've always been fine booking appointments at Hull Road through that number - it's the same number, isn't it? (No!) - and I go to the Hull Road surgery because it's across the road from my house... So she harumphed and made the appointment, on the same day that she'd offered me earlier, at Hull Road, and tried to get rid of me as fast as possible despite having said the time in 'ten-to-' format, which is sure-fire way to get me to miss an appointment, so I asked her to wait and repeated it as '-fifty?' while trying to write it down.

You'd think that receptionists at a doctor's surgery would be open to the idea that sometimes, they might have to talk to disabled people - people who can't speak (or hear!) well, who get easily confused, who are slow in writing things down. I guess it's fine when they're old people, but students should be sucking it up and using their super-youth-powers against all types of illness and infirmity, I guess. -_-;;

That, or she really wanted to get an early lunch-break.
I've been using the strict policy with [ profile] raibicycle that if there was another (specific) community for a pairing, then fic for that pairing would not be encouraged.

I'm not apologetic when I say that that policy is there for the sole purpose of keeping out Raimundo/Kimiko, but then THIS happened.

A RaiOmi community, pimped in my lovely [ profile] raibicycle. Now I have to decide whether to enforce the policy, disallow RaiOmi from now on and affiliate with [ profile] raiomi_lovers, or to discretely delete the post and pretend that I never saw it, branding myself a hipocrit to myself in the process.

See, the thing is this: I like RaiOmi. I don't want to exile it! It, along with ClayRaimundo and RaiKat, was the reason why we have [ profile] raibicycle instead of [ profile] jack_raimundo. If I had made it slightly later, it might have been [ profile] jackraikatclay or something.

I might be happier if the [ profile] raiomi_lovers mods hadn't already broken their style sheet. -_-;; If I don't want to lose it, I certainly don't want to lose it to a person who fails at code!

One thing's for sure: We're going into modded submissions, and the ad shall be deleted. I'm too much of a wet blanket once this sort of thing happens, and once it happens once... Pvoom! Floodgates open, chaos.

But the question is still out on RaiOmi.

In which I ponder motivations and generally wangst )

However, coming to the conclusion that alternate lists are Good Things doesn't help with the question of whether to continue allowing RaiOmi or not. If it is disallowed, the subtitle might be made less fitting: "For every Raimundo pairing you can imagine - except RaiKim or RaiOmi" . On the other hand, people can always join [ profile] raiomi_lovers in addition if that's what they're after.

On the other other hand, the point of [ profile] raibicycle is multishipping. Excluding one because of someone creating their own comm (the anti-RaiKim is there for a better reason) kicks the mood, a bit. I want to promote longer fics there, but that's difficult without multishipping.

I'll do a poll and find out how the members feel about it. It'll be best to come clean and state publically what exactly the policy is for new comms, when I've decided it. Best see how many OTPers are there, though. O_o If multishippers outnumber highly, we're keeping it.

To any memebers that haven't got us on your friends list, the poll is here. Only members can vote, because they're the one this affects.

Stop giving me an error message that says: "Sorry, you cannot upload a userpic larger than 100x100 pixels if it is in GIF format". The image is, in fact, 90x90px. What you mean to say is that I "cannot upload a userpic larger than Xsize if it is in GIF format" - aka, a size in KBs.

Because I can tell my computer to squash it down to a size. I can't tell it to shrink an image which is already less than what you have told us!

No love,


P.S. This is the icon in question: Femmeslash them, quick! We shan't get another chance for it! Kimiko/Jesse
There are other options than 'Oh, you think you might be pregnant? Better be laid up for 9 months just in case!'

There is nothing that squicks me more than that, honestly. I don't usually ID as a feminist - or if I do, it isn't a major part of my identity - but in the case of this issue add me to the army.

Cut for quotes of teh badness and some more ranting )

(x-posted to [ profile] tamerterra and [ profile] fanficrants)

(Link to teh badness for my own records.
...Or rather, its web page does. I click on the link for Open Days, find the dates, easy. But then when it comes to application forms, there's just this circular web of hyperlinks - From 'apply for Open Day' it takes you back to the open days index page. You click on 'Open days' again, and it takes you to specific schools ODs when they haven't told you in the Course search which school 'MPhys Physics' is in'. I only know which campus it's on, and the date for that campus' open day. No idea how to apply for said open day. Arg!

Dear NTU webmaster,

Your website is circular and bloody unhelpful. Please fix it.

No love, Me.

Now to write a more polite letter. -_-;; Though the 'Contacts' section is much the same - too specific. Good websites have an address.
Since when was CN+1 non-existant? I mean, sure, with hindsight the 'no furthur scheduling' for that one channel only might have been a clue, but I thought that it was just SkyPlus saying 'duuur, I don't work.' Bloody-bloody. It also means that we've missed todays episode, without the reasurance that we had with ep2 that it was going to replay four days later. It'll be what, 3 weeks? ep6... yeah. A fortnight yesterday. *fumes*

Does anyone else try to record something via the 'Planner' part of SkyPlus, only to find later that it didn't in fact record?

So now, anyway, there is no longer a +1 channel for CN, but there is for Boomerang. Toonami now has the channel number that used to belong to CN+1.

Of course, I really want to be ranting about that pervert Zahra Lamin, but I'll refrain.


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