I really need to teach myself that just about everywhere worthwhile in town can be reached through Swinegate - last week (or whenever it was that my bike needed fixing) I found that on the corner of it is a cut-through to Barley Hall - and I used that cut-through today, but then I wandered for another hour or so trying to find Goodramgate. I did do the thing of leaving Barley Hall onto Stonegate, and then going 'High Petergate? Low Petergate? One of these goes to Goodramgate! But which?' and then deciding to go back to the market and walk until I found it. (Turns out I wanted to walk down Low Petergate) In the meantime, however, I found Fudge Kitchen and got a free sample.

Shopping! Presents! Brandy Butter! )

Also, I'm in my house and my feet are freezing in tights, socks and boots. I'm also wearing a fleece jacket, my new warm thing made of alpapa wool, and frequently my new hat as well. I just ate curry. Why aren't I warm? I may have to go to my room, where there is no internet but there can be music and sewing. And there is a RADIATOR.

LARP on Sunday! I'll be wrapped up in two layers of fleece, my armour and hat&helmet when I'm IC, at least. Possibly also a scarf. At least, I think that my fleecy jacket will go over the shoulders... I'm not taking it off to check right now, though. *shiver*

ETA: Have put the fire on. An awesome thing about living with postgrads is having all the benefits of being a student while also being trusted with a gas fire in the living room. And the gardening.
Not sure when I'm going to be able to get back to York - it hasn't stopped snowing since about seven o'clock in the evening on New Year's Eve and we're under nearly a foot of snow - so no driving to the train station until the roads have been cleared. That'll probably start happening on Monday, but I don't know how bad it'll get before that. Steve's supposed to sign on on Wednesday afternoon, too.

Then again, when do I actually need to be back down for? I think LARP is the first thing that's happening, though I'm not sure on dates (the 6th?), then there are lectures on the 13th and at some point I'll need to have a meeting with Bentley and to rearrange my doctor's appointments, but that can be done as and when. I shoud definitely be back before the giant tub of mince has been open to long, so that I can make more gluten-free and gluten-tastic mince pies.

We've been making pots of tea all day and watching the snow fall past all the windows. We've only just finished the turkey broth that got made a few days after Christmas, and Steve's just on making some more Ginger Wine (with Sherry!). Being stuck indoors ins't so bad. :)

Edit: Apparently the foot we've had so far was forcast as 'light showers'. Now until Thursday is forcast as 'medium - heavy showers'. Getting back to York this week looks like it is Not Going To Happen. There are probably people that this should get passed on to...
New Year is kinda happy, kinda sad, kinda new but kinda not... and I don't really mind, because I got a fluffy pink dressing gown for Christmas.


Dec. 23rd, 2009 12:26 am
I dunno what it's like anywhere else, but here in Consett it's snowing quite heavily. Not only is Steve's sister currently at work and so hopefully not having to drive in the worst of it (trying not to think about it, hope she's okay), but I'm supposed to be getting a train from Durham to Tiverton Parkway tomorrow.

People in York, and further down the Penzance-to-Aberdeen line*, tell me about your weather! Am I likely to not get home for Christmas?

*Scotland-Newcastle-Durham-Darlington-York-places-Birmingham-places-Bristol-(sometimes Wales)-Taunton-Tiverton-Exeter-Cornwall
As in, Steve's going up to visit his parents over the next couple-a days, and half an hour before getting picked up, invites me along. So. Um. Yeah.

See those of y'all that I see on Saturday or Sunday, then. ^_^
Zup, back on the kezboard - and mz little sister has broken her wrist. I knew something bad would happen if I went up the mountain before the lesson, without an instructor, so I didn't. [livejournal.com profile] xxicenickyxx, however, did, and dad had to carrz her snowboard half-waz down Run #1.
Zes, I am leaving the 'z's and 'y's mixed up like thez are on the kezboard. Be glad that Iäm not using 'ä' instead of '''. Actuallz, I might. &does& &canät find asterix button&

Okaz, mazbe I won't use the umlaut-ified a, even if it is easier to tzpe than 'shift+#'.

Okaz, the holidaz is great, even if there's no snow on the Maiskögle. (damn, I need one of these kezboards at home - it has ö and ä and ß and ° and €! Zou have no idea how much I have to call up the charmap on those...)

... I'm blatentlz not sazing anzthing interesting here, just waxing lzrical about the german kezboard, so I'll stop hogging the Gästcomputer.

Or not. I thought of something! I have done no schoolwork on this holidaz.

Wait, das ist nicht interessant...

&goes to tea&


Jul. 17th, 2006 05:03 pm
Of all the things that I said I was going to do, I've done one and a half of them. The one was ficwriting, and the half was betaing. Haven't typed up the next bits of 3. Reconcilliation.

However, the ficwriting went weird. I was planning to write a really cute scene for my Kat/Kim fic (first kiss outside of dream, yay!), but I ended up doing all the build up to it and then not quite getting to the cute part. V_V I also did some more to my epic - and inserted some symbolism for state-of-affairs. XD

What did I do while procrastinating? Well, the first half of the week was spend in random cafes either writing or working on an AMV, and the second half was spent shooting various things and playing cards. And the entirety was spend with no sleep due to those fecking squirrels.

Speaking of noise, what is with babies? Everywhere, bawling, screaming, running! Hateful! I can definitely say that I get the perspective of the CF members of my f-list. 6_9

Ah well.

What else was there... Oh yeah: Paintballing. This is really long, so here's an LJ cut )

I am really sunburnt, too. We've had record heat, and I only used suncream in the last two days (after my shoulders were burnt). So the front of my theighs, my shoulders and my outer arms are all red.

The Riding Lesson was a bit useless, really. We learnt things that I knew from reading those old Saddle Club books (though it's a hell of a lot different trying to do that when you're sitting on the thing!).


Jul. 9th, 2006 09:34 pm
I am supposed to be packing.

I am also supposed to be having a shower.

This is why I am packing with no clothes on. *lol*

So, I probably won't have time to make another entry between now and leaving, so here it is: Sometime tomorrow, my family and I will be leaving for Nottingham (again). We shall stay at Center Parcs for six full days, and then return homeward on the Monday. I shall most likely get back to the internet on Tuesay.

During the six days, I shall be betaing, writing, making icons and of course participating in various recreational pursuits (mostly kayak, horse and yoga based). If possible I shall do a Send-and-Recieve-All during the time - but note: email from yahoo email addresses are often sent to my modding folder, not to my laptop.

Just in case anyone wonders. ^_-
Well, I am now on track for nano. I got up at 4 this morning, and have written 1100 word before 9, effectivly catching up on the words that I dropped during the week thanks to school and Soggy Bonfire Parties (school and Maggot's 18th).

Now I just have to do today's 1667, and I managed that number yesterday afternoon, so with the whole day I should be able to get ahead.

... Should.


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