Mar. 29th, 2011

Getting the bad stuff out of the way - ill... )

Successful things! )

And I was with awesome people who are awesome and looked after me really well. Yay for Connor and Tom and Bry (who sat up with me pretty much constantly) and Paul and Drake (who held my hair back when I collapsed and was ill upstairs) and Dave (who talked to me on Saturday night and supplied hugs and held me up and carried my things on Monday) and Jonrad and pretty much all the other people who were there.

More awesome things, actually about the event this time: )

And now I'm tired again, so I shall save the rest of the awesome for the froth that shall hopefully happen later this week, and go to the pub for my traditional post-event gammon steak (because anything made of salt following a larp event tastes like heaven). Maybe after a brief lie-down...

But yeah, larpwise this was an awesome event and I wish I'd seen more of it, and it's definitely a monster-heavy system just because the players are a very small number of the people/things hanging around the area that the players are in.


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