Here is an article about him dressed as a bunny.
On the other hand, Madeline Kirk lost by over three thousand votes, so the fact that I spent Wednesday and Thursday chewing my knuckles, drinking tea and occaisionally crying rather than getting on the train and voting didn't have mcuh impact on the result. And they might have a re-do anyway, if someone can pony up the £5k and win the argument.

If you look at the bbc map thing, York Centre is like this little red island that looks a bit lost by itself - same goes for Exeter and half of Plymouth, all the cathedral cities in the middle of rurality. Where my parents live still haven't had a result yet.

I think I'm more likely to actually make it down to York (and so actually prove to myself that my house isn't as scary and unhappy as I remember it) if Steve comes too, so in a couple of weekends time we'll probably try to come down to pack up some more of my stuff to bring up here before I have to be moved out. The Uni Accom office have my medical evidence and they're considering it, so hopefull I'll get uni housing next year, if I get to go back. If i get to go back and they don't give me uni housing, I'll have to go on again. I got a nice place on there last time though, so... Only trouble, now I need to be on a bus route, be close, or both (I like both. It gets me to the shops.)
Don't read livejournal before having watched Doctor Who. I did it last week, too. -_-;;

(I'm officially banned from watching episodes containing the weeping angels with everyone else, because they freak me out and I squeak, so I have to watch them next day instead.)

Have to try and get myself into getting up earlier - on Weds I'll have to get up at 0700 so as to get a lift to the train station to get to York (hopefully before LARP occurs) so I can vote on Thursday. I wonder if the poll cards have arrived yet?
I just did the 'Party Matcher' 'game' on the BBC website, and it gave me 66% Labour, 64% Lib Dem, and 60% Tory. Still not sure who I'm going to vote for - and it looks like the race in my head is comparable to the one for the whole country - close. I probably won't know who I'm going to vote for until |I have the bit of paper and pen in my hand, and even once I'm on my way home I'll probably be wondering whether I went for the right one.

I guess there's the York Outer one fairly soon as well - if I wrangle it right, I could just have the effect of voting against one party.

But anyway, I am making a livejournal post because, as usual, something annoyed me.

One of the questions was this: (under the cut). And the 'Labour' answer. )

Dudes, way to have quotes that don't answer the question. Oh, wait: It makes sense if we assume that no-one cares about disabled adults. Not being able to work is a ~lifestyle choice~, didn't you know?


Some bits from the other parties. Lim Dem: )

Tory )

Also, the NHS )

Slightly related, me and my mum visited my Nan earlier, I won a disagreement - she argued that there was no such thing as being unable to work, bringing up an example of a seven year old with no legs who was going to be in a race to raise money for some charity or other, and I said something along the lines of how for most physical impairments, there are adaptions available and most of society understands these adaptions and why they're neccessary. For mental, neurological and painful conditions, not only does society have no idea what's going on with you, it has no idea what to do about it, and if you do have an adaption that works, society has the sneaking suspicion that you're Doing It Wrong - if you need what is seen as an excessive amount of rest to function, society reckons that you don't really need it (even though the 'extra' rest is as much an adaption as a wheelchair or pair of glasses), or if you take medicine (especially if that medicine is *gasp!* precription painkillers!)... well.

After the point was made, the conversation moved onto the flaws which my family imagines Steve must have, and how he'll never get a job because he has long hair and a beard. -_-;;


Comments on the quiz, the qestions/answers, the argument with my Nan, and stupid things that all the party-people have said more than welcome. I'll set comments to default to screened - mention in the comment if you don't want it unscreened - though screened comments are automatically unscreened when replied to, so I'll reply by PM if you tell me not to unscreen.
As much as I loath to lower myself to the level of the kind of faux-emo 'omg no-one understands me an i can't spell or use caps gunna slit my rists and dye now bye' crowd, I must complain about my parents.

Lj cut to save you from teh rantage, although in my angered state I am compelled to point out that this is my LJ and I can be as bloody irrational as I bloody well please )

Actually, I have something else to moan about - if everyone else is a character in the book of my life, why do I feel more like a narrator than a protagonist? Seriously, I don't think I have a soul. )

*sigh* Buggerfuck it, I'm going to bed. I've done the anger thing by putting myself in Dashi's head and writing a venomous fight scene between he and Wuya, now time for sleep.
It's that '*fwap* Stop being so bloody complacent' feeling again...

FYI, my school counts as a 'faith school'.

'Still better than America, though - we just have our Baptists and Catholics opposed, they have a sizable percentage of all their religious and non-religious folk.


Sep. 9th, 2005 06:34 pm
...that the fundie Christians are attacking the wrong part of the origin of life. Instead of asking how likely it is that the components of amino acids would come together and get shocked into reacting, they should be asking why the one bent molecule that all life hangs on is bent. That would lead to some uncomfortable silences.

Yeah, we started the Bio-chem module yesterday.

Also, my sister is writing a speech about Hurricane Katrina for the Inter-House Speech Day Competition. She might not get into the final though - she's stringing a good bit of politics into it - and asked me to help - which might affect the judging. Dunno who's judging - I hope it's Dr. Cane again... Though it'll probably be the new Speech and Drama teacher.

'The lucky seven Meme' from Lexi )


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