Aug. 14th, 2007 12:26 am
Y'know, Teddy could be in any House, really. This Gran is a Slytherin, his Grampy was a Ravenclaw, his mum was a Hufflepuff, and his dad was a Gryffindor.

Maybe there was some House-unity-theme coded after all?

[/midnight randomosity]
It just occurred to me while going over this subject on the ff.net PM system: DH-Spoiler ) isn't a parallel to Harry (parents dead) or Neville (lives with grandmother), but to Tom Riddle Jr himself!

Harry and Neville parallel each other because their parents... )

So perhaps the 'pointless deaths' weren't quite so pointless as they first appear. Perhaps.
DH Spoiler policy: I'll use the initials of their given names, not surnames when referring to them, or put it under a cut. Except Teddy, because he exists pre-epilogue and 'TR' is already taken (Tom Riddle, XD)

The Three Firsties and their Houses )
I bought Book 7 at the World News kiosk at Heathrow Terminal 3 practically as soon as I was through Customs today - and finished it about twenty minutes ago. And ten hours before starting it, I cursed that it wasn't a simultaneous release in Canada and the UK, as my flight left Vancouver three hours after it would have been released over here. XD

Spoilers, duh )
I've been reading some posts about Muggles and stuff, and I remembered a phenomenon I've seen a lot lately:

Ball-point pens.

People (authors) seem so fond of ditching the quills and frankly, it's inexplicable. I was at Primary school when the trio were at secondary school, and at my primary school (or, my last one), the privilege to write with a Fountain Pen was something that people strived for.

The Quill, surely, is an extension of that? We went from pencils to handwriting pens to fountain pens, after all. Ball pens only became popular when the 'muggleborns' (people who came into the secondary school from outside, instead of through the primary school that fed into it) all used ballpens and no-one around would lend an ink-cartridge to their neighbour any more.

Andway, it's weird. Quills all the way!
Those of you who've seen the American cover for the final Harry Potter book will understand why it needed to be iconed.

(Pic taken from here, which I was linked to from here, which I was implicitly linked to by the journal-owner posting in the comments to my mini-post about those poor anonymous Ravenclaw girls)

Cut for those of you who don't want to see the art for the American cover (renamed) )

Harry Potter and the Invisible Volleyball!
My giddy aunts, would you look at this!


The Life of Mary Sue indeed. That gel has some voice.


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