Jan. 12th, 2011

The house is not quite freezing, but that is only because the temperature outside (according to Steve's dad's car) is 3 degrees C. I have all the windows open in an attempt to shift some of the condensation.

Still no gas, but the water appears to be running through the tap, and not down the walls (as I feared). I do, however, now have a slow cooker and a hairdryer to keep myself warm. And my laptop, obviously. In an hour or so I shall go to the pub in an attempt to stave off hypothermia.

Steve's dad did take a look at the boiler, just to check, and saw three things wrong with it immediately. He says it looks like an installation done on the the cheap. Greeaaaaaat.

To do list for today:

Consume food.
Unpack clothes.
Locate larp kit.
Consume more food.
Locate a housemate who can debrief me on the house (I have received no texts from anyone)
Organise my warm - I think I have five sets of warm PJs, three coats, a poncho, two cloaks, three blankets and two duvets. Also many socks of varying thicknesses, many skirts, and three pairs of trousers (which fit. More that don't).
Await downtime
Consume more food and then go to larp.

EDIT: Apparently the downstairs hall was covered in water when Hannah came back. No wonder it smells damp down here.


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