Jan. 14th, 2011

Um. Today!

Jan. 14th, 2011 01:22 am
I don't think it's an entirely healthy response to suddenly worrying that one hasn't consumed enough today to say 'I shall get drunk and eat ice-cream before bed'. Yet, that is what I am doing. At least I'm not spurning both the drink AND the ice-cream and instead going 'but the hunger dizziness is similar to being drunk!' Actual being drunk is more likely to get me to bed rather than feeling of slight insomnia that is a side-effect of my new meds. Which, btw, I forgot to tell my doctor about. Did tell her about the dizziness, just not the the difficulty sleeping, the sweating, or the craving prawns. Which is weird, given what a sweat-phobic person I am. Also, I had to run to the clinic after chucking on the nearest clothes, because I woke up (went back to sleep after turning off the alarm) at the exact time my appt was meant to start. Luckily, it was at the Hull Road surgery and they were running late and the doctor was talking to the receptionist at the same time as I attempted the check in and it failed because I was late, so she just told me not to worry and to take a seat.

Because you don't want to send away the person who told you worrying things last month, especially when you know that their meds run out today.

If I'd gone to social I'd had more alcohol, to be fair. I meant to have a bath and then go, but I got shaken up by the story below, and then was consumed by The Internet.

TW dog violence IRL )

The old man comes back across the road, asking me 'did you see that?!' and yes, I bloody did. The little yorkie didn't look too badly hurt when he ran past, but it was getting dark (about ten to five). I continued walking home, and fortuitously, was going the same way as the couple with the jack russel. They turned into a driveway just off my road and went in at a side door, so I memorised the details so that I can read the house number when it's light so that when a complaint gets made, the people who own the dog can actually be identified.


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