Mar. 23rd, 2011

I have successfully met with my parents and achieved chatting. Also risotto. I told many humorous anecdotes which mostly just confused the pair of them, and I shall be showing them the New Walk tomorrow morning, because their hotel is in Fulford and they like walking.

I also had the fun of pretending that I wasn't having a minor panic over the idea of getting into a taxi by myself. Twice.

Note to self: when planning walks, googlemaps isn't what you want. The sustrans site is, because it assumes that you want to travel along footpaths, preferably on a bike.
As in, stuff. As in, possessions!

I decided to get a new sleeping bag, seeing as I was getting a tent and it was a new beginning and all anyway. Also, my old one is six years old and covered in green snazz - that's why I now have a sleeping bag sheet, so that the new one does NOT get covered in snazz and turn yuck. The new one is RED! And was half price due to being red, for some reason. The shop guy didn't get it, either, but he'd taken advantage and bought one, too.

Also, score in that I decided and picked it up after walking my parents into town, and my dad was quicker to get money out than I was. ^_^

I also have a new laptop, which is a vaio and very shiny. Also runs Windows 7 and has wireless internet. Now I can play ALL THE DRAGONAGE! Also Fable, because Origins was in the 'two for this much' pile along with that, so win. I may end up with the old laptop as the 'work' laptop and the new one as the 'playing' laptop - depends how quickly I can find someone to help me partition the hard-drive and install kubuntu. I think it requires burning stuff onto a CD/DVD...

THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY GB OF HARD-DRIVE - and that was the least I could possibly get! 3GB of RAM! *squee* I remember when these were big numbers. Apparently they aren't anymore. O_o I'd best get cracking on the quantum tech...

Parents are taking me out to eat again tonight - Garden of India, because I want curry. (When do I not want curry?)


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