Feb. 23rd, 2011

Not really managing with life very much today. I ate two breakfasts at Kirk and got to my lectures, though I had a bit of a funny turn near the end of the second one and didn't take any more notes, and dragged myself home and into the shower ready for tonight. I've also managed to cook some pasta and nom it with pepperoni and cheddar. Basically anything else I do today, I shall be dragging myself.

This cold is kicking my arse, basically. Om nom strepsils. At larp tonight (presuming, of course, that I don't just fall asleep and miss it) I shall most likely be a bit of a mouse.

I'm generally happy, though. I got a text from Steve this morning saying that he won't be able to borrow his parents' car on Saturday to bring my stuff down, so I shan't have to deal with him for a while, I proved myself to be intelligent even with a head full of cotton wool today in a problem class, and also I've been having a very nice time with Alex recently. I would use a silly little :) smiley there, but it wouldn't really capture properly what a huge grin I've been wearing because of it all. Hee!

ETA: Another happy thing!

My parents sent up a parcel of Things when they got back from holiday on presumably-Monday, and it contained Christmas prezzies from a set of grandparents and also my godmother. The parcel itself got eaten by the courier, but things! Two new bracelets (one of which is tangle of beads!), warm socks, and many chocolate. Also, a bank statement, so it doesn't matter that I forgot to pick one up when I was in town on Saturday. Also the CP booklet thing, which contains pictures of many Jhereg, including one which is basically a picture of Mike. I get the feeling that in a few of them, I would have been just out of the way of the camera - particularly the 'Rise, my minions, rise!' necromancy picture, in which I was an undead on the ground watching them take the pictures before the players got to us. XD

For about twenty minutes there, I thought I was going to manage. I'd gotten to the point of realising that my body wanted me to lie down for at least an hour or so, I needed to have food and I wanted to go to larp, but not all of these could occur in the time I had available. The crash/lie-down could not be averted until after larp, but I thought my body might be appeased if I lied down for an hour and then went, resulting in me being a little late and probably trying to beg a lift to get home, but also resulting in me not getting food first, which would make a proper crash more likely.

Then! I had an idea! (From Paul's comment that I should eat breakfast three times a day.) I could eat cereal for my tea, and that's possible while lying down in bed! (I've done it first thing in the morning before, when in a complete no-I'm-not-facing-the-day mood. Then I would be fed, and have lay down, and have time to go to larp! Yay! So I did that, and yes, my head stopped pounding and the aching in my limbs receded, and also I was fed. And then I tried to sit up and woah, dizzy, also the headache was back and no, I still wasn't going anywhere.

Turns out that combining the lie-down with other things results in a much less effective lie-down... *rolleyes*

So now, not very many hours after showering and hunting down clean clothes, I'm back in my pyjamas, have had an hour's actual lie-down, a strepsil and a yoghurt, am drinking hot squash and trying not to stand up too much. I would be back in bed, but I don't want to do the thing of being wide awake at 0400 because of being too rested in the early evening. Am thinking of cooking something that could then be eaten for a couple of days, but tomorrow I'll probably eat at Derwent or Vanbrugh again before social, so it would be a bit of a wasted effort. I could make bahjis or tasty coconut flapjack, I guess, as they're portable and stuff. Maybe not bahjis tonight, as I'd be making it up as I went. I have made spicy chicken coating from scratch recently, and that was good...

In reality, I'm probably not going to get up from this chair, and any 'cooking' will be using the kettle and a mug, not the oven or a saucepan. Also I need to wash up the saucepan from where I cooked pasta in it. Rice pasta gets weirdly frothy with starch, so it actually does require washing.


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