Apr. 19th, 2011

I think I may need to rewrite my food rules. Currently, I've got it as a rule that I don't leave the house or do anything strenuous until I've had breakfast - or at least had easily nommable food with me, like an apple and breakfast bar or something. When I had to go far from my house in the morning and would often feel dizzy before I got another chance to eat, this was a good rule, because getting dizzy is bad. It was also a good rule because tbh, I was hungry when I needed to eat.

The past couple of weeks - it's been a bit of a creep, but has become more and more apparent - this rule has meant that I've sat in my pyjamas reading the internet and maybe drinking tea until I felt hungry, and then my day would start. This is extremely inefficent, time-wise, especially as later in the day/evening I'm a lot lazier and time seems to go faster. So, I'm going to trial a model of the day in which I set an alarm and Do Something at/close to home before breakfast/after just a yogurt or something - going to the shop, washing my hair, maybe even going for a walk or something that's almost-exercise-but-not-quite. (I have a set of light wrist/ankle weights - trying to start being stronger would make me hungry, right?)

And now it's occurring to me that on University days last term I'd eat something to fulfil the 'rule' before leaving the house (like a yogurt or half-bowl of cereal or some fruit), and then have a 'proper' fried breakfast later on at Roger Kirk - more like a brunch, really - after doing a lecture or some problem questions. So, my current way of organising is just substituting 'more sleep' or 'internet' for 'actually doing some work'. I was finding, in the later part of last term, that I was finding the days I woke up on campus to be the most productive, especially when I had late lectures, because I had to be out by nine o'clock and frequently only had the 'breakfast' at about half-past ten when Graham or James appeared and I could give them the bits of breakfast special that were made of wheat. That's an hour and a half-ish a day of being productive, so between three and four and a half hours a week of work (or attempted work) which wouldn't have gotten done otherwise.

So, yeah, I'll try that. I kinda wish I'd resolved this earlier in the holiday... One week (and three hours) until my exam...
Or rather, I went swimming for twenty minutes or so until I got bored, then I realised that the outdoor pool wasn't all that full, so spent the rest of the hour in there. ^_^

Or rather, in the outdoor pool I went 'ooh, sun', and tried to swim (no goggles) and sunbathe at the same time, until my shoulders ached. and then I got out of the pool and sat in the sun for a while.

I also achieved revision when sat in the cafe drinking my water. And then after another hour or so, though 'why not?' and went up to the gym for more exercise! I did 1250 meters on the urgometer, in seven minutes. ^_^

And then I went shopping and went home, tired and achy in a good way, for once. Also I bought vegetables. And babybel. Om nom.
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Also: Every single one of you, food is good, and required for life. Do not answer wrong to the 'eat or die' ultimatum, or there will be Words.


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