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My belly is eased by warm things, but my guts complain if I consume warm sweet things. My legs complain if they're still for too long and if I descend the stairs (I took a small shuffly painful walk around the cul-de-sac earlier). My guts complain if I take painkillers (or any meds), but they complain more if I don't. My legs want to be stretched and walked, but my belly doesn't want to be exposed to the cold or for me to stand too straight without warming ot and being slow with my movements. My head needs me to consume as much varied food as I can tolerate, but my legs won't stand still and upright for long enough to prepare anything with vegetables (so far today has had bread, yogurt, lentil soup, and pasta with cheese). My mind needs sunshine, everything else needs me close to home (I stood in the garden for a few minutes, and there was the short shuffly walk).

Next time I can feel my legs trembling from exertion before I even get to larp, I shall remember that warm-downs are important. Also, I should try to get them used to bearing heavy weight, so that the not-so-often I want to transport chain isn't such a shock. The guts + belly (at the same time, oh my - one by itself is tolerable, but...) pain isn't so avertable, but it can knock me to the floor by itself and they tend to reinforce each other if not drugged (and sometimes even then). The headache I think is just from needing rest and for my body to stop complaining when I give it food - you get a lot less out of food when your body is half inclined to throw it back up.

So I rest, and eat little bits, and drink water when my belly is under the covers, and try to stretch my legs out again when they stiffen, and accept that the headache will go away when it decides to and no sooner. I should be useful enough to go out to the shop tomorrow, at least, and wash my hair and prepare some vegetables. And the more time that passes, the pain in my belly will go, and that will be once less thing telling me to slow down or fall down.


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