Apr. 23rd, 2011


Apr. 23rd, 2011 10:52 pm
I got sent a box of tasty food through the letterbox on Thursday. And it was free tasty food, because I used Gemma's referal code to get a free box. And now I have my own referal code with which to refer people! It is 5TBNG3B.


That is a link to the website, including the referal code! It is possible to sign up, obtain the free box, and then cancel, by the way. Or sigh up, obtain the free box and the half-price (half price = £1.70, ish) box, and then cancel. Or continue, because they are tasty and nom and made of healthy.

You can do the thing of rating all the stuff they offer as 'don't send ever' 'I'd like to try' 'send occaisionally' or 'send often' - in a box you get four little punnets. I got rice crackers, flapjack, dried fruit (now I know what a goji berry is!) and a fruit/nut combination (which I haven't tried yet) this week. I rated all the things with olives or much wheat in as 'don't send ever'. They have easy menus for nut and dairy and gluten-free lists, but you can search for any ingredient (like wheat, or lemon) and deselect things individually, too.

Um, so yeah. I get a pound off if any of you sign up using the code, and you get free food. So, do that, if you fancy it.


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