Mar. 20th, 2011

Dear self,

Mar. 20th, 2011 12:34 am
Being on the internet is not going to calm you down from your random panicking, it's just going to keep you awake. And also then you can't keep compulsively checking your email. No, you aren't going to get any replies at half midnight, because all the sensible people are in bed and probably asleep. Also, no-one cares about your rambling wah! except you and that other guy, and even if they did, what's there to say to that, really? 'Oh no, you have a wah. Poor you. STFU and go to bed.'
Getting the food bought from Tesco and retrieved from Steve's family's house into my cupboards was a struggle, but I managed, using the art of clever tessellation. While I was at it, I organised all of my cupboards, and discovered that I have a rediculous number of glass ramekins, even with five of them being in the fridge containing cheating!creme brulee. I reckon I'll keep somewhere between six and ten, so if anyone else wants any of the rest (another eight or nine), tell me and I can cart them over or you can pick them up or I can bring them along to the 1318 meeting.

As an aside, the 'Cornish' Tesco custard doesn't pretend very well when cooked. The co-op own brand custard worked much better. I have got a much better method now for the crispy top - cooking the brulees in the oven (on about 170) for twenty-five minutes, then sugaring the tops and switching on the grill (on my cooker, the grill is the roof of the oven, might be different for others) so that the oven is still hot, the brulees are still hot, and suddenly MORE HOT is descending from above. The sugar burnt really well - but I should have used more sugar on some of them.

I can hardly wait for tonight. I want socialness! I want to be reassured that I'm not a terrible person for breaking up with my boyfriend! I want to make loads of dessert and then have other people enjoy it!

(I have a tub of falling apart ex-frozen mixed berries in the fridge, and need to do something with them today. I am thinking of making them flavour flapjack, or perhaps cake, or crumble. Crumble is fiddly and doesn't contain nearly enough not-fruit things, though. Any ideas, particularly from people I will see in the next couple of days?)
I just said goodbye to eight inches of hair! ...I was impatient for it to be short, so I took the scissors to it. Good job I have a hair appointment on Tuesday, because I can't see the back of my head and I know it's extremely uneven. XD

...I think possibly I should have cut off less? I can't tie it back. Oh well, it'll grow out. It's just hair. And there's enough there that it can be evened out, and boys cut theirs much shorter than I have - though I think I prefer mine a bit longer than it now is, I tend to prefer theirs a bit longer, too, so yeah.


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