Mar. 12th, 2011

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WTF? It's determined by when you were born, it doesn't change. The dates that they put next to the sign names are for whatever year that they're writing in; they aren't supposed to mean that cuspies like me are a different sign every year. O_o

I'm right on the border between Taurus and Gemini - the switchover was about three hours before I was born. I don't reckon that it effects things that much, but while I was growing up, my dad and little sister were Tauruses whereas my Mum is a Gemini and I'm a cuspie, and I felt a lot like I was 'supposed' to be fitting the same mould as my dad and sister (my parents saw the thing saying Gemini: 21st May - 22nd June, so of course I must be a Taurus - but of course, having looked it up and then arguing about it is 'caring too much about silly fortune telling').

When I did actually look it up, it was a tool in realising that I got a say in discovering who I am, and that I'm going to know better than my parents or random strangers. *shrug* So, you could say that identifying as a Gemini rather than Taurus has changed my personality, or you could say that it's helped me understand my bipolar self.

BRB, dying my hair maybe.


Mar. 12th, 2011 04:46 pm
I have achieved clothes, but hair dying has failed. It was a wash-in-wash-out, but it didn't even do the 'in' part. *sad* If I look really closely, some bits might be a bit pink...? I'll try the rest of the bottle (it says it contains three applications) next time I wash my hair, but I'm not hopeful. I think it's basically cheap conditioner with some colouring in. Or maybe my hair just likes being the colour that it is. Oh well.


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