Mar. 9th, 2011

It's a bit of a turning point in a relationship when you realise that you're relying on that one person for hugs (if not tea - I make my own tea these days). There was no James in the seminar thing today, and there was a crane outside making NOISE! all the way through, and I was trying to concentrate, and there was a guy in the row behind me playing with coins or keys or something, and my brain needed calming down like for serious afterwards, so I went to the cafe-thing in biology (because it's the only place that reliably goes actually cooked jacket potatoes) and sent Alex a text message saying that I was going there and would like a hug. He turned up while I was in the queue, so I did get hugs, and then we sat outside with his arm around me while I ate my food, even when it started to rain. :)

Gah, it's been, what, a month? I feel like such a foolish human.


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