Feb. 24th, 2011

So, today, I'm possibly even more ill than yesterday, and running out of strepsils. And I'm currently missing a CBT appt because I'm at home in my pyjamas, trying to convince myself to eat some soup. I should possibly have heated up something less... tasty. And with the automated telephone system the medical centre has no, there's no point in ringing them up, because they'll only get around to answering when the appt has been over for an hour.

And of course, being all single now, I don't have a designated human for looking after me. Oh well - it's not like the old one every did much of the like. He did go out to the shop for more medicine for me, though. When we were living on campus and so the shop was close.

Soup seems to have been a very good idea. I think I shall now sit up for a while and try to do some of my problem questions.
I slept for most of the day, in a kind of 'awake a couple of hours, start aching again, snooze a couple of hours' pattern. I started cooking real food (bolognaise) at about eight, and by half-nine-ish when I got about half-way through the plateful I felt a lot better - not well enough to go to social, but well enough to consider it. By the 3 days rule of colds, tomorrow will probably also be fairly awful, but it should shift over the weekend. *fingers crossed*

I'll need to go into Uni tomorrow, anyway, even if it's just to hand in the little work I've done. I'd like to get to my lectures as well, but we'll see. I'm so, so glad that I get days off.


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