Feb. 7th, 2011

  • Be woken by a lorry outside, jump out of bed and downstairs going 'argh, no one put the black bin out last night, I bet!' only to find that that would have been a relevant thing to realise only if I'd done so an hour and a half beforehand.

  • Make tea!

  • Take 'allow me to actually digest food and turn it into energy' meds.

  • Set larp kit to wash along with other black clothes (the colour runs out of the shirts)

  • Discover that the milk has gone bad only once it is in the tea and I am drinking the tea.

  • Go back to bed and write downtime in a notebook

  • Hang up larp kit (&c) to dry

  • Consume cereal bar

  • Discover that stirfry noodles have gone past their best before and will soon no longer be eatable. Decide to make stirfry. Chop a vegetable or two. Discover that the only meat I have is bacon.

  • Read internets

  • Wangst on internets

  • Chop rest of veg

  • Get linked to TvTropes

  • Cook food!

  • Realise that I haven't washed any actual clothes, just larp kit, so do so. Accidentally leave favourite bra out of wash and feel sad because I won't be able to wear it this week.

  • Consume the food which is now getting cold. (Mostly completed? *sigh*)


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