Jan. 15th, 2011


Jan. 15th, 2011 06:42 pm
I've actually managed quite a few things from the list in the last entry, for such a lathargic start: clothes, washing clothes discovering that the washing machine's water supply has been turned off, effective shopping (the co-op now has trollies, resulting in the shop not being Utter Hell any more - and making me realise that the lack of trollies was a big thing in me deciding to take the bus to Morrisons instead), and cooking!

I'm making stew in the slow cooker I got from Steve's family for Xmas.


half a packet of '3 for a tenner' casserole beef, browned in oil with the dried herbs
~ quarter of a swede
two potatoes
two carrots
a parsnip
a small red onion, fried a little
a knorr beef stock pot (it's like a gravy cube, but without the thickener or salt, also in jelly format)
dried herbs: quite a lot of rosemary, some thyme, a pinch of sage
spices: paprika, pepper

And I've shredded three cabbage leaves ready to chuck in at the last minute (well, the fourth-to-last minute).

I'm thinking that this is going to result in approximately two portions of food, but I'm not sure. (I'm not going to even try for one portion of food) You get so much more leeway cooking for more people. -_-;;

ETA: Have now also put flapjack in the oven! It contains the usual things, as well as coconut and marshmallows. I shall bring it along to larp tomorrow, if there's any left. XD


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