May. 30th, 2011

People who are wired to prefer monogamy can be in polyamorous relationships, and people who are wired to prefer polyamory can be in (incidental or contractual)* monogamous relationships. It just requires more work and negotiation than for monogamous people in monogamous relationships or poly people in open relationships.

* Incidental monogamy: the open/closedness of the relationship can take any value, but neither partner happens to have any other partners (at the moment). Contractual monogamy: Both partners have agreed to be monogamous, regardless of their personal inclinations.

This came up after I drank nearly an entire bottle of ginger wine by myself on Saturday night (now I think I know what a hangover is - eight units plus twelve hours, apparently), as there was some confusion over the fact that kisses were on offer when Alex was right there. (I can kiss him whenever I like, and I'm curious to experience other people's kisses in a relaxed social situation.)


There was awesome larp earlier! It's too bad that I'm probably going to be late on Wednesday, because I'm looking forward to it. Bloody exams! Hmm, I'm not sure whether I should be referencing Drow or Gurran Laggan now...


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