May. 5th, 2011

I voted! I mostly did the thing of saying 'yes' to AV, and have no clue about the Hull Road candidates except that the Labour Candidate is a prat. I think. That might have been last year's. So I voted by party, which is probably not nearly as good as voting by candidate, but still makes the prat parties less likely to get in, so.

Also I spent most of the day in bed instead of doing, well, anything. This was less than optimal, but the doctor-wah is still kicking my arse - I have no idea what the fuck I'm going to do about it. I spoke to my supervisor (late for the meeting I arranged earlier in the week) about the assignment, and I should be able to get a note from any doctor at the practice based on my probable iron levels. However, the test is on Monday, which is when the deadline is, so...

However, hanging out with James this evening has motivated me somewhat towards not throwing in the towel pre-emptively - which I guess is what picking sleep over life is, really. I'm going to do the 'keep being alive' thing, and the 'try to do this assignment and not fail it entirely' thing, and the 'keep going to larp because that makes me happy and happy -> more spoons*' thing.

(I still can't quite believe that the response to 'I'm so brain-tired that I need entire days of rest to be vaguely functional on the rest of the days' was 'maybe your body just needs the sleep'. ARgh!)

*It's not that I get more spoons from being happy, so much as being an angstbucket costs more. When I'm happy, I get to use more of them for useful things.


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