Mar. 30th, 2011


Mar. 30th, 2011 02:04 am
I was going to go to bed hours ago, but am not. I've been playing Dragonage. These things are related.

It's awesome that the PC version is different to the Xbox version - I'm not just going through the same thing as my save game with a different gender (I'm in girl mode, and so playing as a girl. Back around Christmas, I was in bloke mode and so played as a bloke.) Random shy elves with speaking parts! I only encountered one the first time, but now I've met two and not got as far as the other one yet!

I'm in the ruined place with the army about to go questing with Alisdair and the other two. I'm also having fun going 'yay, romantic options!' and making all the boys (and one of the girls in the Circle) blush.

The only games I've bought in the last decade have been these, the Sims 2 (+ some expansions) and a couple of Pokemon ones. I am not really a gamer, but I am having fun. ^_^
Wah, the Tower Ogre has killed my party three times and I'm not blessed with patience. I barely remember this fight last time because it was over so fast... Any hints?


I won! Though I had to shift it down to 'easy' mode. I'll do it 'properly' next time.

I got the Guard to actually use his bow /not/ in the middle of the room, and my mage to be in healer mode - though she didn't take any lirium potions like the tactics told her to, so Alisdair fell really quickly, because she ran out of mana and was just attacking instead of healing. Next time I'll make sure that 'take lirium potion if you have no mana' is at the TOP of the tactics list!

I had Alisdair running around as a tank until then, shield-bashing and pommel-bashing. When he dropped I made the mage take a damn potion and had the soldier (who I'd ignored entirely earlier) running around with threaten on and getting healed instead.


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