Aug. 9th, 2011 05:55 pm
The resit exam timetable has been published, and the exam I'm supposed to be taking (Physics Third Year Examinations, Module Group 1: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics) isn't on there. *gasp*

(Here's a link for anyone with a University login who wants to tell me 'Are you sure?' I checked through three times, so unless it's down under a non-Physics department, it's not there.)

I can easily see that I might be the only one taking this exam - it's a third-year module, so the people taking it (except me) either have no progression requirements (and have already graduated) or are on the Masters course and can be deemed to be awesome. And all the numbers of people resitting exams are small - except for Electronics and Management - nothing like the end of my second year, when half the year was resitting things.

And apparently the letter saying 'no, seriously, the dizzy thing that you thought must have gone away after two years? Still happening!' only got through to Physics yesterday, so they haven't actually bothered people to say 'this exam is as if for the first time!' yet, but even without that, it's still a fail of a core module that requires a resit, right? They won't have just not told anyone that the exam paper should exist (for next week), right?

*deep breaths* Worst comes to worst, I take the exam next year. It'll mean a heavier revision load then, but I'm sure I can manage? Most of my work next year will be on the project, too, so less modules + this one -> about the same as this year? Maybe?

Also, ow, panicking does physically hurt. Who'd have thought?
So, I have two resit exams. According to the Exams Office website, resit week is from (Monday) the 17th of August to (Friday) the 21st of August. This means that I can work for 6 weeks post-exams and pre-moving out. Therefore, two or more weeks of work from tomorrow will cover my placement. (I'm thinking three - that way if I get ill later on/need to recover from the exams hard, I can take another week out)

It's far too tempting to think 'hey, defer working for another week so that you aren't working on the Friday before EOS, but that's naughty. Unless I start preparing my revision this week. Hmm. There is the argument that I'll get distracted once my life isn't structured... No. Gah. Steve's parents are coming up this weekend to take most of his stuff home, and I might be able to poach moving help. Also, I need to pick up my new keys on the 11th.

So, no EOS for me. I'll go to the last event. Yes.

But anyway, the Shatleg event is safe from exams. Renewal isn't (at least not from Monday ones). Also, I should email my supervisor and say when I want to work. Right.
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Anybody out there looking for housemates for next year in York? I'll be on sofas from 1st of Oct. I know one of you might be looking in Leeds, but not sure if train fares make that feasible.
But it broke me. I'm fully expecting to have to retake.

Oh. I described how I felt before leaving the exam, when Toni was there, and apparently that's a panic attack and I should have told the invigilators instead of fleeing. Um. I have a supervisor meeting tomorrow, so I guess it'll be fine? Maybe?

At least this wasn't one of the ones that I need 60% on in order to continue.

Going to bed now.
..and it felt fine. I don't know how I did, but it felt fine.

The electricity question was the hour one, and it asked about diodes before forgetting about them, and I got my intercept wrong (I had c=0 - oops!). Springs and Kinetic Energy were fine (though apparently I was supposed to repeat), and I got my graph right on Q2 - asymptote to both axis.

Hot recc:
- Parvati/Neville/Lavander smut. My brain is fried. XD


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